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The Penny Pincher's Guide to Gaining Neopoints

by ilovezacandhsm


Whether you are super frugal or a big spender, you should know how to budget your neopoints so you will not end up with hungry pets and a bank balance of zero. Create budgets and goals for yourself. Maybe go to the Trading Post looking to spend only 10,000 neopoints, or make it a goal to go a week without caving in at Kauvara's Magic Shop. Make sure you know how much you save versus how much you spend. In order to stay in the green and maintain a positive neopoint balance, follow your goals, budgets and of course these few tips. Your bank account will thank you.


If you do not already have an account at the National Neopian bank, you are missing out! It is extremely unsafe to be carrying around hundreds of thousands of neopoints in your bag, especially if the tax beasts are out! (You could lose 10% or even 25% of your neopoints just from one bad random event!) Another perk is the generous interest rate that you can collect daily. The more money that you have saved and protected within the bank, the higher your interest rate will be. The few coins add up fast, and can easily earn a few thousand neopoints within a month (depending on your personal interest rate).


Many daily tasks that you and your pets can do offer a nice payout of either neopoints or items to resell (see more about reselling at step five). However, make sure the dailies that you participate in do not require a hefty fee to play, (examples – Pick Your Own, spinning wheels, quests) and those that do not grant a nice reward. Many are free to play, and require little effort. We recommend Tombola, The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, and The Forgotten Shore as places to visit for chances to win some prizes! Make sure to also check out the Advent Calendar every day in December for neopoints AND prizes!


The Neopian Stock Market is a great place to invest your hard earned neopoints in the hopes of selling them for a lot more than what you originally paid. There are dozens of companies to invest in; buying shares in many can help you to avoid losing large quantities of neopoints. When buying shares, make sure to avoid the businesses in the red. Instead, look for companies in either the black or the very low green (2-10 %) AFTER checking their daily change. If it's in the green those will still have a good change of continuing to increase in value. The only rule when selling stocks is to NEVER sell for less than you paid, that is essentially spending cash on nothing.


Remember when you were just starting out; you thought you needed to buy everything, right? Your avatar you earned perfectly describes you: a packrat. That old junk sitting either in your Safety Deposit Box or your Inventory is just begging to be sold! Depending on the rarity of the item, you could potentially sell it for big bucks. High selling items include but are not limited to: Paint Brushes, Morphing Potions, Secret Lab Map pieces, Stamps, Collectibles, etc. The rarer the better when it comes to reselling items to collectors. Books, Wearables, and Battle Equipment also sell for a few thousand neopoints in a shop. Cleaning out your items is a great way to make some extra cash without having to send a dime.


One of the best ways to make a fortune is to be a restocker. Look for great deals on unbuyables (worth 100,000 neopoints or more) in Neopian stores and spend only a fraction of the price. Then, you can resell the item either in the Trading Post or at Auction for its inflated price. When restocking, its best to start small and gradually work your way up to buying more valuable items. Sniping things such as Morphing Potions, is extremely competitive.

If you are not cut out to be a restocker, you could also use your shop and the Shop Wizard to your advantage. Good markets to look into are books and wearables. Searching with the Wiz can help you find cheap deals on dresses or novels to resell in your shop. These items are abundant and you can find hundreds of them for underprice. Many site events will almost always give out prizes in these two categories as well, making them hot items for collectors.

Before buying anything, RESEARCH THE PRICE OF THE SAME ITEM ELSEWHERE. Make sure that the asking price is lesser than the prices listed in the Shop Wizard. Never buy something for more than what you will sell it for, you are obviously losing neopoints doing so.


Gaming. Easily the simplest way to earn a pocketful of neopoints. Epically now with the Altador Cup going on, you can earn up to 3,000 big ones in less than ten minutes. You can essentially play every game in the Gamesroom, three times a day, every day and make a very comfortable living. If you are a true gamer, you can also win trophies (that we cannot sell unfortunately ) and even some prizes weekly in Better Than You. You can also purchase a ticket to play in the Neopian Lottery, if you feel lucky, for a chance to win the big bucks.

If you are not a very strong gamer, you can still make a living playing. There are dozens of easy games to play that still give out a nice chunk of neopoints. Professional Tip: the game will tell you the in-game points to neopoints ratio as well as how challenging the game is. Combining the simpler games with strong knowledge of buying and selling, you will able to afford that paintbrush you have been looking at in the shop window!

Saving a few hundred thousand neopoints in the bank can gradually be used to finally finish off that gallery, or surprise a neofriend on their birthday! Playing games and maintaining a full shop will keep your wallet fat and your pets happy and healthy! Whatever the occasion is, make sure to plan out the expense totally. Following these six steps will guarantee you to be 100% financially safe around Neopia!

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