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Kiko Lake: A Cultural Guide

by mazaii_3


Hello, there! You, my fellow Neopian, that is reading this text right now must be an information seeker. This article will probably be a great improvement in your knowledge (especially subjects related to the physical aspects) about one of the smallest lands in the whole Neopia: Kiko Lake. So, check out below a description of this touristy, impressive and cute (who would deny that Kikos are extremely cute?) Neopian region.


Kiko Lake is a community of (guess what?) Kikos living happily together under the surface of a Lake (that is right, just like Maraqua) surrounded by a dormant volcano. However, the village was not ever known. Kiko Lake was discovered some years ago in Year 5 on the 23rd Day of Gathering and since then has turned into a popular tourist destination in the whole Neopia. Also, Kiko Lake is divided in two regions that I am going to explain in details.


The Lake Bottom is the area where the natives lives. In a first sight, you might think that it is just a regular lake, but there is an underwater village there (a place that certainly King Kelpbeard would love to visit :P). The buildings are made combined with the aquatic structures and foreigners are not able to have access to this area without the help of a petpet as a Tanizard. The Tanizards take the travelers in their mouths to know the Lake Bottom so they can be underwater and still able to breathe.


The Lake Side is the coast of Kiko Lake. There the creatures that cannot breathe underwater (I have to say, most of them, tourists) can enjoy the magical atmosphere of Kiko Lake. Also, there are some activities to do, such as exploring the onshore shops. Below, I will explain everything about those entertaining options that are available along the Lake Side.


Kiko Lake Carpentry is a store where regional furniture is sold. There you can find tables, lamps, rug, beds, curtains, desks, pillows and much more made with marine stuff such as sea shells, seaweeds and corals for a reasonable price. Actually, the price is really good. Everything costs around 500 NP to 5000 NP. So, it's definitely a nice try for someone who is trying to decorate or just bring something new for their own Neohome.


Kiko Lake Treats, just like Kiko Lake Carpentry, is a store where regional food is sold. By "regional food" we can define sweets and candies in general, as cupcakes, Rock Slices, Lollys, Sticks are easily bought for prices from 500NP to 2500NP. Also, the food in Kiko Lake Treats has shapes personalized to make everything look like a Kiko. Why do not give it a chance and let your pet taste something different from the Giant Jelly and the Giant Omelette?


The Glass Bottom Boat Tour is a tourist point in Kiko Lake. First of all, it is important to state the schedule of the boat: it makes a trip every hour between 10AM and sunset. There you (and obviously your pets) are able to see by yourselves the wonders of Kiko Lake. The great thing about this trip is that the floor of the boat is made of glass. So, you will be able to see everything in the Lake while you are completely dry, comfortable and safe in one of the fourteen green plushie seats. In addition, by taking the tour you will have the aid of an intelligent guide explain what are the functions and tell about the history of single building in Kiko Lake.


The Kiko Lake Colouring Pages are exactly what the title suggests. There you will find dozens of black and white pictures of Kiko's Lake natives interacting with the environment. Always very expressive, the Kikos play, swim, talk, eat, sleep, fish and a lot of other funny activities just waiting for you to make them even funnier by coloring the images.


As we are in the month of Swimming and just finished with the Altador Cup period, why not bring up this topic? The emblem of the team I am talking about is a green, black, brown and round shield divided in four areas with some spikes around it. It also has big eyes in the middle of the symbol and its shape recalls the pet that represents Kiko Lake. Easy to guess? That's right! I'm referring to the Kiko Lake Yooyuball Team. Composed nowadays by "Poke" Cellers, Ditan Colb, Erli Quinnock, Holbie Pinnock, Meela Kitah and in past Altador Cups also by Helmo Timm, Moni Vyshan, Relle Felson, the Kiko Lake Yooyuball Team has almost only (guess what again?) Kikos working on it. Although, the performance of the Kiko Lake Team has not been as good as they would like it to be. The team's best positioning throughout the history of Altador Cup was 6th place in Year 14 while their worst positioning was 16th place in Year 12. Also, Kiko Lake's Yooyuball players haven't participated in the Altador Cup of the Year 10 for unknown reasons.


1. There is a Kiko that is responsible for controlling Kiko Lake. His name is Mayor Fuff.

2. Although there is not much more information about it, Kiko Lake is known for an annual Coral Festival.

3. Despite the fact that the population in the Lake Bottom is almost constant, the number of pets that live on the Lake Side is always increasing due to the natural tourist attractions.

4. According to the Neopedia, Kiko Lake is positioned 15 miles north east of Neopia Central.

5. The weather in Kiko Lake is almost always sunny mainly due to the walls of the volcano.

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