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Agent of Resistance

by yin_yin_7



     The twelve year old Yellow Cybunny looked up from the book she was reading and smiled at her friend that was approaching her.

     "What? You're reading that book again?!"

     "What's wrong with that?"

     "You've read it for the fourth time already! Don't you get bored of it?"

     "Not me! You know that I like tales about heroes going out and doing their thing."

     "Sure you do. And you can do your hero thing by giving Andri a hand. Hiath is giving him some problems and looks like he'll be using fists soon!"

     She quickly got up and went with her friend, both running along rarely used Space Station corridors as shortcuts to their school rest area. "Why isn't anyone reasoning with Hiath? Or taking him on?"

     "You know how Hiath is when he's annoyed, he's beyond reason! And the ones who can make him see it aren't around today. So, you'll have to do something," she replied. Both the Cybunny and her friend arrived on scene just in time to see the burly Hiath starting to box a hapless Andri, who was also trying to keep his right shoulder out of the bully's reach. "Not good! Thea, go get the teacher in charge! I'll have to stop Hiath before Andri's injury worsens." She did not wait to see if her friend did as she said, she ran right into the scuffle while loading her trusty slingshot with a hard rubber ball.

     Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched and taped.


     Four years later

     "You're quick thinking for one so young."

     "Who are you calling young?!" spluttered Cylara, the interesting Cybunny girl she impersonated a few moments ago in order to avoid detection by Commander Garoo's troops. Her contact; Gorix with whom Cylara and the Resistance rescued both her and the civilian prisoners earlier, paid no heed to the Cybunnies' conversation and tried to catch signs of any approaching enemy troops.

     "I like your spirit. Reminds me of when I was your age."

     "What, like last year?" came the retort.

     The Scout just smiled to herself inwardly even as she tried not to wince when she set her injured foot on the floor, listening the exchange of words taking place between Gorix and Cylara. In fact, the very words that Cylara replied to Gorix's concern were a repeat of what she said when she first became an agent of the Resistance a little over a year ago...


     Commander Valka peered closely at the fifteen year old over the documents that he now perused. What he saw just made him somewhat unsure though she's pleasant looking, she looked too young... He expected a Neopian with a little more experience when he heard of this potential recruit into the Resistance, not one who looked as though she wouldn't know what she'll be getting into. Apparently, he wasn't the only one who thought so. "Hm, does she look young! Are you sure she can do this?" someone whispered next to him. He ignored the whisper, his misgivings and went ahead with the interview.

     "Ms Lightchaser, you've been called here today for a short interview regarding your exceptional entry into the Resistance."

     "I am aware of that," the Cybunny gave her reply confidently. She had heard whispers of a certain organisation that keeps an eye on the activities of Dr Sloth, though it was often dismissed as mere legend for those who still thinks that the infamous dictator still has the ability to dominate Neopia. Little did she imagine that said organisation actually does exist and that she would be recruited like this! Wondering what the interview will require her to do, she readied herself for whatever tests or questions that will come her way. And what is taking them so long? Why are they staring at her like that?

     "Erm, is there anything that I should demonstrate?"

     "No, not at all. We'll just be asking you a few questions. The one who scouted you said that you have the capabilities and qualifications to join... and had taken Neovideos of you as evidence." Commander Valka pointed behind her to which she turned to find that there's a large screen behind her, simultaneously playing a few Neovideos of her defending schoolmates from some bullies or playing games with her friends, many of which were in the tunnels of the Space Station. Well. That was a little unnerving but she felt somewhat flattered that she was already considered for recruitment since she had been in school. "We noticed that you're extremely fast, judging from the game you're playing in Neovideo in the top right corner."

     "Well, I was known as the fastest Neopian in school."

     "Fastest, we'll agree. That will be a very useful asset for the Resistance. And you appear to know the tunnels of the Space Station well if the third video from bottom left corner is a good indicator. But you would get into trouble for fighting as well?"

     "Ah, that- I'll agree that wasn't the best way I should've taken. But I don't think I did wrong, 'cause my friend actually had a serious injury which would've worsened if I ran for the teacher and that guy wouldn't listen to reason."

     "Hm. Fine then. On to the matter at hand... Your capabilities and qualifications are more than sufficient as mentioned, but the Resistance will not resort to using mere children in the fight against Dr Sloth. We would rather you, come back and see us after at least three years." The Cybunny was shocked and disappointed when she heard that but then, Commander Valka added "That is; however, normally the case."

     Whoa, wait? Normally the case? Does that mean?? "Dire times calls for dire needs. Dr Sloth seems to be more active than usual and your name seem to indicate what we just need: a scout that can get us the information we need on Dr Sloth's activities. Someone who has extensive knowledge of the tunnels of the Space Station, able to relay the information to us as fast as possible. But it'll be extremely dangerous, even for regular members of the Resistance. However, it's your-"

     "You'll be recruiting me for this job? I'll do it," the Scout answered unhesitatingly. Maybe a bit too unhesitatingly. She seemed more than eager to start, she was ready to take orders. That's a good sign that she'll be reliable. But still...

     "We did mention that it'll be dangerous and this job is not without its complexities. Are you sure about your decision?" cautioned one of the committee members, making sure that she's aware that she'll be doing something really risky.

     "Well, as long it's the right one, yes. I just want to do my part in making sure Dr Sloth does not take over Neopia. I am not letting his schemes do anything to my family and friends. And that is what the heroes in my favourite stories would do in face of impending danger."


     The Cybunny Scout thought back of the day when she first joined the Resistance and the days that followed as she settled down and tended to her injured foot after sharing the information she obtained and received orders from Commander Valka to stay put, rest and keep everyone else updated. She would've like to join in on the action but then, she was also glad to take a breather. Sure, the job is not done yet for as long as Old Slothy is still around to scheme and carry them out. And she had to admit that being a Scout was more than she'd bargained for, it hadn't been an easy year. It took her months of scouting for information while masquerading as one of the dictator's hired mercenaries, then be found out and chased all around the tunnels of the Space Station, and almost caught by Commander Garoo's troops and one of the hired mercenaries... even the Scout of the Resistance can't deny feeling exhausted. But it was worth it... she gained experience each time she went for her missions and by now was as good as any of the veteran Resistance members.

     Taking in the few minutes of rest that she allowed herself, she savoured it knowing that it won't last long. And she was proven right when one of the newer recruits called her over. The Scout tested her bound foot gingerly, satisfied that it would hold and went over. She heard both good and bad news immediately... the Resistance managed to take out some of Dr Sloth's soldiers in the Space Station but a large fleet of his ships are heading right towards Kreludor... where Cylara and Gorix are, trying to ease the tensions between the warring Grundo factions! At the same time, a transmission from the being that they wanted to hear from the most came in... the Space Faerie!

     Alas she will not be able to come to their aid in time, thanks to a "disturbance" in a distant galaxy. Looks like it's up to the Neopians to do what they can... or at least die trying. But wait... there's a token that the Faerie used in her previous battle with Dr Sloth? And it's most likely to be on his ship now? The Scout paid close attention to the incantation the Space Faerie gave her, memorising each word spoken. She'll have to pass it on to agents that can get to the token. And she knows who the agents that can do just that are.


     Thinking that will be all, she sat back and waited for the Resistance to make their appearance on the screens of the monitors. So when the Resistance made their surprise attack, all appeared to go according to plan... until she saw Ylana. That bounty hunter had always given her a hard time, even when she was undercover and scouting for information that the Resistance needed. On top of that, it was she who got her foot in this state! Seeing her take out some members of the Resistance with such ease and hearing her saying "now, why can't that Cybunny scout be that easy," she felt as though she was being challenged. What more, something in her will not put it past the enemy to have reinforcements elsewhere and that the Resistance will soon have their hands full dealing with them, despite the surprise attack. Ylana will be an additional challenge that they don't need, she's a tough opponent that will need speed and excellent use of blasters to even stand up to. Both of which the Scout has, and knowledge of how that ruthless mercenary fights.

     "Hey, where are you going?? Aren't you supposed to stay here?"

     "Sorry, Auknes. This is one fight that I can't miss." Injured foot or not.

     The Scout took the tunnels that would take her to the battle field quickly, all the while ignoring the pain in her foot with each step she took. When she arrived, the chaos was such that no one would have noticed her arrival on scene. Good. That was exactly what she wanted. She scanned the area, hunting down her target... taking note that there was now another player on the field; a robot Grundo, which was causing quite a bit of trouble for the Resistance. Obviously one of the "good doctor's" inventions. She found her target while barely avoiding a missile that headed her way. Wasting no time, she snuck up to her and drew out her ray gun, aiming its muzzle right at the mercenary's head. "You and I have some unfinished business, Ylana."


     A few months later (after Dr Sloth's failed attempt on domination)

     "Scout." The voice sounded as though it was coming from a great distance. The young Scout of the Resistance opened her eyes to see blurry images which eventually sharpened into a living, breathing Cylara, Gorix and Commander Valka, all three had looks of great relief. But, where was she?

     "You're awake!"

     "Are you alright, can you see us? Do we look strange to you?"

     "Cylara, Gorix... Commander... Yes, I see you. Where am I?" she asked, surprised to hear her voice coming out a little cracked and weak. She felt lightheaded and a little sore, especially her head.

     "You're in the Space Station infirmary, you were brought here after your condition was stabilised in the Neopia Central Hospital."

     "Neopia Central? But... why?"

     "Ah, you would have forgotten. After you completed a mission on Mount Terror, your spaceship's engine malfunctioned which made it crash land into Tyrannia and it appears that caused you to see things. You started blasting your ray gun erratically and that made the citizens there call the Defenders for help."

     "Me? Blast my ray gun erratically?" Though it made her head swim a little, the Scout slowly remembered the chill of Mount Terror as she went after what may be a lead on activities of Dr Sloth's supporters. She also recalled crashing and hitting her head hard after her spaceship's engine suddenly malfunctioned and heard Gorix talking about how he radioed for her help only to get a recruit coming to their aid with news that she busy fighting off giant brain-eating bugs. Brain-eating bugs? Then, she remembered seeing giant bug like creatures! "Oh, yeah... I was surrounded by these giant bugs and suddenly, a zucchini man appeared from nowhere!"

     "That would be me," came an unfamiliar voice.


      A masked blue Chia stepped out from the drapes surrounding her bed. "Dr Flexo at your service, I was the Defender dispatched to Tyrannia when the citizens made the call."

     "Ah... So I was seeing things? My apologies if I caused problems for you."

     "Oh, no worries. The Defenders exist for these kind of reasons after all. I've got to say that the Resistance's got a formidable ray gun-slinging fighter though, you literally had me in knots when I tried to take you down!"

     "Oh, no! Really?? I am so sorry!!"

     "Hey, I said: no worries. Which reminds me, you'll still need to rest after that blow to your head. My orders."

     The Scout listened closely to the masked doctor's instructions for a while more before everyone left her to recuperate in peace. As always in moments like these, her thoughts strayed to her favourite heroes. She can't help but wonder if those heroes ever felt tired or as ill as she after doing important tasks as what she's been doing. Somehow, they don't seem to feel this exhausted but always continued doing their thing. But she also remembered the feelings that she always had whenever she read her favourite stories about those the heroes. She had felt a strange desire within her that made her feel like doing something, anything! And maybe, that's why they would always continue as they did, seemingly without rest... because there are causes and fights worth fighting for! Well, so will the Scout of the Resistance as long as she breathes.

The End

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