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A Day in the Life of an Aisha

by goodsigns


Kimiko240 munched on some Hasee Puff Cereal, humming to herself slightly while she read the comics in the Neopian Times. She looked up briefly when her owner, Lina, walked into the kitchen, looking utterly exhausted.

      "What's wrong, Lina?" Kimiko asked, setting the paper down.

      "Nothing's wrong, Kimi, I'm just tired." As if to emphasize the point, Lina let out a huge yawn. "Ed had a stomachache and I was up part of the night checking in on him, and then while I was out today, there was an earthquake, and it really shook up our shop, so I had to stay and re-organize everything. Plus I just heard back from Dr. Landelbrot. He wants me to bring him some Tchea Fruits, but we're all out."

      "I can go get some Tcheas," Kimiko answered, her ears perking up.

      "Really? Would you?" Lina smiled at her Desert Aisha.

      "Sure! It's been a while since I've been to the Lost Desert. I'll pick up some Tchea Fruits while I'm there, and you can stay here and take a nap."

      Lina yawned again. "I'd really appreciate that. Thanks, Kimi." She kissed her Aisha on the top of her head and stumbled out of the room, ready to fall asleep.

      Kimiko, on the other hand, was wide awake. She quickly finished her cereal, then gathered up a bag of Neopoints and started out for the day.

      "One round-trip Uni to the Lost Desert, please," she asked the Gelert at the Transportation Desk. He nodded and went to find one who was available, while Kimiko waited patiently. After a few moments, a Transparent Uni appeared, saddle ready.

      Kimiko tried not to stare at the Uni's pulsing heart or sturdy bones, but she hadn't had many experiences with transparent pets.

      "Hi," the Uni said. "My name is Theresa. I'm your ride today."

      Kimiko smiled. "Hello. I'm Kimiko. Thanks."

      Kimiko saddled up and took hold of Theresa's transparent mane, the nearly invisible hairs intertwining with her fingers, and then they were off. Theresa flew from Neopia Central and over Kiko Lake and Faerieland. Kimiko saw the grass below gradually shift into sand and knew that they were close.

      Finally, Theresa flew to the ground. "What time should I pick you back up?"

      "This afternoon will be fine. Say, around 3:00?"

      "Sounds good to me. See you then." Theresa smiled and took off again.

      There was a lot of things Kimiko wanted to do in the Lost Desert, and her first stop was Coltzan's Shrine.

      She bowed to the memorial, and after a moment, felt that Coltzan's spirit was here. She lifted her head and heard a voice whisper, "I hope this helps." Near her feet was a magical lens, nearly buried in the sand; Kimiko dusted it off and picked it up, placing it in her bag next to the Neopoints.

      Sakhmet was only a short distance away from the shrine, and she covered it quickly, entering the bustling Desert town.

      The Fruit Machine attracted both tourists and natives alike, and Kimiko, being a little bit of both, found she could not resist. After all, it couldn't hurt if she won some Tchea Fruit for free, could it?

      The three Desert pets smiled and waved at her, recognizing her from her previous trips to the Fruit Machine. It spun around and around, and Kimiko watched as some pets received prizes, while others received nothing. Finally, it was her turn.

      She gave the machine a great spin and watched the flashing fruits: the first card settled into a Bagguss, and the third into an Ummagine. With baited breath, Kimiko waited: moments later, the second card settled into an Ummagine as well.

      "Sorry," the Desert Kau said, "that is not a winning spin. Better luck next time."

      "Thanks," Kimiko said, smiling anyway. She continued her walk among the many merchants until she found the Food Stall. She opened the edge of the tent and walked into the cool shade. The tempting smell of all different desert delicacies rose up to meet her.

      There was chilled Cheops Juice, Stuffed Puntec, and all types of fruits and vegetables made from edible sand, but no Tcheas. Kimiko looked back and forth, trying to spot them; even a couple of old bruised ones would do, but alas, there were none.

      "Anything I can help you with, miss?" the Grarrl in charge asked.

      "Yes. Do you have any Tchea Fruit?"

      "Fresh out, I'm afraid. I'm expecting a new shipment on Thursday, if you'd like to try back then."

      "Okay. Thank you anyway." Kimiko ducked out of the tent and back into the hot desert sun.

      The grand Palace loomed on the edge of Sakhmet city, and Kimiko decided to visit her old friend, Princess Amira.

      The guards let her through to the Princess's chambers, who looked up and smiled at Kimiko.

      "Ah, Kimi, it's good to see you. It's been a while since you've bugged me last."

      "Yes, it has, Princess. How have you been?"

      "Good, I've been good. Although I've lost the back to one of my earrings and I can't seem to find it." She squinted down at the couch again, prodding along the cushions.

      "Here, maybe this will help." Kimiko reached into her bag and pulled out the lens.

      "Ooh, that'd be perfect!" Princess Amira took it from her and held it up to her eye; it magically magnified it to make her almost look like a mutant, albeit a very beautiful one. She turned the lens towards the couch and scoured it once more.

      "Ah, here it is!" Amira plucked the tiny gold speck from the cushions, placing it against her ear to hold her earring in place. "Thank you so much, I've been searching for that all morning. Is there anything I can offer you in return?"

      "Actually," Kimiko said, "There is. I've come on an errand to get some Tchea fruit, but I'm afraid I've struck out at the Fruit Machine and at the Food Stall. Is there any chance you had some to spare?"

      "I don't, I'm afraid," the Princess said apologetically. "We have some visiting dignitaries from Meridell, one of whom is allergic to Tchea. I've had it temporarily removed from the menu."

      "That's quite alright," Kimiko said. "I can head over to Qasala and check the food stall there."

      "Okay. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help."

      "It's fine. It was great seeing you."

      "Yes, you too!" Princess Amira said. "Be sure to stop by again soon!"

      Kimiko left the palace, walking through the city of Sakhmet and back out into the Desert. The thin river flowed slowly; it was the dry season, and it'd be a couple of months before the rains caused the river to flood. She could have simply hopped across, but instead, Kimiko took the bridge.

      Qasala rose up from the desert hills, a darker version of Sakhmet, but Kimiko wasn't scared. She had journeyed into Qasala many times and knew that, even though the people in the town had fallen on hard times, they were also a generous and festive folk.

      Kimiko walked into the Qasalan Delights store and smiled at the beautiful green Techo at the register. She looked over the merchandise and spotted several of the yellow-and-blue fruits. Finally! She picked several Tcheas up, checking their ripeness and making sure none had bruises, before putting them in her bag.

      "That will be 870 Neopoints," the Techo merchant said.

      "Here you go," Kimiko replied, offering up the requested sum. "Thank you!"

      With a happy sigh, she walked out of the little clay building. It wouldn't be too long before the Uni came back for her, and she had accomplished what she had wanted to.

      She turned down one long, narrow walkway with the edge of Qasala in sight; she was nearly there when, suddenly, a red Kyrii in black clothing leapt out in front of her, a dagger pointing at her menacingly.

      "Give me your neopoints!" he shouted. "And your jewelry!" He pointed to the white necklace that hung across her neck.

      Kimiko did her best not to smile. "Oh, this necklace?" She reached for it and held it out to him. The robber went to take it, when it suddenly moved, its head rearing up and hissing at him.

      "Eeek!" the robber squeaked, jumping back.

      "Are you okay, Kimiko?" Theresa asked, landing behind the Kyrii; he turned around and took one look at her bodily organs visible through her skin, yelped again, and took off, all thoughts of money and jewelry forgotten.

      "Is that a wadjet?" the Transparent Uni asked, nodding towards the snake-like petpet in Kimiko's hand.

      "Yup. His name is Keke." She held the white Wadjet back up to her neck, and Keke resumed his necklace-like position. "Wadjets like resting around their owners necks. It can be quite useful too."

      "Neat," Theresa said. "Well, are you ready to head back to Neopia Central?"

      "Yes, I am," Kimiko replied, climbing onto Theresa's back.

      When Kimiko made it back to her Neohome not too long later, she laid the Tchea Fruits on the table. Lina appeared in the hallway, looking very well rested.

      "How was your day?" she asked Kimiko.

      Kimiko raised her shoulders. "I'd say it was a pretty average day in the life of an Aisha."

The End

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