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How to Achieve an 18-0 Victory in Yooyuball

by drazu


Greetings, fellow Altador Cup players. By the time you read this, we're entering the homestretch of the 2014 Altador Cup season with about a week and a half left. You're sitting there, either mindless or mind wandering, wondering when you're going to hit your personal rank goal for the year as you go through the same motions, and the same routine as you have the past three weeks. At this point reaching your goal can be a struggle. As a player who has hit the rank of All-Star each year since ACVII, I'm beginning to learn the keys to success when it comes to keeping yourself focused and not bored out of your mind. If you want to achieve the highest rank, or laugh maniacally as you leave with all the top prizes from the prize shop, you're going to have to create goals within goals. This is something to work for and keep you busy as you slowly build up your rank points. Today I challenge every player who reads this to go for the very difficult and elusive "perfect game" of yooyuball.

This perfect game is defined as an 18-0 win, and it requires not only great skill and strategy, but quite a bit of luck as well. Now, a good strategy in yooyuball can make the situations that require luck a bit more likely to happen as you'll see when I go into dealing with Mutant and Darigan Yooyus, but even then you'll need some good fortune as you need to score 18 goals in the period of 3 minutes in-game, leaving little room for error. Working towards this goal will not only keep you busy as you work toward that perfect game, but you'll also make yourself a more valuable player to your team! In addition, the number of goals scored each game on average (GPG) will rise as you edge closer and closer to achieving the goal, and you'll be able to show it off to your peers, competitors and rivals.

In this guide I will start with the general tips and strategy for being successful in yooyuball, then I'll go into the advanced tips and the strategies associated with each of the yooyus that tend to give people trouble. Finally I'll discuss the timing required and the amount of error you really have when it comes to achieving an 18-0 victory. If you are the kind of player who can already score around 10 goals or more consistently in a yooyuball game, I suggest that you skip to the Advanced Tips section.

General Scoring Strategy

The first thing to consider when playing yooyuball, and the first thing that's asked of you, is your formation. Whether you go left to right or right to left doesn't matter, it's about preference. However I'll talk about positioning in this guide as if it is left to right since that is what I use (and what I believe is used by the majority of players). So if you go right to left, just switch the suggested direction when appropriate. When it comes to formation, that is a decision that affect strategy. At the beginning of each play I believe it is better to have a forward in the center of the screen since you don't have to go toward to new yooyu at an angle. 1+3 and 3+1 both give you a center forward, but which one is better? Whenever you make mistakes, the key is to have a quick recovery. In order to have a quick recovery after a missed shot or a stolen ball, you need your other players to be as close as possible. Because of this, go with the formation that gives you 3 forwards and one defender. You shouldn't have to be on the left side of the field much at all (the side with your goalie) if you're doing things right.

When it comes to the general scoring strategy, or the strategy you use when you have a normal yooyu, I used to thin that going low then angling a shot diagonally up into the goal was the best way – but there is a faster and a surprisingly more reliable way of scoring the yooyu. As soon as you get it you just have to drift toward the bottom half of the field just a little bit so you're directly facing the net still as you're charging your shot. When your shot's charged up (you should've started charging it up as soon as you took control of it) you should be close enough to where you can just release and have the yooyu go straight to the right and into the bottom half of the goal. With such a direct shot it's surprising that the opposing goalie can't get to it in time but that happens to be the case. When you have a fire yooyu I suggest releasing just before it's charged all the way as it can be scored from a further distance away from the net. With the snow yooyu you probably have to hold on to it a bit longer after it is fully charged so that you're closer to the goal. With more practice, the specifics with the timing become clearer. Whenever you have a yooyu that behaves normally, you should be able to pull off this scoring strategy with just 2 seconds being ticked off the clock. Keeping track of that will become important when it comes to achieving an 18-0 game.

Advanced Tips

Now we're getting into the real things that lead to some high scoring games. First just a few miscellaneous tips that players should know; the SHIFT key makes it so that the players on your team return to their original positions. This is useful when you miss a shot or have the ball stolen and your players are all scattered where they shouldn't be. Also, at the very beginning of each play you can get past the first defender by waiting for them to pick it up, then immediately steal it from them. However, this can add a second to your timing but that'll be discussed at the end.

The next major thing to realize is that THE FIELD IS NOT A RECTANGLE. What? Yes you read that correctly. The field is meant to have a 3D-ish look to it but by doing so the field is now a trapezoid, not a rectangle. So what does this mean? It means that you can be at the bottom-right corner of the field, shoot the yooyu straight up, and it'll go in. Always. The goalie can't do anything about it. This is significant because it gives you a nice backup plan if things go south and you're near that corner. It also is the main strategy behind some of the more difficult yooyus to score with. Speaking of which, let's get to the tip you've all been waiting to hear:



The bane of everyone's existence is the Darigan Yooyu. It can go in any direction except the direction you're facing. Well, here's how you maximize your chances. Take it, go to the bottom half of the field and up right against the right wall, and fire off a fully charged shot. If it goes up, it'll go right into the goal, if it goes down, it'll bounce off the bottom wall, and go up and into the net. That's 2/7ths chance of going in each shot. Now, if you can get yourself closer to the goal you could make it so that the yooyu going diagonally up and to the right will go in as well, making it a 3/7ths chance each time (almost half of the time!) but that position is hard to get to consistently.


The curve of this yooyu can at times be frustrating, but if you do the strategy where you fire directly up from the bottom-right wall, it should go in consistently if you're close to the goal.


This yooyu can act like any yooyu – however, most of the time it goes in a straight line like the normal, fire, snow, and clockwork yooyu does. So my advice is to treat it like a normal yooyu. If it doesn't go in the first time you might want to do the back-up plan with the bottom-right wall.

The 18-0: What has to happen?

Everything. You'd have to score with just 2 seconds ticked off the clock at least 10 times or so, and the other 8 would have to be with 3 seconds ticked off the clock. That's how much room for error there is. After 5 goals or so you start having to wait for the first defender to grab the yooyu followed by you stealing it, and that usually results in a goal with 3 seconds ticked off the clock. That means you need power-ups often. The speed power-up works well, as does the freeze and the supersize. If you get a faerie of Darigan yooyu, you'll most likely be shooting for a 17-0 at that point.

Because of the amount of luck needed to obtain the perfect game, you need to be patient and don't get frustrated. The main purpose of this goal is for you to increase your GPG and to keep you motivated during the final stretch of the season, so instead you might want to count how many times you can manage a 17-0, or to break your previous goal record using these tips and to continue to increase it slowly over time.

The final tip is really to practice often. Using just words in an article I can't give you exact timing and exact position locations. This article is meant to point you in the right direction and then for you the figure out the precise details on your own with a lot of practice.

And that just about wraps up my guide. I hoped you learned stuff you hadn't realized beforehand and hope you can become a more valuable YYB player on your team. Best of luck to all of you with reaching all of your goals for this year's AC IX.

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