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The Need For Power

by moonzywolfgirl


Prequel to The Adventure.

Alazu was nothing special. He was just a creation gone wrong, a creature of the shadows and prowler of the night. He was a burly looking Mutant Draik with skin the color of a swamp and a smell to match. He did not interact with others unless he absolutely had to. He lived away from everyone else in a rusty old shack filled with all kinds of strange and creepy items. Most feared him because they were unsure of the unknown, but they were right in doing so. While there was no real evil in him, there was also no good. He just did not care about the things everyone else cared for. The only thing that mattered was himself and only himself.

     While lurking around town one day, he overheard a conversation between a few townsfolk. There was a girl who possessed a strange and unique power, one that you would only hear about in stories. That is what Alazu thought it was when he heard them – a story – but something told him to stay where he was and listen some more.

     The girl, he found out, was named Honar. She was a pretty little Shadow Draik with dark skin, bright pink eyes, and curly white hair. She had the ability to see into the future. When Alazu learned of this, his mind began to race. There were so many things he could do with a power such as hers. It was then when he decided that he needed this girl. She would help him change things for his own selfish reasons and he could live a better life, no longer having to live in the shadows of the town.

     He did something he normally wouldn't do then – he stepped out from the shadows and approached the people slowly, wary of how they would react to a sight like himself.

     "Excuse me," he said in a low hiss, stopping a few feet away from them. "I couldn't help but overhear what you were just talking about."

     As he expected, the small group, which included a Rainbow Techo, Spotted Kau, Orange Draik, and a Halloween Eyrie, grew silent and began to back away, a look of fear crossing each of their faces.

     "I am just curious is all," Alazu continued, clasping his bony hands together as he looked at the group a little too eagerly.

     "We... we don't really know much," the Rainbow Techo of them replied, glancing nervously to the side. "We're only going off of what we've heard from others in the town."

     "I see," he replied with a nod. The corner of his mouth began to turn downward into a frown, but he fixed it with an awkward smile that he thought was friendly. It was obvious he did not know how to interact with others well. "Well, what do you know?"

     The group exchanged glances, debating over whether or not they should continue speaking to the strange being in front of them. Why was he so interested? They had never seen him before, though they had heard a few things about him from the others who lived here.

     "Surely you heard us speaking of the girl," the Halloween Eyrie spoke up.

     "Obviously I did if I'm here asking you for more information."

     "Why does it matter?"

     "I suppose it doesn't." Alazu shrugged. "Like I said, I'm just curious. I don't get out very often so I am not aware of everything that is happening around here."

     "Well, whose fault is that?"

     One of the other members of the group nudged the Orange Draik, who had asked that, and shook his head. They were not interested in continuing this conversation. They needed to go.

     "You heard what we said and that is all we know. Good day to you." With that the group turned and headed off in the opposite directions, whispering frantically to one another while glancing back every so often, as if they thought Alazu would follow.

     "Hmm... I suppose I will have to take matters into my own hands."

     Over the next few days, Alazu began to piece together a plan. He knew the girl's name, what she was capable of, and that she lived in this very town. It would be a challenge trying to find her when he was who he was - a frightful looking monster. Perhaps, if he offered some sort of compensation, he could find someone who would get the girl for him. Yes, that seemed like a brilliant idea.

     He started by posting flyers just outside of town, not wanting to catch the direct attention of the townsfolk. Unfortunately, no one ever showed up at his door. He then decided to place one or two of the remaining flyers in town, but discreetly. Weeks went by and still, no one showed.

     The hope he had was slowly dwindling down to nothing. It was silly of him to think one of the common people would help him. They never had before, why would they now? It was time to give up. He would remove his flyers tomorrow and forget he ever tried.

     It was then he received a knock on his door. He thought he was imagining it at first, but a second knock confirmed it was real.

     "Who is it?" he asked, stepping up from his seat. "What do you want?" He crept slowly toward the door and peeked through the crack, but he could see nothing.

     "My name is Sapphiron," came a low voice. "I am here to speak to you about your flyer."

     Could it be? Alazu's heart began to race as excitement overcame him. Perhaps he would get his wish after all. He opened the door eagerly and was greeted by a shocking sight. The man named Sapphiron was a ghastly looking thing, maybe even more frightening looking than Alazu himself. Sapphiron was a tall and lanky Zombie Draik, his flesh pale and see through. Some of it was even falling off. And the smell was terrible. It was like death was at his door.

     "I know," Sapphiron said, taking note of Alazu's silent stare. "I am not a pleasant looking sight, but neither are you. Are you going to let me in so we can discuss this girl, or shall I take my leave?"

     Alazu shook his head and snapped back to reality. "Yes, of course. Come in, come in." He stepped back. "Have a seat over here," he said, pointing to a set of chairs that looked like they were ready to fall apart.

     They both took a seat and Sapphiron stared at Alazu expectantly. "Well...?"

     "Right, right." Alazu cleared his throat and began, telling Sapphiron the few things that he knew. "I tried to get more information from those people, but they said that was all they knew. I'm sure they were lying."

     "They probably had good reason to," Sapphiron replied. "Why do you need this girl so badly anyhow?"

     "Well..." Alazu was hesitant, but shrugged it off. "She can see into the future. I can use her power to see what lies in my future. If it's something bad, which I am most sure it will be, I can alter that. I want her power."

     "I see..." Sapphiron fell silent then, rubbing his chin in thought. "Alright, well, let's begin planning this, shall we?" he asked, clasping his hands together as he looked at Alazu with a half smirk. "Let's change your life."

     And so they began, going over every little detail that could be imagined. Different outcomes were discussed along with many other things. This would work, it just had to. Alazu needed and wanted a better life and this girl would help him accomplish it.

     Or so he thought...

The End

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