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Twelve Ways to Celebrate Fyora Day

by bha288


Also by drobit

An integral part of Neopia, Fyora the Faerie Queen has ruled over Faerieland for as long as we can remember. Known as the Lady of the Western Skies, she has been a part of major Neopian history, from the rise and fall of the Darkest Faerie to the crash of Faerieland. As such, it should be no surprise to anyone that she has her own holiday. Well, if you're wondering how to celebrate Fyora Day, you have come to the right place! In honor of our charismatic queen, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of ways to celebrate this glorious occasion.

1. Dress the part. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Begin by clothing your Neopet in a pair of gorgeous Faerie Queen Wings, in addition to a silky Fyora Wig. Then, complete your pet's stylish ensemble with a Candy Fyora Staff and Tiara. Aside from being remarkably convincing, they can snack on these accessories if they ever start to feel peckish. Finally, add a spritz of Faerie Queen Perfume, and they'll be ready to take on the day!

2. Alternatively, if you would rather not dress your pet up as the Faerie Queen, there is a myriad of wearable wings that would still be highly appropriate for Fyora Day. We personally love the elegance of the Brilliant Faerie Wings. As an added bonus, they come in five different colors! However, if you would rather opt for a Neopoint wearable, you can't possibly go wrong with Translucent Faerie Wings. These ethereal wings are absolutely exquisite, and will give everyone the illusion that your Neopet is walking on air.

3. If you would like a more permanent change, you could take a trip to the Rainbow Pool and paint your pet Faerie! Alternatively, if you're lucky, the Fountain Faerie will grant you access to the magical Rainbow Fountain. If the waters haven't run dry, then you will be given the option to paint your Neopet nearly any color you wish. Faerie is the obvious choice, of course.

4. Start a fan club revolving around Fyora! The Fan Clubs chat would be an excellent place to begin recruiting people who love Fyora just as much as you do! Along those lines, you may wish to visit the Guilds chat. It is entirely possible that there are active guilds devoted to our benevolent Faerie Queen, but if you can't find one, you can always create your own!

5. While you're chatting, there are a variety of avatars you could use to demonstrate your devotion to our Fyora, or even to Faerieland in general. You don't necessarily have to use the Queen Fyora avatar or the Fyora – Faerie Queen avatar; there are several default faerie avatars that would do rather nicely for this occasion. The Water Faerie avatar, for example, is quite lovely.

6. Dine on food inspired by the Faerie Queen! You should start with a Fyora Spring Soup as an appetizer. This dish is surprisingly hearty, and the edible flowers are sure to warm your belly. Follow that with a delicious Fyora Day Sandwich, accompanied with Fyora Day Fizz. Finally, have a slice of a Simple Fyora Cake for dessert. It's the perfect way to celebrate Fyora Day!

7. Give a hand to the faeries by completing a few faerie quests! Obviously, outside of the Faerie Festival festivities, you cannot simply show up and randomly demand a faerie quest. At least, not without a little help from our friend Noda at the NC Mall! We recommend that you head over there straight away to purchase a Faerie Quest Cookie or two. We are convinced that the faeries will be extremely grateful for your help, as well as impressed with your initiative. While you're at it, you might consider paying a visit to Illusen, Jhudora, or Taelia.

8. Help raise money for Faerieland! There is no better way to support Fyora than by giving her your patronage on this lovely day. If you're clever enough to find the Hidden Tower, we are positive that Fyora would love to sell you her extravagant wares. You'll certainly be a force to be reckoned with when you battle with these Hidden Tower weapons.

9. If your bank account can't handle the price tags on the artifacts at the Hidden Tower, we suggest investing in a few Fyora inspired items instead. There is actually a surprising number of items featuring Fyora's face, and you wouldn't be worthy if admittance into the Fyora Fan Club if you didn't own at least one. We especially love the delicious Fyora Snowcone and the Fyora Valentine Scissors. Could you imagine being so famous that people manufacture scissors with your face on them? It boggles the mind.

10. Play some games! There are numerous faerie themed games available in Neopia. You'll be happy to note that some of them even feature our Faerie Queen! For example, in Faerie Cloud Racers, you are given the opportunity to race against Fyora. (Beware: she has proven herself to be quite a formidable opponent.) But that's not all! She is also featured in Neoquest II, which happens to be one of our personal favorites. Moreover, Faerie Caves II: Fyora's Quest is actually a game that Fyora created, filled with challenging puzzles designed to stimulate your brain.

11. Join the Faerieland team in the Altador Cup! This actually involves quite a bit more commitment than anything else we have mentioned in this article, but we are certain that a true Fyora fanatic would not be deterred. Just envision how pleased Fyora will be when she hears that such a dedicated player has joined her team!

12. Finally, you should celebrate Fyora Day by doing your best to channel her kind and gentle spirit. She is truly one of the most generous Neopians we have ever met and we are genuinely grateful to have her as our Queen. So if you see someone in need today, do everything in your power to help them! Donate to the Money Tree. Run a few 1- NP auctions. Ask if the Soup Faerie needs any volunteers at the Soup Kitchen. If everyone vowed to be as magnanimous as Fyora is, Neopia would certainly be a better place.

Well, those are all of our suggestions for the day! We're off to Faerieland now; hope to see you there!

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