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Behind The Hooves - A Tale Of Famous Kaus

by quiggles_r_kewl_1


I thought we should take an in-depth look at the Kau species to gain more appreciation for the Kau! The Kau is a cow-like creature that has a stocky body consisting of four legs with hooves for feet, a short tail, and a head that has two large horns they use to defend themselves with. Kaus were introduced to Neopia way back on the 26th Day of Swimming of Year 2! I personally always found that ironic since Kaus can stomp through shallow creeks and rivers, but they certainly can't swim well. Kaus are highly social and talkative Neopets that are rarely found alone. They tend to congregate with other Kaus and form groups called herds.

Kaus are very happy and gentle Neopets who are very caring and love to give a helping hand to someone in need. Kaus are grazers and spend the majority of their day munching away on delicious grasses. When an area runs low on grass they will travel to a new spot that does have enough food for the herd. Sometimes they have to travel great distances across Neopia just to find their next meal. You will never hear the Kaus complain about it, though, because it gives them a chance to talk to each other and they enjoy the exercise anyway. Sometimes when grass isn't available they also love to drink milk! Regular milk, chocolate milk, milkshakes- if it has milk in it, then a Kau will gulp it down until they are bloated! Milk is great to give to a Kau if they are starving or sick because milk will instantly fill them up and will restore all their hitpoints!

In my opinion the poor Kau is very underrated and unappreciated. At this date the Kau is only listed 22nd in popularity. I'm not sure why this is the case, but my hope is to change that! To help you all gain more appreciation for this wonderful Neopet I will talk about who I consider to be the 5 most famous Kaus in Neopia!


Kauvara is arguably the most famous Kau in all of Neopia! She is the magical Kau who runs the infamous magic shop in Neopia Central. The magic shop is the place where Neopians go to purchase anything magical such as morphing potions or potions that can be used as weapons in the battledome. The magic shop is a family business that has been passed on from one Kau to the next throughout many generations. It was eventually passed onto Kauvara after the previous owner disappeared after it was exposed that he was selling fake magic items. She didn't want the job, though, because she had always wanted to be a magician just like her Uncle Klum. Kauvara left to follow her dream of becoming a magician by studying magical brewing at the tower of the Light Faerie. After only a few weeks of studying her father made her come back home to run the family business. She found out, though, that running the magic shop wasn't so bad as she got to practice her brewing skills by home brewing each potion in her secret lab.

One of her most famous potions she brews she named after herself- Kauvaras Potion. The potion is highly prized since it will increase the level, strength, defence and hitpoints of your Neopet! It is possibly one of the rarest brews in Neopia as it is made from the rare arbiter berries found far away on Roo Island. Sometimes Kauvara is too busy to travel all the way to Roo Island to obtain the arbiter berries herself, so she sometimes enlists the help of her sister Allita to retrieve enough berries to make her infamous Kauvara Potion.


Kalora is one of the toughest opponents in the classic card game called Cheat! Kalora is an odd looking Kau who wears a polka-dot shirt and a green visor. I guess she dresses that way to throw you off your game! She is an excellent liar and is a hard opponent to beat! You better up your game and learn how to become a better liar than her or else you will never beat her. In my personal experience she tends to cheat a lot so don't be afraid to call her out on it! Apparently she also has a bit of a feud going on with her fellow Cheat opponent Princess Fernypoo. One time Kalora even tried to steal Princess Fernypoo's beloved tiara although she was unsuccessful.

The Kau Defender

The Kau Defender is one of the few female members in the Defenders of Neopia. Defenders of Neopia is a site feature where you battle and defeat certain challengers in the battledome. Her bravery and skill definitely makes her a role model and hopefully in the future more females will follow her lead and join the organization.

Kau Fortune Teller

This Kau was a gypsy who could see the future in by gazing into her crystal ball. She mysteriously appeared in a tent in the Lost Desert to help Neopians during the Lost Desert Plot. With her fortune telling ability and her knowledge of Sakhmet history, she was able to decipher clues found on scrolls and tablets that eventually lead to solving the mystery of Prince Jazan and Qasala. After the Lost Desert Plot was over, she vanished into thin air!

Leera Heggle

Leera Heggle is the goalkeeper and captain of the Lost Desert's Yooyuball team. He is a fierce competitor and his large size definitely helps him cover more of the net, although his size does make me somewhat slow. His passion to win and non stop energy helps him overcome his slowness though. He is an exceptional goalkeeper who just has a knack at keeping the yooyuball out of the net. He is one tough customer as well, and has no problem standing his ground when there is a crowd in front of the net. Leera finally became a champion when his team won Altador Cup V back in Year 12!

Honourable Mentions

Holy Kau! As you can see there are a few famous Kaus in Neopia! I thought I should also list some honourable mentions that didn't make my top 5 but are still well known Kaus in Neopia!

-Kalandra: She is one of the opponents you must play against in the game Round Table Poker. She is really tough to beat because she has an excellent poker face!

-Voughn: He was the Kau involved in the Negg Festival in Year 14. He was the explorer in the team that was chosen to protect the precious Clockwork Negg. He ended up taking a Cloud Negg as a decoy to Altador.

-Unyielding Sentinel: This magma Kau whose real name is Martha was a member of the Brute Squad in the infamous War for the Obelisk. Martha is still a member of the Brute Squad who still occasionally fights on the Battleground of the Obelisk.

-Maraquan Shieldmaiden: These Kaus were fierce battledome opponents that the pirates fought in the Curse of Maraqua Plot.

I hope this article has mooo-ved you into loving Kaus! Happy Kau Day, everyone! I'd also like to congratulate the Neopian Times on its 650th issue!

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