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Show Your True Colors: Paint Brushes Exposed!

by lilytail


Or, 'What You Didn't Know That Paint Brush Could Do!'

Some paint brushes are rather simple in their execution- a red paint brush will make any Neopet red, after all. But some paint brushes have hidden talents that only illuminate themselves when that mystical paint comes into contact with a specific species or two. This is easily explained. It's all due to how the [REDACTED] aspect of the magical paint itself reacts to the [GRADUATE-LEVEL NEOBIOLOGY BABBLE] of the specific pet's [COMPLICATED NEOBIOCHEMISTRY]! Isn't that just an incredibly interesting scientific fact? Let's all take a moment to appreciate the marvels of Neopian nature. Wow, gosh.

And now, on to the versatile designs of your everyday paint brushes!

1. The Camouflage Paint Brush

The bright puzzle-piece pattern of most camouflage pets might be a challenge to customize sometimes—who can match that many shades of yellow at once? However, the Camouflage Chomby and Cybunny both feature artistic colour gradients in their design. Don't worry, even with that cute ivory cotton-tail, your Cybunny will still blend into the underbrush well enough to stretch any casual game of Hide-And-Kacheek into a marathon.

The Lenny and Krawk also shine in Camo with gorgeous details. Your Lenny will look stately with those subtle white speckles on his chest, and your Krawk will be ready to lurk unseen in the muddy depths of Warf Wharf with this sneaky assemblage of earth tones.

2. The Christmas Paint Brush

While some of the associated clothes, accessories and patterns might seem a little gaudy off of Terror Mountain, some of the Christmas painted pets are especially lovely and make great starting places for wonderful and creative outfits. One of my favorites is the Christmas Ruki, who when unclothed reveals a gorgeous shade of icy blue, perfect for any time of year! The Poogle, as well, flaunts dramatic red stripes over a teal base that is just blue enough not to scream 'holidays!' on its own.

I'd be udderly remiss to omit the ever-adorable Kau from this section, as the Christmas brush features a precious pattern of café-au-lait patches. Why not take an affordable break from the everyday Kau stripes?

3. The Cloud Paint Brush

I'll be brief here, as both of these pets are fairly popular, but this special brush feature is still worth a mention! The Cloud Paint Brush will literally turn your Gnorbu or JubJub into a cloud! Be careful in particularly sunny weather, though: while none of these pets have ever been reported as 'evaporated' before, you wouldn't want yours to be the first!

4. The Halloween Paint Brush

This is another brush that comes with awesome clothes! But have you ever considered what some of these pets look like under their outfits? In this color, the Hissi sports some intimidating red spots and some eerie green eyes. The Halloween Skeith seems to be the original zombie design: they look like a patchwork of other Neopets! But there's also something about them that seems evocative of a plushie—perhaps a malevolent and sentient one? Huh.

5. The... Jelly Paint Brush?

There is no Jelly paint brush. Where would such a thing even come from? There's certainly no way there could be a real Neopet made out of Jelly. This glistening Jelly Zafara, which looks like it could almost be made of honey or amber, must be the work of some talented artisans at the Chocolate factory!

6. The Speckled Paint Brush

I'll be honest, I have no idea why this pet looks the way it does. Instead of what has been described by some as that "ping pong balls on grass look" on most pets, the Speckled Paint Brush will anoint your Usul with coppery-red red stripes from head to toe!

7. The Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush

Do you want a fruity Chia without the hassle of the multimillion-neopoint Chia Pops or the uncertainty of the Lab Ray? Well, the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush (what a mouthful!) will turn your Chia INTO a ripe, red strawberry, just like the Chia Pop, for a fraction of the price! (Thank you to the Help board for this clarification!)

8. The Striped Paint Brush

You might be familiar with the pastel blue and rose of this brush on most species, but did you know it also does dramatic emerald and brown? Used on your Ruki, it'll bestow her with a stunning grassy emerald design like swirling green marble with a subtle luster. Gorgeous! On your Meerca, you might be surprised by dramatic bands of classy neutral brown, and an adorable little bandit's mask pointing right to that cute button nose.

9. The Spotted Paint Brush

Not to be confused with the similarly-named Speckled, the much more expensive Spotted paint brush is renowned for its creative designs that many Neopets owners may be reminded of in their travels outside of Neopia. ;) Besides the familiar gold and black, some Spotted Neopets have a humble greyscale color scheme, such as the Gelert, Kau and Tuskaninny.

Still others dazzle with a calico design of white black accented with gold. These include the Lupe and the Koi.

Finally, the Spotted Hissi stands out with a graceful diamond pattern on his back.

10. The Woodland Paint Brush

While the blossoms of the Cybunny and Uni are beautiful, this is a spotlight for the other creative designs featured by this paint brush! While most of the Woodland pets appear to be made of wood, flowers, small shrubs and creative topiary, the Woodland Koi has a delightfully earthy composition of muck and reeds.

A lot has changed in the designs of painted Neopets during my time in Neopia, and I hope that this guide will inspire some creative customizations involving colors you may have thought either impossible, non-existent or too far out of your price range. Now go forth and paint the town.

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