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Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Twelve

by downrightdude


Rosia smirked at Kira. "What's wrong, Air faerie? Are you still awaiting Queen Fyora to save you like last time? Or are you waiting for that Island faerie to wake up from the sleeping spell I cast on her?"

     "Why were you even doing this, Rosia?" Kia demanded. "Why in Neopia would you assist Balthazar with capturing your fellow faeries? What was in it for you all along?"

     "I had only wanted revenge, you twit!" Rosia shouted. "It had nothing to do with pleasing that mutant freak. My plan was to not only to imprison you as a faded bottled faerie, but it was to also show you what it was like to be imprisoned in that ridiculous magic mirror Fyora trapped me in! And I could have easily included all of your precious Top Faerie friends into my collection if it hadn't been for my idiotic sisters and horrible luck!"

     Kira gasped, though she could understand Rosia's motives for wanting revenge. She stepped forward and raised her arms over her head. "Winds of Neopia!" Kira cried as she waved her arms counter clockwise. Everyone watched as a small blue tornado formed from Kira's fingertips and slowly began to rise as tall as a coconut tree.

     Rosia yawned as the tornado passed her and, with a wiggle of her fingers, forced the tornado to evaporate. "Is that the best you've got?" she asked.

     Brillare stepped forward and placed her Light Faerie Token around her beck. Then she sent a bight yellow orb the size of a beach ball towards Rosia. "Sun orb!" she cried as she released the orb from her grasp.

     Velma flew towards the orb and shouted "Dark net!" as she created a black hole with her hand.

     Brillare gasped when her orb went straight through the hole–and was then struck hard in the gut when Velma released the orb to her direction. "I'm alright, guys," she gasped as she struggled to get up from the ground.

     "Who else wishes to defeat me?" Rosia crowed victoriously. She eyed Sirena and Illere. "How about you two, earth girl and fish brain?"

     Sirens waved a fist at her. "Nobody gets away with calling me earth girl!"

     Illere sighed and waved her hands over a patch of dirt in front of her. "Breathe... Breathe..." she muttered as a sprout emerged from the soil. But as the sprout grew a few inches taller, it quickly shriveled up and fell towards the ground.

     Ms. Avalon shook her head. "She needs more focus," she confided to Ms. Aerial. "I remember telling her this before, too."

     Ms. Aerial squared her shoulders. "I say we teach those blasted girls a lesson, Avalon!"

     "Are you sure? Those Dark faeries look extremely powerful," Ms. Avalon said in a quiet voice.

     Ellen and the other Earth faeries stepped forward. "Maybe it would be better if we all worked together?" Ellen suggested. "What do you think, Ms. Avalon?"

     Marissa crossed her arms and turned to face Kira. "Perhaps we should allow Miss Top Air faerie to take care of those goons," she suggested.

     "Why? Do you want me to be destroyed?" Kira asked Marissa.

     "Because you need to step up and use your Top Air faerie powers!" said Marissa.

     As the faeries continued to bicker and suggest different strategies amongst themselves Rosia turned to her sisters and said, "Well, this will surely turn out to be my easiest victory yet."

     "Perhaps," said Daphne. "But I think it would also help if I used my orbs to–"

     "Wait, why do you want to use your tiny orbs against them?" asked Velma. "Don't you know how weak you are, Daphne? One false move and we won't win!"

     "At least I know how to fight!" Daphne insisted. "Why don't you go back to your bookstore, bookworm, and let a real Dark faerie fighter... uh, fight!"

     Violet raised her arm anxiously. "Ooh oh, when will I get to fight?"

     "You don't!" Daphne and Velma said in unison.

     Rosia glared at her sisters. "Will you three just shut up already? Besides, I'm the one with the Dark Faerie Token, so I should destroy our rivals!"

     "Oh, please!" Daphne scoffed. "If it wasn't for my smoke attack, you would've lost to that Air faerie the last time you confronted her!"

     "Well, perhaps I would have cared more if you traitors hadn't imprisoned me!" Rosia argued back.

     Kira stopped her argument with Marissa and was surprised when she could hear Rosia and her four sisters bickering as loudly as they were doing right now. As the other faeries stopped talking to listen to the ongoing argument, Kira flew up to the air and said, "Come on, you guys! We have to teach these Dark faeries a lesson by working together and showing them the error of their ways! Now who's with me?"

     Before anyone could say anything, Kira felt a hot orb hit her upper back and force her to the ground.

     "There, I got her," Rosia said, turning to glare at her sisters. "Are you girls satisfied?"

     Alice ran to Kira's side. "Kira, are you okay? Do you need help?"

     Kira nodded and stood up, though she could still fell her back burning from Rosia's orb. "I won't let Rosia get away with this!" she snarled.

     "What should we do now?" asked Illere.

     "Fire bow, extra heat!" a voice cried from behind the faeries. Everyone turned and the Fire faeries applauded loudly as Ardore, the Top Fire faerie, sent a bright red flame the shape of an arrow flew towards Rosia. Everyone watched as the arrow exploded, spilling heat and dark grey smoke around the Dark faerie sisters.

     "I can't see!" Daphne wailed. "And all this smoke is ruining my mascara!"

     "Oh, hush up!" Rosia snarled.

     "Now what should we do?" asked Brillare

     "I think I know," Kira insisted. The Top Air faerie placed her Air Faerie Token around her neck and flew up towards Rosia and her sisters. She formed a light blue sphere with her hands and threw it towards the sisters, watching it grow and swallow them whole.

     "Let me help!" a voice called from below. Delilah, who had just arrived to the scene, sent a thick purple fog towards the light blue sphere that had trapped the four Dark faerie sisters. "Transportus!" she shouted as the fog disappeared, vanishing alongside the blue dome.

     Everyone clapped their hands and cheered and Kira ran to Delilah and Ardore, who was studying her fingernails. "Ardore, how were you able to find us?" she asked.

     "Queen Fyora told me she had a feeling that you would be in Mystery Island, so I came here alongside that Dark faerie who insisted she should follow me here," Ardore explained. "Fyora also advised me that if I wanted to remain a serious Top Faerie like you four, I should attend that stupid private school in the next three days."

     "That's great!" said Kira. She turned to Delilah and asked, "So, what did you do with Rosia and her sisters?"

     Delilah smiled widely. "I had my fog transport them to the Hidden Prison, which is like the Hidden Tower, except its magic proof and it has no windows for easy escapes."

     "Wow, I didn't know Dark faeries could do that!" said Kira, sounding amazed.

     "We can do a lot of cool things," said Delilah. "I'm just glad I came here when I did. Now, should we all go home?"

     All the faeries shouted their agreements and Kira said, "Yes, let's get back to Faerieland!"


     As soon as she had poofed herself into the Faerie Woods alongside all the other faeries, Kira grabbed Alice's hand and said, "You know I could never have saved everyone if it wasn't for you, Alice."

     Alice smiled. "It was your bravery that helped saved everyone," she said modestly.

     "You were brave too!" Kira insisted. "I'm sorry we couldn't restore your Light faerie powers, though. Perhaps Fyora could make you the top Grey faerie and maybe we could get you a neohome too–"

     "That's all very nice," said Alice, "but I'd rather remain in Faerie Woods with my friends, my sisters. I could never leave them alone. Plus, the area in which we live in is very peaceful and full of beautiful wild flowers." She clutched Kira's hand and said, "And you are always welcome to visit anytime, dear Kira."

     "Are you sure, Alice?" asked Kira.

     Alice nodded. "I'll be fine."

     Kira smiled and waved as Alice ran towards some nearby bushes, were she could also see Hailey waiting nearby. "Bye, guys!" she shouted.

     Ardore shook her head. "I still can't believe you're friends with those grey things," she said with a sigh. "And they're so ugly, too."

     "But they're nice faeries, Ardore!" Kira insisted. "Why can't you see their kindness?"

     "Because I don't want to," Ardore said as she walked away.

     Illere and Sirena ran towards Kira. "So, what should we do now?" asked Illere.

     "How about we all go to a local café and order fancy drinks?" Sirena suggested. "It could be a celebratory party!"

     Ms. Aerial clapped her hands to get her students' attention. "All right, girls, don't forget to study for your exams tomorrow! We shall pick up where we were rudely interrupted!" she announced.

     Kira and her classmates groaned. "But Ms. Aerial," Kira began.

     "No buts, Kira," said Ms. Aerial. "Now I'll see you girls tomorrow."

     Kira sighed even louder as she saw her teacher fly away. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to study harder! she thought. Marissa gave her a quick nod as she, too, flew away with the other Air faeries.

     The Fire faeries crowed around Ardore before they all ascended towards the sky in a group. Then the Light faeries flew away, and the Earth faeries followed them afterwards.

     Brillare turned to wave to her friends. "I'll see you all tomorrow," she said as she flew to catch up with the other Light faeries.

     Sirena clapped her hands. "Oh, goodie, I can't wait to go to the café!" she said, watching her classmates run towards Faerie Lake.

     "Me too," Illere agreed.

     I'm just glad Rosia's finally gone for good, Kira thought as she followed her eager friends to Faerie City.

     She felt good that Ardore, who she had previously doubted, came through today by distracting Rosia and her sisters. She was also happy about her new friend Delilah, who was able to transport Rosia into a top-secret prison in Faerieland. There was also satisfaction at the fact that everything would return back to the way it was.

The End

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