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The Joys of Basic Pets

by xiaolin10413


Are you tirelessly playing games or gambling with Food Club to earn more neopoints so you can paint your pet the newest color? Are you zapping your pets day after day in attempts to get a sweet color change? Or are you hanging around Faerieland in hopes of the Fountain Faerie Quest granting you a visit to her magical pool for that change in appearance?

I know I was, until I browsed the site and saw some users with basic-colored pets, and I knew I also wanted to be the proud owner of a basic Neopet. They may not be as flashy or "have as much character" as a painted pet, but if you continue reading, you will see why basic-colored pets are just as amazing as an expensively colored pet- or better!

They're Cheap! One of the best parts about creating or adopting a basic pet- they are incredibly cheap! Creating a Neopet itself is 100% free! You even get to choose things like their gender, their species, what they like, and how they interact with other pets, and of course, one of the four wonderful basic colors. Create that pet and there you are! Done! If creating isn't your fancy, taking a look at Neopia's pound might be an option. There are tons of sad, lonely pets that would love to go home with you, and most of them are basic! While this isn't free, most pets you can find in the pound are fairly cheap to adopt: anywhere from 100 neopoints to 1,000 neopoints. It's really as simple as playing Fashion Fever three times. If you're still unsure, try the pound chat. There are usually people with basic pets up for /quick/ adoption (uf/q/a). Most pets require a simple interest post or neomail, but others may require some sort of application. Don't let that deter you, however! Those basic pets are worth it, and some might even have really awesome names! Again, these pets would have a small adoption fee. Just consider it a donation to the Neopian Pound.

They're Easy To Customize! Compared to a lot of other pets, basic colored pets are incredibly easy to customize! Especially easy compared to Mutants, Maraquans, and Babies, since they have weird body shapes. The basic colors are fantastic for base colors, as they are a "clean slate" and can go in lots of different directions! Whereas other colors may have a hard time finding matching wearables, it's pretty easy to pick out colored wearables for the basic colors: red goes with Red, blue with Blue, green with Green, and yellow with Yellow. It can be difficult to pinpoint whether you should put pink or blue or orange with a Royal pet, or a Spotted pet. That's why if you're a customization guru, a basic color might be a good option for you, and therefore another reason why basic pets are so much cooler than given credit for.

They Remind You of the Old Times! You older Neopians know what I'm talking about- Neopets with the sidebar, before pet trading was a thing, the only games that seemed to exist was Kass Basher and Meerca Chase... Basic pets take you back to those simpler times! A lot of people like the feeling of nostalgia, and no other pet brings you back to old Neopets like owning a basic pet does. Well, except maybe unconverted pets, but they take a lot of effort and neopoints to trade for, and we already went over that basic pets are basically free! The reason why basic pets bring back all those old-Neopets memories is quite simple, actually. When you signed up for the first time, I'm sure you made a Neopet, and that Neopet stayed a basic color for at least a few days. Together, you and your basic-colored Neopet discovered Neopia, played lots of new games, and maybe made some new friends on the board. Basic Neopets just simply bring you back to the old days of Neopia, which I imagine are very happy feelings for all.

They Can Take Care of Themselves! Well, in theory, most pets should be able to take care of themselves, and most owners should do whatever they need to, to make pamper and love their pet. However, we all know that owners get busy sometimes and it's important for pets to be able to help themselves in the most basic sense and... Basic pets are perfect for that! You might be wondering, "Well, why can't my Snot pet do that? Or my Water pet?" Think about it really though. A Snot pet is going to make a mess if they try making their own food, and there's no way for a Water pet to grasp their specialized, "Water-Color Comb", since they are made out of water. It's just not going to happen. Don't even get me started on Baby pets; they really can't take care of themselves! Royals are so picky, and are so used to being doted on at their very command that they are going to be an absolute wreck if you are unable to take care of them for more than half a day. Basic pets, however, don't have any of these problems. They are able to take care of themselves without any fuss, and are very grateful when you are able to give them the love and attention that every pet deserves.

They Share Colors With Famous Neopians! Have you ever taken a good look at the Neopedia? There you will find lots of famous Neopians who are basic colors! Your pet could look like Abigail, the little sister of the notorious AAA, and be a Blue Aisha! Or, your pet could resemble the sketchy Vandebart Biggsby, better known as "Apple Bobbing Bart," who is a Green Gnorbu. Your pet even has the option to resemble on of Neopia's greatest thieves, Hanso, who is a Blue Ixi! Other notable, basic Neopets include: Quinton the Green Quiggle, Jeran the Blue Lupe, Ryshu the Red Nimmo, and Lisha the Yellow Aisha. For those who say that basic colors are boring and are nothing special, remind them that most of Neopia's great heroes (and villains!) are basic colors, and therefore your basic pet might one day join the ranks of those listed in the Neopedia.

There are five wonderful reasons why you should consider adopting or creating a basic pet. Not only are they cheap and quite easy to customize, but they have a lot more potential than a pet who is painted Halloween or Island. Become a proud owner of a basic pet today!

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