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Eggcesorizing Your Egg

by ondore_


Baby Pteri are often overlooked when it comes to baby Neopets--and it's not hard to see why. They're difficult to customize without Neocash, they're difficult to customize with Neocash; they're often overlooked in favor of baby Neopets with more appealing traits, such as a face and limbs. But your baby Pteri doesn't have to be held back by its lack of a body. Here are some hot Neopoint trinkets, accessories, and pointers to get you started on making your egg stand out from the crowd.

Don't let this be you.

All About Neggs Background

This is an absolute classic look for the baby Pteri. Eggs and Neggs go together like peas and carrots. This background is a fantastic starting point for egg customization. It can easily be paired with most accessories featured on this list, or used as a standalone. Your egg is ruler of the neggs. Embrace it.

Giant Omelette Background

Another classic look, this time for those with a more macabre sense of humor. There are many different looks you can go for using this background as a starting point. Pair it with a Grundo Admirers Foreground or Special Event Foreground to make it seem as if your egg is starting a revolution against the omelette tyrants.

Hollowed Negg Tree Background

A nice background for those who aren't a fan of the business of the All About Neggs Background or the grimness of the Giant Omelette Background. A simple look for those eggs that want to look like they're part of a negg hunt.

Buzzer Hive Background

Oh no, your baby Pteri isn't a Buzz egg! Or is it? Confuse your friends by putting your egg in a beehive. The fact that it's the wrong kind of egg probably isn't what they're going to be concerned about. Pairs well with the Wind-Up Baby Buzz.

Meepit Vs Feepit Background

This background is a bit more abstract than the other suggestions, but good for those who like color. Egg owners will notice their egg falls slightly short of the centerpoint of this background, but that's all right. You tried, and I'm proud of you.

Nest Foreground

Finally, a neopoint alternative to the Oversized Nest of Eggs (NC) item. It's a nest, you've got an egg, what more could you want? Pair it with the Piles of Apples Background to make it seems as if you're high up in a tree.

Baby Holiday Scarf + Baby Holiday Mittens

A winter look for your egg that screams "I have never won the Qasalan Expellibox." The scarf is understandable, but why the mittens? How are they even staying up? This look is fantastic for the more absurdist of you out there.

Cornucopia Foreground + Cornucopia Background

Continuing with the absurdist themes from the winter look, here we have a simple customization consisting of an egg in a cornucopia. Who puts an egg in a cornucopia? You do. A fantastic combination for the Month of Storing.

Delightful Holiday Sled

Your egg will fit perfectly into the driver's seat of this festive sled. Is your egg the driver, or is it among the precious cargo, waiting to be delivered to good Neopians? Pair with a Shooting Star Background.

Fairest of Feathers Mask

Did you know there are many masks that are wearable by baby neopets? This is one of my personal favorites, as the feathers match the whole "being an egg" thing. Perfect for a New Year's masquerade or even a Halloween look.

Apple Tree

They say the appleegg doesn't fall far from the tree. A simple accessory for those who are sick of negg/egg combinations.

Giant Plant Stalk

With this background item, your egg can become the hero of its own faerie tale. Best when paired up with a cloudy background, such as the Cloudy Sky Background. You can also add in a Shenkuu Cloud to give this scene more depth.

Lava Puzzle

Going back to the more macabre themes, here's one for the folks who are in a hurry to make an omelette. Pairs well with the Giant Omelette Background.

Wind Up Baby Buzz

Here's a good one for those of you who like mindgames. With this accessory, you can confuse viewers into thinking you have two baby neopets in the same frame. Pay no mind to the wind-up key on the larvae. Works well if you have a baby Buzz of your own.

Baby Faellie Plushie Friend

One of the few baby-exclusive neopoint items available, the Baby Faellie Plushie friend pairs well if your egg's petpet is a Faellie. Of course, if you're leaving an egg in charge of another living creature, that's another story.

Brass Gears Border + Steam Respiration Mask

Are you a fan of Steampunk? Well, this is Eggpunk. Here's some gears and goggles for your egg. It's not a phase, it's fashion. Pair with any old-timey or Moltaran background for maximum anachronisms.

Ultimate Fan Room Background

Building off of the last set: is your egg an insufferable nerd? Does your egg have a massive collection of Neoplot memorabilia they can't show off because none of it is wearable? Well, this is the perfect background for you, and it even comes with a build-in foreground for maximum simplicity. Nerd.

Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground + Floating Giant Neopoint Background + Gift Bag of Neopoints

Is your egg an eggs-pert restocker? No? Well, you can make it look like one with this triple serving of neopoint-themed wearables. The Gift Bag of Neopoints is a bit hard to see on this set-up, but it's the thought that counts. If you do have access to some neocash, the Baby Mustache and Monocle and the Baby Top Hat are two inexpensive items that work perfectly with this set.

Pretty Wicker Negg Basket

Continuing with the high-concept absurdist themes, here's a negg basket for your egg. It's going on a negg hunt, and it's an egg. This may be difficult for some onlookers to process, so be very careful when using this accessory. Also note that you'll be restricted from using a lower foreground item along with this accessory, but you likely won't need it.

Missed Cupid Arrows + Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

Now this is a look that gives your egg personality, and that personality is heartbreaker. This look works well around Valentine's Day, or simply to drive off potential suitors. Or Bonju.

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