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The Solution to a Sad Pet

by amazorize


Have you ever had a pet that seems to be in a bad mood all the time?

You try to read your pet a book, but you hear, "get me more books, come on, hurry up!". You try to feed your pet, but the food is "disgusting" and "get that away from me". You try to play with your pet, but all you hear is "buy me more toys".

I know exactly how this feels. I also know how it feels to be insulted by your pet and watch the mood go from "happy" to "delighted". I was shocked, this pet I loved from the very beginning, and who I thought loved me back, was happier from insulting me? That hurt. That hurt a lot.

Does this sound familiar? Are you experiencing the same problem? If you are, I urge you to read on. If not, I still urge you to read on, so you are prepared when and if it happens. Hopefully, you will be able to stop it before it happens.

Fellow Neopians, before you make the hasty, regrettable decision to pound your pet, or give up completely, I want you to know there is a solution to this problem. The solution does not involve an expensive medicine or rare toy. The solution will not cost neopoints, but in fact, you could earn them instead.

I already know what you're thinking. You must think this is too good to be true. This cannot possibly exist. Truth is, the solution has been in front of us all this time.

Before the time of almost everybody striving to be the best, there was a time when pets were based not on value, but on love. The times before customization, trading, and Key Quest, and although all of those things have made Neopets a better and more fun place, it seems we have lost sight on what is really important.

It was not until the very moment I saw my poor Milyroe's behavior, that I realized I had lost the sight too. This was not Milyroe's fault, this was mine.

What was I feeding my pets every day? Omelettes and Jelly. Why? Because it was free and cheap.

Was I playing with my pets? No. I was too busy on the boards trying to trade my pet for a pet of a higher value.

Was I taking my pets to concerts, training grounds, and tiki tours? No, that would cost neopoints, and I was too busy trying to save for the next, best item.

Can you imagine eating omelettes and jelly all day, doing nothing, and seeing your owner, who you thought was your best friend, trying to trade you for another pet?

Think of all those times we put them in the Battledome, sent them to the Snowager, and forced them into the Deserted Tomb. Sometimes, our pets emerged with victories and new items, other times they were hurt. Did we show them any gratification after healing them, or did we complain that we had to buy a highly priced medicine?

Friends, if you cannot see, the solution is not to "fix" our pets, but to "fix" ourselves. We spend hours on end trying to make our pets better, stronger, faster, rarer, but it seems we do not appreciate them for who they are. Of course they would be in a bad mood in this situation, who wouldn't be?

At this point, I was afraid that it was too late. Did I lose my chances of having a happy, loving pet? Did I already do too much damage? If you think this too, I want you to know that there is still a chance. Lucky for us, our pets are pretty forgiving and loving creatures.

Below, I wrote a list of steps that I used which helped Milyroe. Of course, you know your pet better than anyone else. Please feel free to adjust whatever you need to fit your pet and their personality.

The first thing we need to change is our time. Devote just a few minutes of your day to each, individual pet. I spend five minutes a day to each pet. Take them to ride to carousal, take them to a concert, and play some games with them.

Second, reward your pets with toys and treats. The item does not have to be expensive or rare, and you certainly do not have to buy everything in Neopia. Even though we need to spend time and neopoints on our pets, we do not have to go broke in the process. A book here and there, a new toy, or a special trip to Huberts hotdogs can make all the difference.

Third, be aware of how often you see your pets. If you are like me, and see them everyday, just be conscious of if they're hungry, sick, or bored. If you think you will be away from them for a longer period of time, see if you can put them in the Neolodge for a few days for some pampering and fun.

If you are worried about spending too many or if you are low on points, there are many options. You can play some games of Kacheek Seek. Not only are you playing with your pet, but you are also earning those few extra neopoints you need. Always check the money tree and see what other owners have donated, those items are free for you, but just click fast. They can go quick! Play your dailies to earn extra neopoints and items. Other users have shops and trades, featuring all sorts of things they are trying to sell. Take a look around, and you can find a low priced toy or treat that you know your pet will enjoy.

The last step is to repeat. This should be a part of your routine. Play some games, play with your pet, chat on the Neoboards or whatever works for you.

Let's turn those growls into smiles, and the complaining into happiness. Let's not hear "get that away from me", but instead, "You are my favorite owner". Our pets are a reflection of how much we take care of them. Have you loved your pet today?

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