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Which Avatar Are You?

by painted_dreams87


Have you ever found yourself staring hopelessly at the Neoboards Preferences page unable to decide which avatar you should use? Your avatar and font reflect who you are to the world of Neopia, but which avatar best fits your personality and sets the impression you want to make? This quick and easy personality quiz will help you determine which avatar you should choose. All you have to do is grab a piece of paper and your favorite pencil (or even open a notepad on your computer), keep track of your answers, and refer to the answer key below when you're finished.

1. Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming. It's a beautiful sunny day in Neopia. How do you spend the day?

A. Outside taking it all in and enjoying the light breeze without a care in the world.

B. Anywhere you can curl up with a good book.

C. Inside. You can't imagine what that breeze would do to your hair.

D. Outside working on your strength exercises.

E. Inside. Your computer cord won't reach outside, and you can't imagine losing an entire day of gaming.

F. Inside admiring the items you've worked so hard to collect over the years.

G. Inside. You don't deserve to enjoy such a nice day. *grumbles*

H. Inside. World domination isn't going to plot itself.

2. The Soup Faerie stops by your neohome to ask if you will help her by volunteering at the Soup Kitchen for the afternoon. How do you respond?

A. Sure! I'm always happy to lend a hand to those in need.

B. Sure, but only after I finish what I'm working on first.

C. Is there dirt there? I'm pretty sure I heard there was dirt there.

D. Alright, but I might be intimidating to those I'm helping.

E. I wouldn't have answered the door in the first place. I'm close to the end of this level.

F. What do I get out of the deal?

G. Probably not. You wouldn't want me there anyway.

H. No way!

3. Halloween has arrived. It's completely pitch dark outside, and trick-or-treaters are out knocking on doors. What do you do during this time?

A. Dress up in a fun costume and hand out candy, of course!

B. Halloween offers nothing for you, so you ignore the holiday and work on your projects instead.

C. Dress up in something pink and sparkly and go out with your friends.

D. Dress up as Kasuki Lu and challenge your friends to some friendly duels.

E. Pop in a spooky video game and enjoy a long night all to yourself.

F. Dress up in many different costumes throughout the night so you can collect as much candy as possible.

G. Dress up as the Grey Faerie but refuse to leave the house because you look ridiculous.

H. Dress up as an MSPP and scare as many Neopians as you possibly can.

4. It's your friend's birthday, and you need to get the perfect gift. What do you choose to buy?

A. Something thoughtful that shows how well you know your friend.

B. Your favorite book so your friend can experience it too.

C. The cutest thing you can possibly find.

D. Codestones, lots and lots of codestones.

E. The newest trendy item.

F. As many smaller gifts as you can afford, the more the better!

G. Nothing. You forgot their birthday. *sigh*

H. Something amazing so you can steal it from them later on.

5. You've won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in Neopia. Where do you choose to go?

A. Roo Island. The fun-loving place fits you well. Plus, you can't get enough of that Merry Go Round.

B. Brightvale. You've always wanted to visit the library and meet the scholars that live there.

C. Faerieland. Need you say anything else?

D. Mystery Island. You can't wait to visit the Training School there.

E. Neopia Central. So many classic games originated there, and you can't wait to try them all.

F. Neopia Central. Money Tree, here you come!

G. Maraqua. It rains a lot there, doesn't it?

H. Darigan. Like you would be caught anywhere else.

If you answered...

Mostly A - The Must... Keep... Smiling... avatar is a great choice for you! You are such an optimistic, upbeat person that you spread sunshine no matter where you go. You are a dependable friend, and others often rely on you. It takes a lot to bring you down. Good for you!

Mostly B - The Babaa - Math's Nightmare avatar is perfect for such an intelligent person like yourself. While you are kind at heart and don't mind the company of others on occasion, you prefer to keep to yourself. You are at your happiest whenever you can lose yourself in a good book, a complicated puzzle, the newest piece of artwork that you're working on, or your latest writing.

Mostly C - The Queen Fyora avatar is a very fitting choice for someone like you. You love all things adorable, pink, shiny, and sparkly. The more it glitters, the better! You're a good-hearted person, but you realize that you can be unreasonable and demanding at times. If the shoe fits... you'll take it!

Mostly D - The Space Faerie avatar is the right choice for you. You have worked incredibly hard, training each and every day to reach your goal. You finally defeated the Space Faerie, and others should know it. Congratulations!

Mostly E - The Draik - Escape From Castle Meridell is ideal for such an accomplished gamer. You may spend hours upon hours playing video games instead of being a part of the real world, but you have a huge collection of trophies and avatars to show for it. Game on!

Mostly F - The SDB Pack Rat avatar is a wonderful choice for you. You're not a hoarder. You just enjoy collecting thousands upon thousands of the same item. *shifty eyes* Your collection is your pride and joy, and you have worked hard to get each and every item. Enjoy it!

Mostly G - The Gloomy avatar is a great match for a pessimistic person like yourself. You tend to view things in a negative light, keeping others at a distance. We can't all be optimists, can we?

Mostly H - The Dark Lurker avatar is perfect for you. You are someone to be feared, and you enjoy every minute of it. World domination is on your to-do list, and being evil is a favorite pastime of yours. Neopians everywhere will fear your name!

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