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Altador Travel Brochure

by dragonsfriend1021


Also by annrawr

Nestled between the mountain range west of the Haunted Woods and a beautiful shore opening up to the sea, you will find one of the richest and most beautiful cities in all of Neopia: Altador. Though this city was hidden for one thousand years, the city now welcomes Neopians from around the world to enjoy their rich culture brimming over with legends and an exciting history. Come to Altador to enjoy arts, food, sports, and everything this historical marvel has to offer!

Main Attractions

Any vacation needs activities and Altador surely has plenty to offer! From historical landmarks to sport tournaments, Altador has appealing attractions for any fanatic. Here are some of the most popular places of interest.

Hall of Heroes. In the center of Altador is a beautiful dome-shaped building known as the Hall of Heroes. Inside are twelve statues commemorating the twelve protectors of Altador. King Altador brought together these twelve heroes to not only establish the noble and just city of Altador but also to protect it from harm. After the Great Betrayal of the Darkest Faerie, the heroes went into hiding, but their statues remained in the Hall of Heroes. Make sure you stop by this beautiful landmark to learn about each of the twelve council members and the history of Altador!

Altadorian Archives. If you're interested in more history, swing by the Altadorian Archives. Finneus the Archivist can help you find exactly what you're looking for among the multitude of records in the archives. Each book or document has a story to tell related to the city's past. Come to this locale to immerse yourself in Altador's rich history!

Old Follies Farm. Located just outside the city walls is Old Follies Farm, one of the oldest farms in Altador. This quaint little place, owned by Farmer Follies, is a great stop to learn about Altadorian agriculture and enjoy the view of the shore. The Moehog farmer also knows a lot about windmills, and he'd be happy to share his knowledge with you. Drop by for a visit with Farmer Follies any time!

Colosseum. No trip to Altador would be complete without a visit to the Altador Colosseum, home to the Altador Cup! Located in the northern-most corner of the city, the Colosseum houses the arenas for all AC-related games: Make Some Noise, Slushie Slinger, Shootout Showdown, and most famously, Yooyuball. Each Month of Relaxing, teams from every land in Neopia compete in each of these games for a chance to win the Altador Cup. Even in the off-season, you can tour the Colosseum to see where the Haunted Woods star defender, Krell Vitor, blocked a goal from Darigan Citadel's top scorer Layton Vickles to win the game and the very first Altador Cup. While you're visiting, you could even take part in a friendly scrimmage. It would be easy to find opponents - the Altadorians certainly wouldn't mind!


After learning all about Altador's history, you'll certainly want to start looking for mementos to take home! Visit these shops to partake in other aspects of culture and find the perfect souvenir for you to commemorate your trip to Altador.

Exquisite Ambrosia. Any vacationer should sample the local cuisine, and the best place to do that in Altador is Exquisite Ambrosia! Come to this shop to enjoy a true Altadorian meal with bread, olives, figs, and cheese. Start your day with Altador Sunny Eggs, enjoy a Traditional Altadorian Gyro for lunch, and finish up with a full meal of Well Decorated Meat and a side of Stuffed Figs. If you'd prefer to eat between games of Yooyuball, you could go for faster food like an Altador Cheeseburger or an Altador Dog. For dessert, savor the famous Fig Ice Cream, and don't forget to try some of those favorite Altadorian snacks such as a Grilled Veggie Platter or Cheese Stuffed Olives. After a visit to Exquisite Ambrosia, you're sure to agree that Altadorians know food!

Illustrious Armoury. If battling interests you, spend some time in the Illustrious Armoury! Many of the weapons for sale here are modeled after the weapons of King Altador himself, also known as The Hunter. Purchase a new offensive weapon like Altadorian Swordbreaker or Balteus of the Sun, or buy armour such as Altadorian Battle Helmet or Shining Armour. Complete your battle set with a Warriors Round Shield or an Altadorian Crest Buckler. You can't go wrong with weapons from Illustrious Armoury!

Magical Marvels. Since the entire city of Altador was magically concealed for 1,000 years, it's no surprise that Altador is home to a variety of magical items. The Chia shopkeeper will assure you that each item is "imbued with ancient Altadorian magic." Pick up a special amulet such as Amulet of the Sun or Brilliant Wing Amulet, or purchase a potion like Potion of Telepathy or Magical Healing Potion. You'll have to check with the shopkeeper or test out the items yourself to find out what each does. Take home a bit of the magic of Altador with a souvenir from Magical Marvels!

Legendary Petpets. Home to petpets such as Alabriss, Altachuck, Minitheus, and Vaelous, Altador offers a variety of choices in friends for Neopets. While you're visiting, stop by the Legendary Petpets store. The Yurble shopkeeper will be happy to help you find the right species for you, whether it's an Altalaphus or a Yooyu. So step right up and bring home a new part of your family from Altador!


While you're in Altador, enjoy some of the favorite pastimes of the local residents! During the Month of Relaxing, they might not be able to talk about more than the Altador Cup, but there are plenty of other amusements available the rest of the year! Here are some of the citizens' favorites.

Ready to Roll. Yooyuball players are not the only ones that need to train for the Altador Cup! Yooyus need to be in peak athletic shape during the Month of Relaxing too and you can help these petpets be at their rolling best with a few games of Ready to Roll. Guide Yooyus through a series of difficult exercise regimens, collecting sun tokens while avoiding the variety of spiked obstacles. It's up to you to coach these Yooyus to be ready for the next Altador Cup!

Crisis Courier. The life of a Yooyu is not just fun and games. Being the fastest petpets in the air, it's up to them to deliver all the most urgent messages of King Altador himself. In Crisis Courier, you help a variety of Yooyus deliver important news while avoiding obstacles, defeating menacing Minitheuses, and collecting valuable Altador goodie bags. Make sure you use the right type of Yooyu for the right activity though: Fire Yooyus do not like blue Minitheuses and Snow Yooyus get burned by red ones! So step on up and serve the city by helping deliver those messages today!

Chariot Chase. The Altadorians love playing with their petpets! After Yooyuball, the most popular activity is Alabriss chariot racing. In Chariot Chase, steer your Alabriss around the figure-eight track to complete as many laps as you can before the time ends. But watch out for the other chariots! They don't always steer well, and if you end up in too many collisions, you might get removed from the race. It's a great way to bond with your Alabriss and win some friendly games!

Mop 'n' Bop. If you visit the Hall of Heroes, you might notice the Janitor who seems to constantly be cleaning the space. For some reason, petpets like to wander into the Hall, and they track dirt everywhere! In this game, you help the Yurble clean up by whacking petpets with a mop, which efficiently cleans both the petpets and the floor. Not only will you be doing a public service, but you'll have a bit of fun, too!

Famous Neopians

While some Neopian regions are lucky to have just a handful of heroes residing in their streets, Altador can proudly boast 11 heroes, each of whom help and protect the city in their own special ways. Be sure to pay homage to some of these great Neopian heroes from the Council of 11 before finishing your trip to Altador!

King Altador. Ever since he was young, King Altador wished to build a peaceful town away from the corrupt and evil leaders that filled the land. With this goal in mind, he sought out other heroes and founded the land of Altador, which, til this day, he guards and leads dutifully. For those "in the know," a secret door in the Hall of Heroes leads to a chamber where King Altador meets with those noble Neopians who have honorably served the city. Do your part to help and you just might find a gift of thanks from the Lupe himself!

Siyana and Psellia. The weather in Altador is almost always sunny, thanks to the magical enchantments created by its two faerie heroes, Siyana the Light Faerie and Psellia the Air Faerie. Both these faeries were individually recruited by King Altador himself for their heroic deeds to join the Council of 11. Now they lead and protect Altador alongside King Altador in the Hall of Heroes, although this doesn't mean they don't have time for a few games. You may recognize Siyana as the host of the Sun team during the 2013 Games Master Challenge, and Psellia provides help to battlers with her famous weapon, Psellias Fighting Fan. These two kind faeries always welcome visitors, so be sure to drop by and learn about their magic!

Darkest Faerie. Although not currently residing in Altador (thankfully!), this Neopian played a large role in the city's history and should not be over-looked. Although once known as one of the 12 heroes of Altador, her desire for power led her to betray the other 11 heroes and almost take over the city of Altador - had she not been thwarted and imprisoned in stone by Queen Fyora, with the help of the other Altadorian heroes. After 1,000 years of being imprisoned, she escaped and wreaked havoc, and it was only with the help of Tor and Roberta that she was imprisoned in stone once more. Her statue was moved to Queen Fyora's personal gardens in Faerieland, but with the recent crash of Faerieland, the statue has disappeared. Who knows when the Darkest Faerie may return... but in the meantime, you can always visit her statue (or its remains!) in the Hall of Heroes.

What to Bring

Whether you come to Altador for the games or the history, there are a few essentials that you must pack for your trip. If you wish to emulate the classical beauty of Altador and its citizens while visiting the sites, you can wear a Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon and Regal Altador Dress. If you're preparing for battle, you might want to put on an Altadorian Warrior Plate Shirt with the Altador Helmet of Knowledge. If you come for the sports though, don't forget to don your teams colors with team jerseys, banners, bracelets, wigs, foam fingers, and whatever ever else you can get your hands on! Of course, don't forget your Altador Cup Gear Trunk to pack it all up!

With so many things to do, places to go, and people to see, Altador is a very alluring vacation locale. Food, games, petpets, archives, and more await you at this fascinating region. So pack your Yooyuball gear, brush up on your history, and plan your next vacation to Altador today!

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