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The Neopian Times - Special Edition Prizes

by vitorplemes


Also by sakura_dreamer

Every special edition of the Neopian Times, TNT rewards its writers with a prize. Special editions happens every 50 weeks, and you will also win this pretty avatar if your comic, article, story or series get published:

Besides the special issues, there are also some other editions that can reward you good prizes, I am talking about Jhudora Day, Sloth Appreciation Day, Petpet Appreciation Day and so on. It is easy to spot commemorative issues on the Neopian Times. The background is all changed, and instead of the writing quills on the top around the tittle, there will be images fitting the theme of the celebration.

The difference is that in these editions you get common prizes, like paint brushes and rare petpets. But landmark issues (300, 350, 400...) are even more special, because TNT prepares unique items as rewards.

So in this article, you will get to know the rarest prizes given in landmark editions of the Neopian Times! Let's start:

1 - Neopian Times Coin (ed. 170)

That is a very rare coin. At 26th May, 2004 TNT released it together with the Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie, both r100. That kind of rarity is very very rare to stock in shops, or if you feel really lucky maybe you can win one at the Wheel of Extravagance (and it will cost you only 100,000 NP!). On the Christmas Edition (Issue 170) of the same year, TNT decided to give out the elusive Neopian Times Coin to everyone that had their issue published as well. It is very rare to see one of these for sale, but you can buy one for around 30 million neopoints if you find it. There are still a lot of stamp collectors missing it, not only because it is rare and expensive, but it is part of the Coin Album and to fill it you also will need the Emerald Eyrie Coin, one of the rarest coins all over Neopia! There are only a few collectors that have that album completed. So, if you are a collector and can afford it, do not let one of these go away! Who knows when you can put your hands on one again?

2 - Neopian Times 200th Anniversary Card (ed. 200)

The card collectors probably love this card as much as stamp collectors love the Neopian Times Coin. It is very hard to find one nowadays since it was given many years ago, so only a few still remain, and for those collectors who have one, they probably will never let it go from their decks! I tried to find an accurate price but after doing some research there is only one thing I can say: It is worth whatever the seller wants or the buyer is willing to pay. Yeah, that is a very unique item! But do you want or not to be the greatest card collector and get a shiny gold trophy?

3 - Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie (ed. 250 & 350)

After this far, we must agree: TNT has been doing a great job, satisfying all kinds of collectors. Released in May 26, 2004 this plushie, unlike the coin and the card, is more common to see for sale as it is not a one-use item, and due to the double release (given in editions 250th and 350th!). It is also cheaper than the others: around 3 million neopoints. And that is a good thing because this plushie will fit in any situation: a collection, a gift or maybe just to play with your pet. It is pretty! Who would not like to have this cute white weewoo?

4 - Neopian Times Writing Quill (ed. 450 & 550)

Just like the weewoo plushie this writing quill was released twice, and it is also not as rare as the ones that can get into a stamp collection and stay there forever (which makes its price only increase over time). But it does not take away how beautiful and unique they are. The elusive Neopian Times Writing Quill was given in the 450th and 550th editions, first released in July 2, 2010. Maybe you can find one for 2-3 million neopoints. It will fit in any collection!

5- Book of Ideas (ed. 600)

In the last special edition issue 600, TNT created this new book. The Book of Ideas is a very rare item; when it came out (June 22, 2013), the book readers became crazy for one! Since it is not a restockable item, the price will only go up and up (therefore a good investment!). You will be able to afford one for about 20 million neopoints. Also you cannot forget that you can win a Book Trophy in your pet lookup if you are an avid reader. I am sure your pet will love it! As its description says, it is full of bright ideas! Maybe after you read this book to your pet, he can help you with brand new ideas for the next editions of the Neopian Times, eh?

6 - Neopian Times Background (ed. 500)

Best way to celebrate a special edition of the Neopian Times! Released in June 25, 2011 and given in issue 500, it will provide to your pet a secret place specially for writers. Think of this combined with the Book of Ideas. You will be the most famous writer in Neopia! And it is the best way to come up with brand new ideas. It is also a rare item, but not expensive as the other ones. It is worth around 5 million or maybe more.

7 - Postal Weewoo Action Figure (ed. 300 & 400)

The good thing about a non-album item is that it will not inflate very fast and it is also more affordable. So if you had not the luck to publish something in those issues, you might find one for sale for only a few million. This lovely action toy will totally fit in your themed gallery! But of course, before sitting it forever there, you should definitely play it with your pet!

Well, these were the rarest prizes given in special editions by the Neopian Times. I hope you enjoyed!

P.S.: You are reading right now a special issue, and all its publishers were rewarded with some kind of exclusive prize as well. Too bad I can't predict the future and tell you what they won, though. Congratulations to all! :)

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