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Top Ten Kau Day Items!

by mikh26


Also written by pearl12388

During the Altador Cup we tend to not really focus on a few Neopian holidays. One of those days is June 19th. You may overlook this date but to one group of Neopians it is a day of udder importance. It is important to Kalandra from Round Table Poker and Kalora from the game Cheat, to Leera Heggle of Lost Desert's yooyuball team and to the Kau most well known Kauvara, shopkeeper of the magic shop. If you are still unsure, June 19th is Kau Day and to help honor these famous Kaus and celebrate Kaus all over Neopia and their day, we are going to do a countdown of our top ten favorite Kau items in Neopia.

10) Maraquan Kau Painting

We have cards and coins on our list of collectible items for Kaus but here's another very nice Kau item to own. You can hang this beautiful painting of a Maraquan Kau in your classic neohome.

Approximate price~ 5,500 Neopoints

9) Kau Knight Helmet

This helmet is for use in the battledome and not too bad of a dual duty weapon for a starting Kau battler. This helmet does 5.3-8 attack icons and 3.3-6 defence. On top of being a decent battledome weapon, if it ever becomes wearable it will make for a very nice Kau superhero mask. The matching Kau Knight Boots and Kau Knight shield will make for an adventurous outfit.

Approximate price~ 900 Neopoints

8) Kau Slips

The Altador Cup is in full swing meaning it's the middle of summer. Who doesn't love to take a nice stroll on a beautiful summer's day and smell the flowers? These flowers give off an tasty honey scent in the breeze and even look like Kaus!

Approximate price~ 12,500 Neopoints

7) Blue Kau Fluffball

A fun toy to play with is a Blue Kau Fluffball. It's a fluffy soft ball to throw around with your pets and it features a cute little baby Kau face. Because of its softness this toy is safe for Kaus of all ages from the Baby painted to the Elderly painted. A very fun, soft and cute toy all rolled into one.

Approximate price~ 60 Neopoints

6) Kau Defender of Neopia Plushie

Everybody needs a hero, but never fear; your toys will be safe with this plushie! There are 25 different Kau plushies in Neopia, 21 of which feature a variety of painted Kau colors. However, this plushie along with another we mention later are both unique Kau characters. The Kau Defender of Neopia Plushie is much cheaper and easier to find for sale than the next kauiferic item on our countdown.

Approximate price~ 500,000 neopoints

5) Super Cute Green Kau Plushie

Just look at this plushie. How can you not like it? Plushie collector or not, this is an adorable plushie. Now as cute as this plushie is, it is extremely rare and not very cheap so only the best collectors are lucky enough to own one. The only way to get this plushie is from redeeming a Series 5 Key Quest Plushie Code. Even though its cost may not make it worth it to the everyday Neopian, it's still a top notch Kau item!

Approximate price~ Unknown with currently only one for sale.

4) Robo Kau

Have you ever wanted your own Kau? But maybe never had the space? Or weren't sure you were ready to take care of a Kau? Well, making our top three is the Robo Kau. It's just like having a real Kau, it moves on its own and even makes Kau noises! Always fun to have around and if it starts to bother you, you can turn it off!

Approximate price~ Unknown. There are currently none for sale.

3) Crystal Kauvara Coin

Oooh, shiny! So maybe we're a bit biased because we're stamp collectors but this is one of our more favorite Kau items. It is a very nice shade of blue and it is carved with Kauvara's head on the coin. It looks nice in the album between the other shiny blue coin of the evil Dr. Sloth and the gold Neopian Times coin. What could be better than that for a Kau item? Now if you're not a fan of Kauvara, prefer the Maraquan color, or just don't want to spend the neopoints for a crystal coin there is a cheaper alternative of a Kau coin for your album, the Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin.

Approximate price~ 700,000 Neopoints

Maraquan Kau Maractite coin, Approximate price~ 6,300 Neopoints

2) Kau Transmogrification Potion

We couldn't miss out on the morphing potions. Now we know this isn't a morphing potion, but it falls under the same category and has the same effect with the color being mutant. Morphing potions are wonderful potions brewed by Kauvara herself to turn your pet into a Kau of various different colors. Mutant (Transmogrification) is our favorite morphable Kau color.

Approximate price~ Ranging anywhere from the cheapest, Green Kau Morphing Potion which is about 320,000 Neopoints to Plushie Kau Morphing Potion which is about 1,800,000 Neopoints all depending on the color and rarity of the Morphing Potion. 1,400,000 for the Kau Transmogrification Potion.

1) Kau Kau Farm Milk /Chocolate Kau Milk

This one is pretty obvious. It's Milk. A nice healthy drink. Kau milk comes in many different forms but our favorites are the chocolate Kau milk or the plain Kau Kau Farm Milk. But there's Milk for everyone. There is Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk and Kau Kau Farm Organic Bottled Milk. There is even Kau Kau Farm Half And Half for those who like both milk and Cream in their coffee.

If you love milk that much, there are two different whole outfits just for your Kau. The Milkman outfit which comes with the hat, coat, trousers, shoes and even the milk! Then there is also the milk maid outfit that comes with a bandana, blouse, skirt, shoes and a jug.

Approximate price~ 235 Neopoints and 15,000 Neopoints

(note: these prices are as of May 2014; prices may change)

So that's all for our list of favorite Kau items. We hope you have enjoyed! Go and enjoy the Altador Cup, the sunshine, the flowers, or go back to Kaullecting -- get it? Kau collecting! Either way, don't forget the Kaus and please avoid Kau tipping today!

Happy Kau Day!

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