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Do Not Be Fooled By The Cuteness Of The Kadoatie

by laulaukins


Also written by therainbowsheep

It is the general consensus among Neopians that the Kadoatie is one of the cutest and most loved petpet species. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who has not fallen in love with them. But everyone is unaware of the other side of the Kadoatie... the devious side!

For those of you who have only seen one side of the kadoatie, the adorable and perfect petpet side, consider this article a friendly public service announcement of sorts: kadoaties are not as completely innocent as they seem! Sure, they're cute. Many of us have been heartbroken by those wide, sad eyes and small mysterious smiles enough times to feed them hundreds times and counting. But just because a vast majority of Neopia's kadoaties are stuck in cages looking sad and hungry, doesn't make them completely innocent. On the contrary, they can be really frustrating! And don't think I've forgotten about the sassy kadoaties who roam free... they can be equally trying.

Some of you know perfectly well the more evil side to the kadoatie and why everyone must be informed.

But for those of you still set on defending these cuddly creatures, don't worry! The goal is not to make you dislike kadoaties. Continue to adore them all you want but just heed this warning and don't let them take advantage of you! They're clever, tricky little things and as precious as they are, they are equally as evil.

What's that you say? Give you one reason one why kadoaties are frustrating? I'll do you five better. Six completely valid reasons why you should not be fooled by the cuteness of the kadoatie!

1) Their Shockingly Large Appetite

"Pluto is very sad. You should give it: Grey Eggs and Bacon."

Don't pretend like you haven't noticed it: kadoaties have voracious appetites that so far has not been rivaled by any other petpet species. Kads are always hungry, they are the reigning champion of consuming yummies. They want food so often that we players have studied their eating patterns closely enough to develop a feeding system!

But why should we care about their large appetites, you ask? Well these poor little petpets can't feed themselves! And therefore the task is left to us. The bright side is you feel good about yourself for helping a lonely defenseless petpet and you make them very happy. However, the downside is the price. Feeding kadoaties can be expensive! Whether you cave and buy an unbuyable gourmet food from the Trading Post for a particularly snobbish kadoatie or steadily feed kadoaties over time, the truth is undeniable: at the end of the day, the price of feeding kads adds up.

Silly kadoaties! Whether they're intentionally doing it or not, (first option is far more likely) they often succeed in depleting our bank balances. For many of us who just want that shiny pink avatar, this can be mighty aggravating.

2) Their Surprisingly Small Shape

Ever notice that kadoaties defy all logic? For the large amount of food that they consume, it certainly doesn't show! Look at that hungry kad, all curled up and small. We'd never be able to tell that it ate a large serving of strawberry tacos only twenty minutes prior.

Kadoaties eat an unbelievable amount of food, but remain small, dainty, and some even argue perfect. On principle alone, that's frustrating for the rest of us users as well as our neopets and their petpets of other species. None of us are immune to jealousy! We'd all love to eat all day long and still be in shape. Isn't that the dream?

3) Their Loud Tears

After 11pm NST regardless of whether they are hungry or not, kadoaties wail and cry. Of course, it's always sad to see the tears of these darling petpets and it's understandable that they aren't fans of the dark. But think of the people who live in the neighborhood! The homeowners of neohomes located in the vicinity of the Neopian Plaza must truly suffer each night.

Again, while we can all sympathize with being afraid of the dark, after a while the crying can get irritating! No one likes to be woken up from deep sleep and sweet dreams.

4) Their Avaricious Nature

"Something has happened! The incessant mewing of a Mutant Kadoatie drives you completely mad, and you give its owner 5,000 Neopoints to take it away!"

First of all, for those of you who own mutant kadoaties and have pulled this stunt, shame on you! That's not a very nice way to warrant 5,000 neopoints. Go play Kass Basher or something.

We've already discussed a kadoatie's greed when it comes to eating, but I'm sad to report that this avariciousness carries throughout all aspects of their life. This is unfortunately a fairly common random event.

No matter how adorable they are, they have greed in their hearts!

5) Their Misleading Facial Expressions

Kadoaties are gifted actors. Underneath all the cuteness, they're fully aware that they're exploiting your neopoints.

But you'd never be able to guess, because look how adorable! Kadoaties (particularly faerie ones) carry an air of innocence about them that are oh so misleading. These petpets are capable of looking perfectly innocent, devastatingly sad, and woefully hungry.

But what they hide is their attitude! They are also capable of being smug, sassy, and devious. And don't you forget it.

6) Their Price

At the end of the day, kadoaties are still highly coveted... and for many also unattainable because of their high price tag! Currently, the cheapest kadoatie on the market is the birthday kadoatie (found at random in the Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag) which sells for anywhere between two to three million neopoints. On average, a standard kadoatie sell for five million neopoints. A hefty price to pay.

There is something to be said for the best things coming in small packages but it's still hard surrendering five million neopoints for a small petpet who is going to be taxing to care for. Always hungry, always wailing about something or the other... ask yourself: is it worth it?

It's hard and maybe impossible to deny that kadoaties are cute! They are beautiful and charming. Just remember... they are also crafty and underhanded. But do their bad habits outweigh the value of their appearance? That decision is up to you.

So the next time you pass the kadoatery or just stumble upon a kadoatie in your daily wanderings try and remember not to be fooled by the cuteness of the kadoatie! It is their number one weapon and advantage and they will blast you with a look so pitiful and endearing that your heart will melt.

You have been warned.

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