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The Oracle: A Personality Quiz

by flapjackpax


Although the War for the Obelisk plot is still fresh in our minds, the one year anniversary that marked the end of it is rapidly approaching. For many months, we have enjoyed regular Skirmish battles in Tyrannia, making a trip to the battledome a regular activity for many of us Neopians. With six very different teams (or factions) to choose from, the battles ensure we are constantly entertained with new draws, unexpected outcomes, advantageous boons and shiny avatars. However, many of us have been lucky to be on every winning team, collecting all the avatars and trying out every boon. 'What now?' I hear you ask. Perhaps it is time to settle down and become loyal to your favourite faction. 'But how can I pick one? They're all so interesting!' Never fear, young warrior, that's where this quiz comes in! Answer the following questions truthfully and you will find the team you most belong in.

1. Where do you feel most at home in Neopia?

a. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the library in Brightvale.

b. Training in combat and strength in Tyrannia's battleground.

c. Lurking and plotting in the shadowy corners of Altador.

d. Teleporting between Meridell castle and Darigan Citadel.

e. Playing retired games in the Haunted Wood's Game Graveyard.

f. Remaining out of sight and out of mind in your own secret location.

2. How do you Prepare for Battle?

a. Read many books on weaponry, fighting and philosophy of war.

b. Spend years training in physical strength, learning how to use weapons with precision.

c. Steal your opponent's weapons in advance, giving you the advantage.

d. Concoct the most lethal potions known to Neopians, using powders and cauldrons.

e. Get lots of rest and eat cake.

f. Perform elaborate rituals to increase your chances of winning.

3. What are your preferred weapons and methods of fighting?

a. Using robots and chemicals – keeping a great distance from your opponent.

b. Axes, flails and your own fists – crushing your opponent with force.

c. Daggers – sneaking up on your opponent from behind.

d. Wands, staffs and potions – using spells to stop your opponent in their tracks.

e. Using your beady eyes to stare down your opponent and scare them away.

f. Amulets – hypnotising your opponent and weakening their defences.

4. What attire would you most likely be seen sporting on the battleground?

a. A smart, clean suit, complete with a waistcoat, white gloves, tie, pocket watch and glasses.

b. Heavy metal armour and a sturdy helmet.

c. A dark purple cloak with a hood that conceals your face.

d. A pointed hat and shiny robes.

e. Tattered, ripped and rotting clothing or wrapped from head to toe in bandages.

f. Anything black, and shiny jewellery.

5. What is your biggest strength?

a. Superior intellectual ability and an enormous thirst for knowledge.

b. Physical strength and a fearful appearance.

c. The ability to pickpocket anything off another Neopian and remaining undetected.

d. A fear of ultimate power, meaning you won't follow a path of self-destruction.

e. Immortality and patience.

f. Using a private code to communicate with other members of your team.

6. What is your biggest weakness?

a. Lack of actual experience and survival instincts.

b. Underestimating the abilities of smaller and physically weaker opponents.

c. Taking big risks, sometimes biting off more than you can chew.

d. Relying on magical forces and spells rather than your own initiative.

e. Despite being scary and powerful, you don't have a brain.

f. You cannot keep a Meepit as a petpet as they are afraid of you.

7. What are you most misunderstood for?

a. That you will not share your knowledge and skills with others when you are really more than happy to.

b. That you appear mean and cruel when you are actually quite nice and humorous.

c. That you can be trusted, when you are truly a backstabber and selfish at heart.

d. That you are uninterested in non-magic folk when you are actually fascinated by them (as long as they don't bite!)

e. Because you are undead, you don't enjoy a party when you truly love to celebrate and eat cake.

f. People don't even know you exist, so they cannot misunderstand you.

8. What glittering prizes do you believe lie in the Obelisk?

a. New scientific discoveries waiting to be made.

b. The most powerful weapons known to Neopians.

c. Gold... and lots of it!

d. The strongest force of magic in all of Neopia.

e. Brain-flavoured candy floss.... Yum.

f. You don't care, as long as it is yours and yours only.

9. If you were a neopet, which colour would you most want to be painted?

a. Royal – you like to look shiny and rich.

b. Mutant – you don't care about your appearance as long as you are big and scary.

c. Stealth – you like to conceal yourself and remain hidden from others.

d. Invisible – you want the magical power of invisibility.

e. Zombie – you like to appear undead and immortal.

f. Shadow – you like dark colours that conceal you at night.

10. What deadly deed are you most guilty of?

a. Apathy – a Lack of feeling, emotion and empathy for other Neopians.

b. Wrath – A raging temper you are unable to control

c. Greed – Refusing to share any of your winnings and good fortune with others.

d. Envy – Unable to be happy for other Neopians and feelings of jealousy.

e. Sloth – Lazing around all day and not seizing the moment.

f. Pride – Unnecessarily showing off your achievements in front of others.

If you answered...

Mostly A: You are a Seeker! Seems like you love to learn new things and explore undiscovered lands. If the contents of the Obelisk were yours, you would use them for research and not for your own personal gain. However, you have to remember that sometimes, it is best to get your head of the books and put your knowledge to practice!

Mostly B: The Brute Squad want you! You have great physical strength and skill in battle meaning most Neopians fear the sight of you. You believe the Obelisk holds the strongest weapons in all of Neopia and no one will stand a chance against you in the battledome! A word of caution, if you still want to have friends, you could smile every once in awhile.

Mostly C: You have been stolen by the Thieves Guild! Most importantly, you know exactly what you want; that's great! You acquire everything by your cunning abilities to pickpocket and steal. You are confident that gold and many valuable treasures lie in the Obelisk. Challenges and risky situations are what you most thrive off. But be careful, despite your desires you have to know when to recognise danger and walk away!

Mostly D: You are spellbound to the Order of the Red Erisim! You are lucky to be a part of the elite group of mages and wizards of Neopia. Your magical skills and potion-making abilities are among the best in all the land. Learning what's inside the Obelisk means you will be able to progress your magical abilities even further. You know your limits and are cautious of divine and ultimate power – just be careful not to get carried away or it may be the last thing you ever do!

Mostly E: You have Awakened! You are content to lie around all day buried underground and have great patience. When boredom eventually creeps in, you want nothing more than an exciting party with lots of cake and candy. Valuable items from the Obelisk do not interest you, you just want to have a good time! The downside is, you don't have a brain.... that kind sucks, doesn't it?

Mostly F: You belong in the Sway! Being hidden and unknown to the rest of Neopia is your biggest desire. You wish to learn the art of hypnosis and rituals in order to get what you want. You think black is the new pink and never wear bright colours. What lies in the Obelisk is not entirely important to you; however you know that it must be brought within your grasp. Just try not to be too proud of your elite status, otherwise the Meepits will forever fear the sight of you!

There you have it, fellow battlers! If you have been undecided thus far as to where your loyalty lies, hopefully this quiz has aided your decision. And if not, it was still pretty fun, right?

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