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Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

by trubiekatie


Neopians everywhere enjoy the different climates of each area: the permanent winter of Terror Mountain; the hot summer of the Lost Desert and the all-year weather of Neopia Central. Here, in the heart of all the lands, Neopians experience each of the four seasons. Now that the winter has long since passed, Neopia Central is finally seeing spring. As the seasons change in Neopia, we've come to the point where the flowers are blooming and spring is quite literally in the air! Although the grass and flowers are back, it also means a lot of rain.

Rain is what spurs the spring growth, but it also gets you soaking wet! It's a bit hard to travel around when it's raining hard and the ground is slippery. Some people hate the rain, while others absolutely love it. Whether you hate it or not, I'm showing the 10 best Neocash (NC) items to highlight or shield the rain this spring.

1. Rainy Day Cloud

Description: Be sure your Neopet isn't holding something metal if it is going to wear this trinket.

Comments: This adorable little cloud is here to rain on your parade! Actually, it doesn't just rain - it thunders! If you're not scared of a little thunder and lightning, this may be one of the better options for you, compared to some other alternatives listed later. It provides more of the full-fledged storm, versus just rain. The trinket is quite small, which won't take away from the rest of your outfit!

2. Spring Flower Rain Slicker

Description: If you have to wear a slicker to stay dry it might as well be cute!

Comments: This is one of the cutest and most vibrant rain coats your pet could wear! It is so fun that it will make any walk in torrential downpour fun! It has some spring elements to it, with the flowers and covers your pet from head to toe. It will protect their hair and outfit without the need for an umbrella. You'll be the talk of the town wearing this in the rain!

3. Teal-Coloured Satin Rain Coat

Description: This brilliant coat will be a bright spot on a rainy day.

Comments: Another very pretty rain coat for any Neopet to wear. I prefer the Slicker more because it's much brighter, but this teal coloured coat can be used for male Neopets as well. It doesn't offer the same protection, but its waterproof material is sure to keep that cold rain off! The satin material is delicate and quite comfortable, unlike traditional rain coats.

4. MME2-S1: Mystical Rain Shower

Description: And the stars danced in the rain.

Comments: Sometimes, you just want it to rain. Why not have your own rain that glows to the point it looks like a Faerie-cursed magical rain shower? Despite its steep price point, this is a great universal foreground any pet can wear. It's sure to give that bit of rain and that extra bonus of mysteriousness. This item sure does make rain look pretty!

5. MiniMME9-S2: Rainy Spring Porch Background

Description: It's fun to sit out on the porch during a nice spring shower!

Comments: This background is the perfect gateway to someone who enjoys being around rain, but not actually in it. Why bother walking through those pesky droplets when you can stay in the comfort of your own porch? You can watch the rain, get some fresh air and not have to worry about being soaked to the bone. You can beat nature by taking some rest and seeking shelter from the rain.

6. MiniMME9-S2: Spring Rain Jacket

Description: Flowers and spring go hand in hand!

Comments: This is one of the cutest jackets for the spring rain! Not only are you protected from the wet, you also dress your pet like a flower! The green and red colours suit the spring theme quite nicely and the jacket does wonders to actually protect from the rain. This jacket really differs from the others in this guide because it is much more fashionable, given that it actually makes your pet into a plant.

7. Ona Rain Umbrella

Description: The Ona protection you'll need on a rainy day!

Comments: When you don't feel like wearing a rain coat, having this umbrella handy can be a life saver when you're hit by a random rain shower. It's very girly and super stylish, so getting caught in the rain will be a breeze with this umbrella. It does not guarantee protection like a jacket, but this does the trick when you're unprepared.

8. Rain Puddle Foreground

Description: Oh.... this looks like a good puddle to jump in....

Comments: The best part of any good rain is the potential puddle jumping after. After waiting out the storm, dress your pet like they're ready to make a big splash. This foreground is perfect for puddle jumping and all the fun it entails. I would recommend, however, that you wear some rain boots first!

9. Rain on a Window Foreground

Description: Rainy days can be fun too, especially if you like splashing in puddles!

Comments: none!

10. Rainboots and Tights

Description: One keeps out the rain and the other... doesn't really.

Comments: A jacket or an umbrella really won't protect your poor feet without these guys! The shiny gold of these boots is the reflector to the pesky rain and key to keeping your feet warm and dry. While the tights provide no protection, combined with a jacket or umbrella, your pet will weather the storm with ease!

Hopefully now you have some ideas on how to customize in this spring weather - especially when it's not the best weather! Rain can be fun for puddle jumping or crazy thunder storms, but it makes walkways slippery and everything sopping wet. Whether you hate those water droplets or not, there's bound to be a customization that fits you!

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