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The Top 10 Best Darigan Toys

by nightshadeswiftswing


Are you the proud new owner of a Darigan pet, but they reject every toy you give them and you don't know what to do? Or are you a longtime Citadel resident who has gotten bored with all your old toys? Good news, everybody! Darigan Toys has the solution. Darigan Toys is a locally run and operated shop that keeps the neopoints running in the Citadel while creating the perfect toys for your little monsters. But if you make a quick trip to the shop you'll soon find yourself utterly overwhelmed with over one hundred unique toys to choose from. Which toys are the best you wonder? Will my pet like them or just throw them away like the others? Well, worry no more, because I've compiled a list for you of the top ten best Darigan Toys that are sure to amaze and delight!

10. Darigan Jump Rope

Are your parents complaining you don't get out and exercise enough? Darigan Toys has the perfect solution. With this fun toy, you and all of your neofriends can play at once. It's a great quick way to get in shape and sharpen your growing battle reflexes. Not good at jumping? Good news! You're about to become best friends with the Healing Springs Faerie with this toy, guaranteed.

9. Spare Parts Plushie

Argh, what is that? Why, it's the most economically friendly plushie you'll find in all of Neopia! That's right, the fine toymakers at the Darigan Citadel have taken scraps and mistakes from other toymakers that were just going to be thrown into the rubbish dump and made new and (questionably) adorable plushies for the neopets who are the most concerned about the environment.

8. Spring Kass In A Box

Here's a toy that's seemingly innocent but has a great purpose for the devious pet that will keep them amused for days. Have you got an annoying sibling that won't stay out of your room? Give them this and convince them that it's a harmless jack-in-the-box and watch them turn the handle, then POP - they'll be terrorized for life!

7. Darigan Hissi Collectable Figurine

Have you always wondered what Layton Vickles looked like before he became a star Yooyuball player? With this highly detailed figurine you can! The toymakers have meticulously crafted this ultra-realistic figurine to be the striking image of a dutiful Darigan Hissi which you can pretend is the captain himself! Warning, this figurine has sharp points on it and is not meant to be played with - you'll poke an eye out!

6. Darigan Carmariller Plushie

Are you one of those pets that has been painted Darigan by your owner, but on the inside you're really a bows and frills faerie pet that's afraid of being teased by the other Darigan citizens? Then this toy is for you! This plushie is filled to the brim with adorableness that a pet of any paint color can enjoy, and yet it still has that Darigan charm to keep the other citadel residents from teasing you.

5. Vinyl Howling Darigan Lupe Toy

While we're on the subject of adorable toys, check out this vinyl figure! This Darigan Lupe has been molded into the classical "howling at the moon" pose for a touch of creepy, but when you squeeze its tummy it makes the cutest little squeaky noise you've ever heard. Best of all, this soft vinyl toy is durable enough to withstand playtime with your brute of a Grarrl or Skeith (provided they don't eat it)!

4. Fake Kass Charm

Have you always wanted to pretend to be a ruler and run around spreading propaganda leading to a completely unnecessary war against another land and blame it on being possessed by evil spirits through a magical artifact? Well now you can! Just remember, this is a toy. Darigan Toys is not responsible for you getting thrown off the citadel when everyone figures out your charm is not the real thing.

3. Darigan Sock Puppet

Have you ever wanted to be the leader of the Darigan Citadel? Well, too bad, you can't. So this is the next best thing! This sock puppet is an accurate representation of the great citadel himself (accurately adorable). Now you can use it to boss around your friends and act out wars when you find your most precious belongings have been stolen. You can even use it to attempt to trick Master Vex into thinking you are in fact Lord Darigan and you must have the cellblock avatar immediately (Darigan Toys is not responsible for when he throws you in a cell, locks the door, and takes your toy away)!

2. Battle 4 Meridell Game

Are you one of the newer Neopians who have heard of the fabled Meridell vs. Darigan wars and eagerly await the next battle between the two (Shame on you! We are all about peace now)? Well, wait no longer, this toy is for you! With this toy you can dramatically re-enact the legendary battle between the magnificent Lord Darigan and that lous.... ahem, King Skarl. (Sorry, plot prizes are not included.)

1. Wind Up Lord Darigan

What Darigan pet wouldn't want a toy of their greatest ruler ever? None that's who (sorry Kass followers, you don't count)! That's why this wonderful wind-up toy tops off the list at number one of the best Darigan toys. This toy has been made to look just like the fearless ruler and when you wind him up he'll chase after all your other toys! What could be better than that?

Well, that wraps up the list, folks. While there are over one hundred toys, these ten are the best of the best. The perfect play toys for your precious yet peculiar pets. With these toys your pets can grow into citizens Lord Darigan himself would be proud of! So what are you waiting for? If you have a Darigan pet, you better head on over now!

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