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Dressing the Part – Fashion Through the Ages

by katiecoo802


As any fashion-forward Neopian can tell you, keeping up to date with new style trends can be exhausting. As a constantly evolving medium, fashion is not only constantly creating innovative modes of self-expression, but has also brought us some of the most iconic eras in history. That's why in this edition of Dressing the Part, I'm here with looks from some of fashion's most iconic ages to help inspire your customizations. Time to turn back the clock for outfits that rock! (...I'll see myself out).

Look 1: Fabulous Flapper

Items Pictured: NC–Classic Beauty Mark, Feathered Sterling Silver Wig, Captivating Balloon Garland, Silver and Gold Balloon Confetti Shower, Golden Boa, Shimmery Glamour Dress, Backstage Ballroom Background, MME12-S4b: Orchestra Pit Foreground, Vintage Gold Earrings NP–Fancy Ball Mask (2,300 NP*), Black Eye Shadow (5,000 NP).

Finally, a use for (at least one of) the fifty-some Classic Beauty Marks clogging your Safety Deposit Box. Our first look is inspired by the jazz age and its fearless, fiery flappers. Long strings of beads, fringed dresses, and feathers are staples of this look. Though several pets have species-specific flapper wearables, this is also a look you can easily create with the general wearables at your disposal. Shimmery Glamour Dress and Elegant Feather Dress are both great choices for female pets, and males can get in on the party with snazzy items like Black and White Wingtip Shoes and Striped Neovian Trousers. Metallics are a must for any aspiring flapper, but don't overwhelm your ensemble with too many bright colors; pick one or two rich base colors and keep them toned down and classy with neutral shades. Want to go truly vintage? Opt for an entirely black and white look with great items like News Reel Background or prizes from the Shenanigifts Black and White Party. Throw on your lucky Jazzmosis Hat (350 NP) and prepare to Charleston the night away!

Look 2: Free Spirited Flower Child

Items Pictured: NC–Tiny Glasses, Fabric Yo-Yo Necklace, Flowery Forest Background, Blue Roll-Up Trousers, Peaceful Watermill, Suave and Stylish Wig, Colourful Glass Mushroom Foreground, Jewelled Gypsy Sandals, Magical Tambourine, Floral Peplum Tunic NP–Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree (120 NP).

Is your pet one with nature? Would they rather groove to a tambourine than a trombone? If so, the flower child look might be right for you. There are hundreds of spring and nature-themed wearables, but for this look, try to choose a background and garlands that reflect the greens and browns of the great outdoors. Both male and female pets can employ floral-patterned clothing in this outfit, but try to steer clear of garments that feature busy prints or tons of sparkles. Instead, stick with items that look organic or homemade, like Dream Catcher Wings and Floral Bandana Braided Wig. Gypsy items and many of the prizes from Delina's Crafting Faerie Quests work especially well in creating this outfit, and many of the wearables from the Garden Wonderclaw Machine lend themselves nicely to this ensemble too. Your pet is a free spirit, so try to avoid cluttering your ensemble with ostentatious wigs or accessories, and keep it simple with trinkets as well; a musical instrument or a single flower like Pretty Little Daisy will suffice for a handheld item. Far out, man.

Look 3: Sock Hop Sweetheart

Items Pictured: NC–Dripping Ice Cream Cone, Smart School Girl Wig, Nutcracker Face Paint, Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights, Wonderland Gloves, Valentine Cafe Background, Classic Wooden Radio Player, MME12-S2b: Musical Notes Garland, MME12-S3: Musical Notes Dress, Teachers Kougra Eye Glasses NP–Candy Heart Necklace (60,000 NP).

Get ready to twist and shout with this classic sockhop look! Start your outfit off with pedal pushers or a full skirt like Twirly Dancing Skirt, which features adorable Gelert embroidery in true sockhop-era style. Checkered Floor will help set the scene for your ensemble, or you can use a background that already has a checkered floor, such as Cocoa Shop Background or Valentine Cafe Background, as seen above. Any wig you might use should be neat and tidy, like Lace Headband Wig or Weltrude Wig (12,000 NP), but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! If your pet is a greaser at heart, Pompadour Wig is that perfect combination of slick and stylish for male pets. You can also try a classic cut wig in a cheerful candy color, like Bright Pink Bob Wig, if your sockhopper needs a little bit of extra sass. As an added bonus, a sockhop look is particularly great for spring, and can be made even more season-specific with items like Pretty Wicker Negg Basket (3,400 NP) or Lucky Shamrock Lollypop. Add a sweet accessory like Sugar Cookie Wings (16,000 NP) and you'll be looking awfully swell!

Look 4: Funkadelic Disco Dancer

Items Pictured: NC–Disco Ball Staff, Neopet Shop Mustache, Disco Floor Tiles, Red Bell-bottom Trousers, Altador Team Crazy Wig, My Super Valentine Boots and Tights, Fancy Collared Shirt, Daily Dare NC Challenge Y13 Gold Medal, Altador Cup Sunglasses, Flower and Wire Garland, VIN Velvet Ropes, Shimmering Snow Cone Garland, Flower Mazzew Handheld Plushie, Floral Pattern Wings NP–Sky Full of Stars (700,000 NP).

If your pet has a dance fever that can't be contained, a disco-inspired look may be right for you. Plenty of Disco pets come with their own wearables and accessories, but if your pet doesn't have a Disco paint job, there are still plenty of wearables that will help bring your pet down to funky town. Start with either a headband or poufy wig (any of the Team Crazy Wigs from last year's Altador Cup will do nicely), and then choose a shiny gold medallion or necklace like Gold Neopets Star Chain Necklace (300,000 NP). More is more with this look, so don't be afraid to over-accessorize; colored sunglasses, a flashy belt, and shimmery clothing will all look at home on your disco dancer. There is no background that specifically references the disco era, so instead pick something simple and use garlands and foregrounds to swank-ify it. Both Disco Ball String Lights and Groovy Disco Ball create the perfect atmosphere in which to boogie down, or if you'd like something slightly more subtle try the soft red glow of Yooyuball Lava Lamp.

Want even more ideas for chic historical looks? Look through the exclusive prizes from either the History Capsule Adventure or Twisted History Capsule Adventure featured in the NC Mall. All the limited edition items from these two events reference specific times from Neopia's past, or in the case of the latter, things that might have been. I hope this article has been helpful, and as always, stay stylish!

*Please note that all Neopoint prices are approximate and reflect Shop Wizard prices at the time of writing.

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