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The Friendly Villain

by iloveben14


Most of us know villains as evil and being cast away from every one. Have you ever heard of a villain wanting to make friends? A good, pure and happy friend? No? Well, Yotsuko here may open your eyes. Not only is she an evil villain, but she made a friend along the way and may not be as evil as you think.

     Out in the distance, near the Virtupets Station, lives Yotsuko the Darigan Aisha! Not too long ago, Yotsuko actually lived in the Virtupets Station with many other evil villains. Yes, you guessed it, Dr. Sloth! However, after betraying Dr. Sloth's trust, she was cast out into space to live alone. It seemed that Yotsuko was just too evil to belong anywhere. A life of plotting, scheming and rule making is the life for Yotsuko. She knew that she can't have it any other way. Being an evil villain is what she lives for!

     "Ahh. Life is so lonely here all by myself. If only I had a friend who I could plot my evil plans with!" Yotsuko said loudly to herself. She paused. After a few minutes of deliberation, she realized that every villain she has been friends with has never worked out! There was always a battle for being the best villain and making the best evil plans. Yotsuko knew befriending another villain would just end terribly.

     "I see... yes, it's all clear to me now! I need a GOOD friend! But how..? What good Neopet would befriend an evil villain like myself?!" Yotsuko said in desperation. She knew she had to make a friend, or her life would be lonely forever! She decided to travel to Faerieland, which was a risky trip! However, it had to be done.

     It was a dark and stormy day in Faerieland. Most Neopets were inside reading, laughing and singing songs of sunshine! Yotsuko walked to the gates and was greeted by Fyora.

     "Hello, Yotsuko. I've been waiting for you," Fyora said boldly. Yotsuko looked puzzled.

     "How did you know I was coming?" Yotsuko said strongly.

     "Why, I knew all along. Deep down you have a good heart! I knew one day you would come and make mends by trying to find a friend to keep you company." Fyora smiled sweetly.

     It was then, that Yotsuko realized she had come to the right place. Yotsuko quickly scurried to a nearby hollow tree that she remembered coming to as a child. It was there, she saw a Baby Aisha sitting under the tree.

     "Oh, HELLO!" the Baby Aisha yelled with joy! "I'm Aishanibelle, who are you?!" She smiled gently. Yotsuko introduced herself and the two sat for hours chatting and playing games. Yotsuko hadn't had so much fun since she was a child! The last time she had interacted nicely with another Neopet was when she was about three years old. She had a quick flashback of that moment, little of what she could remember. The moment felt like a dream and brought tears to her eyes. This Aisha, who looked weak and innocent, opened up her heart to Yotsuko without judgement or hesitation. That alone was enough to make Yotsuko cry with joy.

     Aishanibelle took Yotsuko to the library, poogle races and different shops! Yotsuko felt like she was on an adventure! The bright lights, the faeries dancing in sight, and shortly after, the sunlight came out! The sun shined down so brightly onto Yotsuko's face, that it glistened in the rays. Yotsuko had never felt so alive. Now that it was lively and gorgeous outside, the two decided to go on a hike and take the long way to their destination.

     On the hike to "top secret" place that Aishanibelle wouldn't let up on, they came across a few of Aishanibelle's friends.

     "Hey, Aishanibelle! Who's your cool friend?!" a friendly Aisha said sweetly.

     "Guys, this is Yotsuko, my new friend! She's one of the nicest Neopets I've ever met!" Aishanibelle cried with joy!

     For the first time in Yotsuko's life, she blushed with delight.

     "Nice to meet you all!" Yotsuko said cheerfully.

     The group got to know each other and Yotsuko began to notice little by little, how being nice felt so much better. Within just a few hours she had already made such a great friend and met so many acquaintances! Maybe Yotsuko could become good and never plot, scheme, or steal again. After about an hour or so, the two took off again on their hike!

     "Well, this is it!" Aishanibelle said in amazement. They were both looking up at the Hidden Tower.

     "Are you sure we should go in?" Yotsuko said in dismay. Aishanibelle took her hand and skipped happily into the Hidden Tower! Yotsuko was afraid that her mind would start racing and she would want to take every item in sight! She knew this would be a bad experience.

     In her amazement, it was quite the opposite! Such amazing items, such beauty, such class! She wanted nothing more than to save up Neopoints and buy the items herself. She couldn't believe her eyes. Was she changing this quickly? Could a good friend have actually opened her mind and make her see the pure things in Neopia?

     "I wish I could buy you this..." Aishanibelle said sadly. She pointed at the Royal Paint Brush. Yotsuko looked puzzled. "I think you're as awesome as Royalty!" she said sweetly.

      "So... you're not afraid of me?" Yotsuko said with a hint of sadness.

     "Of course not!" Aishanibelle said proudly. "I could never be scared of someone as nice as you!"

     These were the most amazing words Yotsuko had ever heard! Was there more to life than being evil? Could being good actually be a fun thing? She knew she always wanted to be friends with Aishanibelle. Would Aishanibelle still accept her if she decided to still be an evil villain? Was it worth losing her friendship and taking that risk? No. Absolutely not! Yotsuko thought long, and hard and came to a conclusion.

     "Aishanibelle, from this day forward, I will live in Faerieland here with you and be your very best friend! I will no longer be an evil villain. You have shown me that being good is an amazing feeling! I've never been so happy in my life. I can't believe someone brought out the greatness within me!" Yotsuko said happily.

     Aishanibelle froze with delight. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Yotsuko had changed her ways and it was all because of her! She had never felt so important and helpful before in her life. In the midsts of it all she made a best friend out of it too. Everyone learned something amazing that day. The power of friendship and the happiness of being a hero instead of a villain.

     "I'm glad I could help you change your mind, Yotsuko," she said with glee.

     The two of them danced, sang and cheered with delight! They ran back to the hollow tree to continue the best day ever. This spot would be their spot for many years to come. From that day forward, Yotsuko and Aishanibelle were the best of friends and Yotsuko became one of the nicest Neopets of all of Neopia!

The End

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