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The Oracle Games: A Fashion Guide

by jrayeb3


Notice: All prices are subject to change, and NC items might be re-released.

While the Oracle Games are raging, one thought is burning in the back of my mind:

What am I going to wear?!

Fortunately, I've put together this handy guide, perfect for both those participating and those enjoying the show in the stands. Now you don't have to worry about anything! Other than surviving, of course.


The stars of the show, the contestants have to make an impression. I mean, come on, no ones going to remember the kid that was in a potato sack! Weapons also have to be durable.

1. Woodland Archer Bow

A simple, wooden bow. Equipment is essential to winning the Oracle Games, where you'll be fighting other contestants to see who is the best. The Woodland Archer Bow is perfect for those who don't want to look too fancy, but still leave an impression. (And a mark if it you get hit!) For only 125 NC, you have quite a bargain!

2. Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver

Why have a bow with no arrows? The Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver provides style, with a shiny gold lining and stunning red, white, and blue arrows, and quantity, with WAAAY more arrows than the regular Ultimate Bullseye II quiver. Plus, you won't have to spend any NC on this Neopoint wearable! This item is currently selling for 700,000 Neopoints, though, so you had better start saving up!

3. Flame Sword

In my opinion, there is no better sword for the competition than the Flame Sword. With the power of 1,000 Fire Motes, that each do up to three icons of damage and two of defense, you do the math. This sword can do up to three thousand icons of damage and two thousand of defense to your opponents! Sadly, the Flame Sword is retired from the NC Mall, so you will have to trade for it. A little harder to get, but definitely worth it!

4. Yooyuball Shoulder Armour

If you have ever played Yooyuball, you will know that a flying Fire Yooyu has just as much power as a sword or arrow. Fear not; the multi-species Neopoint wearable Yooyuball Shoulder Armour is here to protect you! At 200,000 Neopoints, earning these will take a little while, but you will be surprised! Nothing can get past the thick metal plates!

5. Gleaming Quad-Blade Sword

What's bright, blue-ish, and pointy on both sides, with blades longer than an Eyrie's beak? The Gleaming Quad Blade Sword, that's what! Straight from the Portal Activation Center, this item is rewarded for lighting up a Filament Lamp. The best part is, it's still available to the public! Go out and get this high tech weapon while you can!

6. Shirasaya Sword

If you have ever taken a class at the Mystery Island Training School, you'll know what to do with this! This type of sword is used by ninjas, and is SUPER deadly when put into the right hands. It is also really simple to use. This item was given away to those who joined Team Ninja during the 2012 Games Master Challenge, so it is pretty cheap!


There would be no Oracle Games without you, the fans. I mean, think about it: No one could enjoy them! From high up on the bleachers, you watch, like a Horus stalking its prey. You keep up on the latest info, and sponsor the contestants you support. You are vital for the Oracle Game's success. It is important for you to show off your wealth at the Games.

1. Altador Cup Binoculars Staff

Okay, you have a point: It isn't the Altador Cup. It's bigger! But the truth is, you will need some binoculars to see the competitors. And the Altador Cup Binoculars Staff does just that! This item was rewarded for visiting the Celebrity Box in 2012, so it isn't available anymore, but I'm sure you can find one and trade for it!

2. Golden Goblet

Show off your refined taste and high status by drinking out of a Golden Goblet! Far more than your average cup, the Golden Goblet is lined with gems and beautifully gilded. Any drink, like water, Krawkade, or even milk is kept hot or cold. Perfect for sipping on the bleachers! This item is currently selling for about 4,000 Neopoints.

3. Vintage Altador Cup Jerseys

Although this is another item with "Altador Cup" in its name, it still applies to the Oracle Games. Simply wear the jersey for the land your favorite competitor is from! The jerseys come in Darigan, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Kreludor, Lost Desert, Roo Island, and Virtupets and vary in price from 2,500 Neopoints to 28,000 Neopoints.

4. Sleepy Neopet Blanket

Everyone knows that a single breeze can mean the difference between super hot and super cold. If things start leaning toward the cold side, try the Sleepy Neopet Blanket! It has a pretty green and pink pattern, and will keep you nice and warm. Do to its mass release from the Advent Calendar, it shouldn't cost you more than 1,000 Neopoints.

5. Conductors Tuxedo

At some point, the Oracle Games go from barbarian sporting tournament, to party of the socially elite. And when that turn comes, be ready with the Conductors Tuxedo. Unlike other Neocash items, this item is a full set, with a shirt, jacket, trousers and shoes. This is another item that is no longer available from the NC Mall, so you had better start hunting for one!

6. Jazzmosis Glasses

Just like with the Sleepy Neopet Blanket, you have to be prepared for any change in the weather. With the Jazzmosis Glasses, your eyes will be protected from any harsh sun rays. They protect just as well as the Neocash sunglasses, with out actually being from the NC Mall! At only about 3,800 Neopoints, they barely make a dent in your pocket book!

So there you have it, your style guide to the Oracle Games. Remember, show off status, sponsor the contestants you support, and survive!

Thanks to Jellyneo for an awesome Item Database and average pricing for almost every item.

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