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Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up On Grey Day

by laulaukins


Co-written by venused

Grey Day can leave you feeling gloomy, but no one wants to walk around with a frown all day! Wanting to perk your Neopet up on Grey Day? Try some of these suggestions to keep their spirits up high:

Play with a Toy

What pet doesn't enjoy playing with a good plushie here and there? Every pet has a favourite toy stowed away deep within the depths of their owner's safety deposit box. Bringing out your pet's beloved toys is certain to boost their mood on even the most grey of days. If your pet is toyless, stop by the Toy Shop in Neopia Central to stock up! An outing to the store to pick up something new is even better than playing with an old favourite! Need help selecting a cheerful toy? Start with a Cheery Blossom! If plants aren't your pets' style, consider tracking down a Cheery Kiko Balloon. If all else fails, find a Happiness Negg Plushie. Not a pet in all of Neopia can resist the charm of this happy stuffed toy.

Take the Tiki Tour

When your Neopet is feeling awfully grey there's nothing better to brighten his or her spirits than a day spent with the fun loving coco JubJubs that run the Tiki Tour! These excitable little JubJubs will lead your pet on an adventure deep in the heart of the Mystery Island rainforest. Your pet will experience natives in grass hula skirts, admire the lovely view of ancient Techo Mountain and, of course, laze about on Mystery Island's famous beaches!

Play Meepit Juice Break

As I'm sure you're aware, playing a game when you're feeling grey is a surefire way to boost your pet's mood. An ordinary game is certain to cheer a Neopet's spirits right away. But, Meepit Juice Break is no ordinary game! The upbeat soundtrack accompanying Meepit Juice Break is unmatched when it comes to turning frowns upside-down. A few minutes listening to the cheerful twangs of Meepit Juice Break's soundtrack and your pet is certain to be bopping and dancing along to each note.

Get All Dressed Up

Customization is a fun activity for any pet. Even if you don't plan to go anywhere special this Grey Day, getting dressed up all fancy is a perfect way to improve your Neopet's mood. Make sure to try on some of Neopia's most cheerful wearables. The bright sunshiny colours of an Altador Sun Background will have your Neopet smiling wide. The affordable price of one of these lovely backgrounds will have you smiling, too. If your pet doesn't appreciate a good background, perhaps a Sun Handheld Plushie is just the thing to raise their spirits. What could be better than carrying around a plushie version of Neopia's happy sun?

Eat a Happy Negg

Have you ever met a Neopet that doesn't enjoy the taste of a scrumptious negg? Of course you haven't, because they don't exist! Neopets love these delicious Neopian delicacies. Treat your Neopet this Grey Day and buy him or her a Happy Negg. For only 4 negg tokens, you'll provide your Neopet with fond memories and a delicious meal. If you're feeling in the mood to splurge, consider upgrading to a pricier Smiley Negg. This yummy treat bears a striking grin that's quite contagious.

Visit the Roo Island Merry Go Round

This hidden gem is tucked away on Roo Island. Look at all the colours! All the uni ride choices! The music! What a happy, happy place! Who doesn't love a quick ride on an old fashioned carousel? For a mere 50 neopoints a ride, your pet will be smiling for hours and begging you for another go around.

Spin the Wheel of Excitement

High up in the clouds of Faerieland, this wheel is so exciting it's even named the Wheel of EXCITEMENT! When the rest of Neopia is looking rather grey, step on up and try your luck at this wheel to put a smile back on your beloved Neopet's face! For just 500 NP a spin, you could make your pet's day by winning an ability upgrade or even the 20,000 NP jackpot and an avatar! With all the spinning colours, your Neopet is sure to forget how gloomy they feel on Grey Day!

Visit Kelp

A happy Neopet is a full Neopet. Don't let that stomach grumble any longer. A stop at Kelp is a surefire way to make sure your pet has had their fill! Your pet is sure to be happy that they scored a table at the most elite restaurant in all of Neopia! Feeling exceptionally gloomy on Grey Day? Be sure to choose one item from each course! Start off with a cocktail and appetizer and follow it with a main course. Finish off with a dessert – we hear the Coral Cake is to die for!

Read a Book

Curl up and spend a little quality time with your Neopet who is feeling a little down. Read a book! Not only will it strengthen your bond with your Neopet, but your pet will also learn a thing or two and pick up some intelligence points! Everyone wins! Some specific suggestions for Grey Day? Keep it a light read with Happy Happy Peanuts, Happy Wocky Tails or Happy Memories.

Decorate Your Neohome

It may be grey outside on Grey Day, but that doesn't mean it needs to be dark and gloomy in your neohome as well. Brighten things up with some bright new wall paper or a new accent piece. Keeping the colours bright is bound to keep your pet's spirits up. Plant some new flowers in the garden for a pick-me-up. Plant some Colour Lillies, Cheery Plants or some Faerie Yooyu Flowers for a pop of colour. With a bright garden and bright new walls, your neopet is sure to be in a better mood by the end of the day!

So there you have it! Hope your pet is feeling a little less grey this Grey Day! Don't forget to keep these ideas in mind year round to ensure your pet wears a permanent smile!

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