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The Name Game

by animalgalclaire


Neopia is a growing world, and it seems like there are just no more names for our Neopets. Whether we create them or adopt them from the Pound, Neopets with attractive names are now considered a rarity, even a prize. Some owners even judge Neopets by their names, as cold-hearted as that might sound at first. So what do you do when faced with a beautiful new Neopet with a not-so-beautiful name? Or perhaps you've been dying to adopt a Cybunny this Cybunny Carnival, but you are staring at the name bar, your fingers frozen on the keyboard, trying to come up with a name that isn't just a string of numbers or letters. It's all a part of the Name Game, which has wound itself into our world and shaped our society. But playing the Name Game can either be a pressuring duty or exactly that; a game. Depends on how you look at it. So, without further ado, let's discuss the various aspects of Neopia's ever-changing Name Game, and how to approach it.

The "Three Names" game:

Almost everyone these days has three names; a first name (usually the one they go by), a middle name (sometimes also used in some families) and a last name. Your Neopet doesn't have to be an exception. Let's say you really want to name your new Neopet Daniel, only to discover that someone else has snatched up Daniel for their own. But how many people are there who would name their pet DanielRogerSwiftpaw? Or DanielHarveyMarbleton? Probably not anyone else! There's a virtually endless combination of names and last names, and just because someone else has claimed Daniel, you don't have to stop with that. Just remember: your Neopet's last name should be completely made up. NEVER give out sensitive information, such as your last name or a friend's last name on a public website. Your Neopet's name should be something from your head, not from real life. That way, you'll have a unique Neopet and a fun, safe place to play with it.

The "I absolutely love this name but it's already taken" game:

Let's face it; there's always going to be a name that just really grabs your attention. Something like Anastasia, Bartholomew, or Eudora. Most owners jump at the opportunity to apply their favorite names to their new pets. Unfortunately, most of us find that our favorite names have already been snatched up by some lucky soul who also happened to favor the same kind of name. Most owners turn to the handy List of Available Names after discovering this, which is usually just the name they chose followed by a random string of digits, dashes, or letters. But to be perfectly honest, Henrietta_5536 doesn't really sound that appealing, does it? Well, this is where it gets fun. Throw aside the suggestions and go for something unique! Antonia has already been taken? What about AntoniaDiamond? Or AntoniaYuletide? If your name of choice has already been chosen by someone else, add one of your favorite words as a last name. Let's say your favorite name is Eugene, but someone has already taken that. So you've got Eugene staring you in the face, now add something else that you fancy. Perhaps EugeneShamrock? Or EugeneOctober? Choose a word that has significance to you and apply it to your choice name. That way, not only will you have a completely original, yet still desirable name, but it will have double the meaning to you.

The "Name with Numbers" game:

This is an especially vexing aspect of the Name Game if you are adopting from the pound. Often times, owners will take the suggestions provided when naming a new pet, and accompany their name with a string of numbers. For example, Sally610; doesn't sound all that appealing when you say it out loud, though. But a big bonus feature of the Name Game is that every name has a story. Sally610 may not be an attractive name on its own, but what's the story behind the numbers? Writing a backstory of your Neopet's name in their description can really shed some new light on their odd name, making it sound less generic. Does your Neopet come from a long line of Henrys, and he just happens to be the one-hundredth Henry in his family? Is Sally610 the sixth-hundred-and-tenth result of an illegal genetic experimentation? Let your imagination soar, and one name can suddenly turn into a fantastic story.

The "Fairytale Name" game:

Want to go for something that's never been seen before? Make up your own name! Find a combination of letters that sounds right or is fun to say. Apply your own pronunciation and meaning. Yleahbella (why-LEE-ah-BELL-ah) is a name of my own invention which roughly translates into "sweet and graceful." Neopia is made up of a bunch of different cultures and worlds all clumped together. There is certainly room for a name that has never been tried before! Adopting a Shoyru this Shoyru Day? First, consider his/her personality. Are they elegant and graceful, or clumsy and lovable? Invent a name that expresses these traits, such as Tiahannah, or Huggabop. Fantasy names are not only easy to come up with, but they are much less generic than another name that's already been done.

The "Celebrity Name" game:

We all have someone we admire, whether it's our mum or dad, best friends, movie stars, or whatever. And naming your pets after the person you look up to is a brilliant way to express your admiration. Trouble is, most people may have already taken your dream celebrity name. After all, your roll model could be a really famous guy, so your pet isn't going to be the first to be named after him. No need to fret, though. Simply take a name you like and add it to the beginning of your celebrity name, like JewelHermioneGranger. It's obvious to those with similar tastes who you named your pet after, but your pet will still have a name of its own.

And finally, the second most important part of the Name Game:

Be creative. Give your Neopet a name that comes straight from your imagination. Maybe no one else knows how important something specific is to you, but you can have a special bond with your Neopet if it has been named by you. Whether you create a Neopet, or adopt it, your Neopet should have a name that expresses you. Every name has a story. And of course, the first most important part of the Name Game? Have fun!

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