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Top 25 Tasty Treats for Easter

by blue_eyed_tiger_j


Also by wokitana

Hooray! It's Easter! Everyone loves Easter for its colourful meadows, clear blue skies and the sweet scent of newly bloomed flowers in mild dew. It's a magical time for Neopians of all ages to enjoy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybean-filled Easter eggs and a special time for everyone to gather around and enjoy homemade goodies, delicious chocolate and special recipes made solely for this great occasion. Here are twenty five treats which that will be sure to satisfy most of your cravings this Easter:

1. Flowers and Coffee

What's better to start off your Easter holiday than a hot mug of coffee and some pretty flowers to look at? You probably don't want to eat the flowers... unless you're a Kau!

2. Easter Negg Creme Puff

You can get this delicious creme filled pastry from the Neocash Mall. It fills your neopet to bloated and makes it happier. I can't think of a better way to spend Easter, unless you wanted to eat more chocolate and candy!

3. Cheese Flower Cracker

This cheesy flower cracker is perfect for when you are tired of all that Easter chocolate and candy.

4. Fyora Spring Soup

If you're looking for a meal instead of treats this delicious soup is made with edible flowers and makes a perfect start to your Easter dinner!

5. Fruity Faerie Easter Negg

This beautiful (and delicious!) faerie themed Easter negg makes a wonderful treat for your well behaved Neopet.

6. Flower Nectar

Yum! The bees were right to be crazy for this stuff! This delicious nectar is a wonderful drink to have this Easter.

7. Combomelon Easter Negg

How do they pack so much Combomelon in this little negg? I believe the answer is in the Combomelon plant itself. You can move parts of the plant around to make funny shapes, how else would so much be able to be packed inside one negg? Any Neopet who eats one will never want another kind of negg ever again!

8. Aisha Spring Roll

A beautiful Aisha-themed roll packed with delicious spring flavours! Fresh herbs are used to guarantee an exotic tasty snack while the moistened rice paper is carefully cooked to avoid brittleness.

9. Chrysaberry Surprise Easter Negg

This negg must be a bit sour because the Chrysaberries were picked before they were ripe, but who doesn't love a sour treat once in a while! The surprise is the white chocolate that was mixed with the Chrysaberries.

10. Easter Negg Crispy Rice Treat

What is more tasty than a Negg? A Negg crispy rice treat which tastes absolutely fabulous! The creamy icing on top simply blends in to give an extra boost of energy for a healthy breakfast.

11. Lemon and Lime Easter Negg

You may think that lemons and limes are just little bursts of flavour for your favorite cocktail, but they are so much more than that. Sure, lemons and limes aren't exactly the fruit you reach for when a snack attack hits, but they do provide plenty of health benefits. This Lemon and Lime Easter Negg is very special as it has a floral aroma from the zest of highly tended fruits. If your pet has one of these it means it has probably been visited by the Easter Bunny, which is very rare indeed.

12. Easter Negg Lolly Pop

Sweeeeet, smooooth and taaaaaasty! After eating this lolly, your tongue will be lots of different colours!

13. Lovely Lime Easter Negg

This negg has the perfect amount of richness and tartness. Give your Neopet this special treat along with some whipped cream topping and they will love you forever.

14. Iced Easter Chick Cookie

Wonderfully delicious cookie! It tastes a bit like shortbread, but also delightfully nutty. What an unusual shape, I wonder what it is?

15. Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg

This Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg in particular is something that many neopets look forward to indulging in around Eastertime. It will surely make any candy lover smile. This negg is also given out by the Easter Bunny.

16. Mint Chocolate Easter Negg

This Mint Chocolate Easter Negg is incredibly rare. It is a lovely treat after dinner, ideally accompanied by tea. Its Chocolate is dark and flavoured with peppermint leaves. It is also an Easter Bunny specialty. Out of this world (Neopia)!

17. Yellow Easter Negg Cookie

A classic cookie made in the old-style tradition that some might say "we haven't had a frosted cookie like this in years". Cookies are always better with frosting!

18. Phear Easter Negg

Mmmmmmm! What could be better than Phear and Orange Chocolate together in a negg? Nothing! This Negg is icy cold and oh, so sweet.

19. Jelly Bean Pizza

Dinner or dessert? You decide. This lovely pizza has sugary sweet crust made of the sweetest pastry that goes perfectly with the sticky baked jelly beans on top.

20. Purple Swirls Easter Negg

This delicate pink strawberry flavoured negg has delicious purple swirls of blackberry. Perfect for any berry loving neopet this Easter holiday!

21. Spotted Easter Negg

A super rare purple negg with yellow spots! The purple tastes like grape and the yellow spots add a perfect splash of lemony zest. Count yourself lucky if you have one of these this Easter.

22. Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg

Fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream made from the freshest Kau cream are what make this delicious negg. It is sure to wow any Gourmet Food enthusiast.

23. Stripy Easter Negg

This negg has delicate stripes of lemon and mint and is decorated with tiny bluebells that have been hand painted with edible colours.

24. Spring Flower Tea

Many of the spring flowers have been used to create this cheerful tea. It has a golden colour and a rich, intense flavour which many tea consumers greatly appreciate.

25. Chocolate Orange Easter Negg

This negg is the ultimate combination of creamy milk chocolate confection and orange flavour. It is made with real orange oil and makes a wonderful holiday treat for everyone. The Chocolate Orange Easter Negg is also given out by the Easter Bunny. Some of the goodies are expensive while others are not, though we hope this list is long enough to fulfill your hunger needs on such a special day. We also advise you to make a bit of space for Kari's Festival of Neggs' yummies. Be on the watch for Rosie, the dance-crazed Grarrl, who also might be around giving away a variety of delightful treats. Happy Easter ^.^!

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