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Top 10 Must Have Spring Wearables

by joynichols


With spring just around the corner, shops will start bringing in the spring clothes to replace the winter ones. Every Neopian on the face of Neopia will scour the shops in hoping to find the "it" items for this spring season. Just what are the items that are in style? Here are the top 10 wearables to be on the lookout for this spring!

10. Bright Striped Spring Shirt

While this shirt's shocking pinks, yellow, and soft oranges may not be for the male Neopians, the females should definitely be on the lookout for this shocking shirt. It has a collar so you can even turn it into a fancier-style customization. Pair it up with a nice pair of white pants, and you have the perfect ensemble to stroll around Neopia in! You'll for sure be seen by everyone from at least a mile away.

9. Pretty Pink Flower Hat

This hat's simple nature is all the rage this season. Pink all over, with a small pink flower just screams, "Happy Springtime!" Pairing this hat with a fun dress or nice ensemble that goes with pink should have you fitting right in with the rest of Neopia. Watch out for the bumblebees! You may even be able to get some honey with this hat!

8. Flowery Multicolour Spring Wig

While not the most popular spring wig to look out for, this wig certainly has its fans. With its fun pink and blue highlights, the clothing options are just endless. Pairing this with a dress, a shirt and pants combo, or even shirt and skirt combo all would work perfectly with colorful wig. Are you going out to a party? This wig is certainly going to get you some popular attention!

7. Spring Courtyard Background

Sometimes during spring the beautiful sun is out, and the birds are just chirping away as you walk through the park. If this is something that appeals to you and your neopets, be sure to give this background a shot! With the tall trees in the background, and the gorgeous stone work along the path, your neopet is sure to look quite fancy! Hey, the nice fountain with the gold statue on top does wonders, too!

6. Magical Sparkling Happiness Faerie Flower

Most of the items on this top ten list are items that are actual clothing, or backgrounds; however, who's to say that a little handheld can't be on the list! This cute flower does just what it says in the title; it sparkles and brings happiness! Just after winter, people are getting excited for summer time. What's a more perfect way to start getting excited than by holding a flower? Pairing this flower with any ensemble shall look quite stunning or handsome as you stroll through Neopia. Flower power!

5. Magical Spring Vine Wings

Released last year during the Festival of Neggs, these wings have remained popular ever since. With their unique swirling patterns and stunning green color, there is nothing quite like them anywhere else in Neopia! Pairing these beauties with a dress, or a skirt and shirt ensemble for female Neopians will be a sure-fire way to kick start spring. For the males, a nice khaki pant with a polo shirt shall tie together nicely to make a dashing ensemble to stroll around in.

4. Spring Path Background

This delightful background gives a refreshing look in a park, different than the previously mentioned background. With the sun beams shining down, and the soft pink cherry blossoms looking like they are gently being blown in the wind, one cannot help but feel the relaxed springtime feel. A girly dress, or a cute skirt is one adorable way for owners to dress up their Neopians to celebrate spring and the sunshine!

3. Spring Negg Wig

This wig, released two years ago for the Festival of Neggs, just exuberates adorableness! With soft green as the main color, and highlights of cute pink, a person cannot help but smile when they see this. While maybe not the best wig color for males, female neopets should have a blast customizing with this beauty. Soft green, dark green, pinks, yellows, and just about anything will go with this wig! Despite green being a not-so-popular hair color, this wig certainly has made quite the impression on Neopia. Even two years after its release date, it is still a very popular wig, especially for springtime customizations.

2. Spring Flowers Foreground

Little, cute, pink flowers are sure to brighten up any look if you are looking to make it look more like spring! The Spring Flowers Foreground is a simple foreground with little flowers spread amongst a bush. A nice, simple way to flare up any customization for spring. It appears to work for males or females, so be sure to add this to your list!

1. Colourful Festival Negg Skirts

At the top of this year's countdown is this colorful negg skirt! There are not many skirts in Neopia that aren't species specific, so this is quite a treat. Released just three years ago in the Festival of Neggs, this skirt has remained quite popular when it comes to With every spring color recognized on this skirt, finding items or clothing to match is quite simple. Not necessarily the best spring wearble for males, it is sure to be a beauty on females. Be sure to snatch this up soon before everyone else does!

That concludes this year's top ten wearbles for spring! Most of these items are pink, and not very male-neopet friendly, but don't let that stop you from finding ways to customize to celebrate the season! While the top ten wearbles are subjective in each person's eyes, these are the most popular, obvious items that would be good for springtime customizations. Nonetheless, here are the top ten big-ticket springtime wearble items! Be sure to dress up your neopets in their best spring customizations, then take them to the Beauty Contest or the Customization spotlight.

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