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Soup for a Grey Day

by marzipan


Spring is near approaching, but the days are still windy and slightly frosty, and the transition from winter to spring often sees a grey day, meaning it's important to have your wooly jumpers and beanies still out of your wardrobe. Staying warm is no mean feat, and one of the best ways to do it is by eating the right food; not only does hot food warm you from the belly, but eating the right types of food can keep your healthy and fit, and what else is there for winter apart from soup? So put on your "I Heart Soup Apron" on this grey day to keep the grey at bay, and let's get souping! (Is that even a word?)


Tomato Soup

The classic thick soup, easy to prepare and full of nutritious tomatoes that are cooked to release lycopene to help boost your immune system! It'll do more than fine as your main meal with some (wholemeal) bread if you're looking for a light lunch or dinner, or it'll be a fantastic starter or side course to a more filling main dish, should you be feeling extra peckish.


Misty Shenkuu Mountain Soup

How does the chef get the mist to hang around the bottom of the mini-mountain? Magic? An ancient Shenkuu technique? And what's the proper etiquette when eating... mist? No one knows. What we do know is that the mist is a fun, alternative way of getting children to stay hydrated, as many a time they'll refuse a glass of water on the basis of "it's too boring", but some magically mysterious soup is bound to catch their interest any day.

Note: no mountains were harmed in the making of this soup.


Rest in Pea Soup

These peas perished so you could have a healthy, wholesome dinner. Having carried out the ultimate sacrifice of being frozen then cooked to perfection, these peas cared for you, so honour their wish and eat all of them. With some wholemeal bread. Those peas didn't perish just for you to eat factory processed white bread.

This gives a whole new meaning to R.I.P. A moment of silence for these peas please.


Soup Faerie Soup

The patron of soup herself came out with her own soup, just to show you how it's really done. The Soup Faerie uses her magic to combine kindness, comfort, warmth and peace of mind into actual ingredients and puts it all into this heartwarming soup. This is the soup of soups; one soup to rule them all, one soup to find them, one soup to bring them all, and in darkness- wait, that's not right. ಠ_ಠ


Souper Bowl

Every food needs a super version of itself, and the Souper Bowl is the super version of normal soup! It's a natural leader, so eating this soup will not only boost your confidence by 70%, but it'll also allow you to lead Neopia to a better future. King Altador and Queen Fyora both put their confidence down to the Souper Bowl, so you, too, can be the next enlightened monarch if you eat this soup!


Spicy Coconut Soup

Hmm, that nice, aromatic smell from the spices and the coconut milk can only mean one thing: home economics sure taught you well! A staple of home economic classes in school, the Spicy Coconut Soup is easy and simple to make as well as teaching you a few key basics about soup making. Coconut milk contains a lot of fibre and vitamins, so it not only tastes delicious but does your health good as well! And all this time you thought that home economics was unbearable; it turned out to be the most useful class there ever was.


Spaghetti Soup

Spaghetti? Or soup? Too difficult to choose? Why not have both? We all know that some warm spaghetti is great for a cold day, just like soup is, so the two combined will mean that your cold grey day will be doubly warmed. Just watch out: this is a very filling meal, and the rich soup base doesn't help either. Eat at risk of going around the whole day feeling heavy and bloated, but that's actually a nice feeling for a chilly grey day!


Thimble of Soup

On a diet? Then fear not! A Thimble of Soup is here to the rescue! It's like the espresso of the soup world, and just one tiny thimble will fill you up. The soup is made of a special cactus plant from the Lost Desert that satisfies hunger without any real substance, so it's absolutely perfect for either the busy CEO of a company who needs something quick for a meal, or for those trying to avoid eating too much and stay healthy.


Mochi Soup

Soup's not just a starter or a main meal, but it's versatile enough to be a dessert course as well. Mochi Soup is really great for a cold day, as it has both substance and a fragrant soup base that will fill you up and sit warmly in your belly. Be warned, though, Mochi Soup is very rich, and for those with a small appetite it could even serve as a main meal! Eat Mochi Soup in moderation; it's got a high fat content as well.


Leafy Noodle Soup

This leafy, herby noodle soup is another one of Shenkuu's speciality. The herbs themselves were hand picked deep in the misty mountains by local mountaineers and the noodle was hand stretched by the best noodle chef in all of Shenkuu. Coupled with a clear, minty soup base, this soup sure meets all the criteria of authenticity and delicacy!


Bone Soup

Originally, soup dishes were conceived to make the most of leftovers - waste not what not - and the Bone Soup does exactly this. There's no set recipe to Bone Soup, as any Tyrannian grandmother will tell you, but it's basically whatever meat you have leftover from the night before, boiled and simmered down to make a savoury gravy based soup. Economical and delicious, ask your grandmother to teach you how to make this soup!


Galactic Chicken Soup

For those of you in space, don't worry, Gargarox has made you some delicious, warming chicken soup! This soup is antigravity, and keeps together in one big blob even in zero gravity situations, accompanied by its plastic container, meaning it won't get between the wirings in your space ship and ruin your space holiday. Isn't new technology amazing!


Ghostly Soup

Oooo... er... appears as if this soup is for the dearly departed. Well, at least we know that we'll be well fed in the other world? What this soup's made from, I can't fathom, but a talk with Hubrid Nox's ghost reveals that it has the same warming effects as soups do in our world. Sadly, he threw a spoon at me for bothering him when he was eating, so I don't know any more than that.


Tomato Soup Fountain

Finally, the ultimate classic has just been made classy. This soup is absolutely exquisite, and is only served in 5 star restaurants. The marble the fountain is made out of has been blessed by Queen Fyora herself, carved by the Techo Master's sword art and anointed by King Altador as "the chosen marble".

WARNING: this soup is so sophisticated that it's not for normal people. Once tasted, you will never be able to eat regular Tomato Soup ever again, and if you're a normal Neopian, you won't be able to afford this soup every meal.


I hope you've enjoyed all these soup options to warm up your grey day, so keep healthy and stay warm!

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