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Sartorial Shoyrus Part 3: The Show Continues

by lotusbutterfly


Another two years has flown past, which means it's time to strut down the runway again and show off the last four fabulous outfits for your stylish Shoyru.

*Note: this clothing is not applicable to Unconverted, Baby, Invisible, Maraquan, Mutant or 8-bit Shoyrus

As mentioned in previous articles in this series, generally the full body items (shirt, jacket, dress) are more difficult to find and more expensive. They often give the outfit its distinctive look and so are more popular as stand-alone pieces as well as part of the outfit.

Secondary items (gloves, shoes) that are often largely hidden by other items or are easily interchangeable with other items of the same zone tend to be easier to find and less popular, making them cheaper.

It goes without saying that this is a generalisation, and a number of outfit items do not fit this trend, and the assigned rarity of each item, which controls how often it restocks, is a huge factor, especially just after release.

Previously I have ordered the outfits by approximate cost. However, in order to mix things up a bit, today I am ordering them by release.

*Note: all items are neopoint items and can be bought from the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and Auctions. They can also be restocked in the Almost Abandoned Attic and Uni's Clothing Shop (if you're quick enough!). Prices listed are from the SSW and the TP only.

All prices are approximate and checked at time of writing, and may go either up or down!

The Sinister Set:

This set is made up of five items:

Approximate cost:

  • Sinister Shoyru Neovian Wig 96,000
  • Sinister Shoyru Neovian Cloak 70,000
  • Sinister Shoyru Neovian Shirt 99,000
  • Sinister Shoyru Neovian Skirt 59,000
  • Sinister Shoyru Neovian Shoes 11,000

Total Cost: 335,000 NP

Of the four newest sets, The Sinister Set falls in the mid-range, and with its gothic tones you can see why it's more popular than some of the others. All the items are buyable (just) on the SW so it's fairly easy to get hold of, and each piece can be mix-and-matched with other wearables to create some stunning customisations. Particularly popular around Halloween, keep your eye out for some Sinister Shoyrus jumping out from dark corners and bushes whilst trick-or-treating this year.


I've always wanted something to show off my dark side! *snigger* Oh, come on, I live in a castle, of course I love pretending I'm in some gothic romance, dashing down the staircase and through the corridors, scaring my brothers and sisters witless! Okay, okay, sometimes I let them play too... but it's not as much fun. ;) And one day I shall be a Great Actress, and then they'll see!

The Wizard Set:

The complete set includes five items:

Approximate cost:

  • Shoyru Wizard Cloak 150,000
  • Shoyru Wizard Beard 18,000
  • Shoyru Wizard Staff 250,000
  • Shoyru Wizard Robe 200,000
  • Shoyru Wizard Shoes 80,000

Total Cost: 698,000 NP

The Wizard Set is the most expensive of the recent four, but coming in well under 1 million, it's still relatively affordable. And really, it's quite obvious why this has been the most popular released Shoyru set in the last two years, because it's a WIZARD! The staff and the cloak are really the two items that make this set, and can be pretty epic in cross-outfit customisation. Just keep an eye on their adventuring tendencies whilst wearing this outfit, or you might find them picking up a rag-tag band of fellows and going on an epic crusade to save all of existence... and fireworks. There are usually fireworks.


*waves hands* Abraaaaacadabraaaaa! Whoops, wrong sort of magic. I just need a little practice, that's all. Wait, you can see me? I thought this was an Invisibility Cloak! Muuumm, you promised! Fine, I'll wear it anyway. And it is pretty good for swirling around in a mysterious manner, mwhahahaha! Anyone for an adventure? Does this beard make me look old?

The Summer Set:

There just four items to this outfit:

Approximate cost:

  • Blue Summer Shoyru Wig 4,000
  • Blue Summer Shoyru Dress 65,000
  • Blue Summer Shoyru Shoes 65,000
  • Blue Summer Shoyru Earrings 59,000

Total Cost: 193,000 NP

This sophisticated set is perfect for Neopies season. That little touch of sparkle will catch the eye of those Neopian Times photographers, as you swish towards the stage to collect your award and give your inspiring acceptance speech... wait, that's just in my dreams. Whether you're wowing the crowd with your words, or applauding your competitors gracefully, be the centre of attention in this glittering number.


Oh, you want a photo? Well, of course, just make sure you get my best side! Lia treated to me to this beautiful gown, because, well, I deserved it. And of course you need diamonds to make any outfit, so I made her get me those too. Don't you think the walls of my ice palace set them off beautifully? Such sparkle! Shall we dance? Don't step on my dress now!

The Warrior Set:

This outfit comprises five different items:

Approximate costs:

  • Shoyru Warrior Cloak 5,000
  • Shoyru Warrior Sword 55,000
  • Shoyru Warrior Sabatons 19,000
  • Shoyru Warrior Armour 82,000
  • Shoyru Warrior Leg Padding 10,000

Total Cost: 171,000 NP

The Warrior set is the cheapest of these outfits. Although the concept is great, the pieces don't quite pull together as well as the previous Knight outfit. The Sword and Armour are probably the two items worth getting if you are aiming for a high fantasy look. The Sword of Light will certainly illuminate your way as you battle past shadow creatures on your quest – that's a mighty sharp edge it's got, and you might want to stay away from the pointy end too.


Lia keeps telling me I'm a "Relic" of an old age, but I don't know what she means! Just because I want to go on heroic adventures to save the damsel in distress. *pouts* No-one can stop me with this sword, not even Lohhari, mine's much better than his! One day, people will tell stories about me and all the legendary things I did, and he'll be soooo jealous! Did you hear Drith say something about an adventure...?

So there you have it: the most recent four Shoyru outfits, taking the total up to twelve (and another two released this year I expect, for me to start prepping for part 4!). I'll need to add a few more Shoys to the family for the next outfits, so keep an eye out in two years' time to see how the family, and wardrobe, has grown... or perhaps I should call it an Army now, given I have a Robot, Knight, Warrior and Wizard (strange sort of army though!).

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