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Behind the Foliage: The Illusen Tale

by suspensiion


Also by therainbowsheep

Rumour has it that Illusen is the only faerie who has ever witnessed the very cautious Jhudora performing an act so evil that it could cause her to be expelled from the realm of faeries. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but who knows what may one day be revealed...

We have all often wondered about that mysterious tree-dwelling faerie of Meridell. While we often visit her realm to help with her quests, she seldom answers our curious questions in return. This isn't the Esophagor we're talking about; this particular faerie pays her visitors with items not secrets. We are, of course, speaking of Illusen.

This faerie is well-known for being generous and giving and her special day of celebration is coming up! Possibly the biggest "scandal" surrounding this faerie is her infamous and enormous feud with the most evil faerie of Faerieland, Jhudora. It was said that long ago Illusen had witnessed Jhudora in her darkest time, working on one of the most evil experiments that could ever be imagined. This, it is said, is the reason for Jhudora's extreme dislike for the lovable, innocent Illusen. Well, we have gotten the once in a lifetime opportunity to interview this gracious faerie. Yes, you heard correctly! We managed to land an interview with the Illusen. Now we will have a chance to once and for all unravel the dark past of the relationship between Illusen and Jhudora.

So, Illusen, welcome to the interview! We are so glad to have you here!

Thank you! I have actually been wanting to get my story out there for some time now because there are just so many theories and some of them have been getting a little far-fetched lately. A little blue Acara stopped by just the other afternoon and instead of accepting one my quests, asked if Jhudora and I were related instead! Can you believe the rumors flying around? I think that this is the perfect time for the truth to be told, out in light for everyone to see.

Right, so, you and Jhudora go way back, is that correct?

Yes, we have known each other for quite a long time. When I first met Jhudora she wasn't considered "evil". She was just another dark faerie, just as I was simply another earth faerie. It wasn't until this awful act she committed that we got our new titles and notoriety throughout not only the Faerieland community but all of Neopia. I never saw that coming!

Now it is said after witnessing this "act", which we will get to in a moment, you went to Fyora with what you had witnessed and that is when she gave you and Jhudora your respective titles.

Yes, that is correct. After I saw what I did I went straight to Fyora. Unfortunately the magic used was too powerful and dark for even Fyora to rid the world of. After that, we became known by our names rather than the element to which our faerie souls are attracted to. That was truly one of the most intense things that I have ever witnessed. To this day, I am unsure of Jhudora was able to harness such intense dark magic. Once her actions come out, I am curious to see the Neopian reaction! The fact that something so momentous is somehow still more or less a secret is astounding, especially in this day and age.

Alright, so please walk us through what happened that night.

Okay well to start off with, it was late October. Dangerously close to Halloween which is rather dramatic if you ask me, but such is Jhudora's nature. At any rate, I was going over to her house to see if she was going to the Faerieland Ball the following month. So I get to her house and knock on the door but there was no answer so then I went inside.

Let me pause you to ask a few questions. So Jhudora was the type to go to a Faerieland Ball? Also, you two were close enough to just walk into her home?

Well, yes. Before this night she was blending in rather well as a normal dark faerie. As I mentioned before, no one really saw her as a truly evil spirit as we do today. She may have marched to her own drum, but at the time, no one considered her a threat. To answer your second question, yes, we were actually really close until that evening. Our falling out it is rather sad, to be honest.

Okay, so you went into her house and then?

Well, I went into her house and the whole place was dark. There was this eerie purple fog in the air and I felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I looked around the house and I couldn't find her anywhere. She wasn't in the living room, the kitchen or in her bedroom. I checked in the attic thinking maybe she was rummaging around, trying to find her dress for the ball, but she wasn't in there either. The only place left to check was the basement. I guess looking back, that there was the red flag. Jhudora never spent time in that musty old place unless she had no other choice. It is rather roomy down there.

For the first time in a long time I am literally on the edge of my seat! So what happened when you went into the basement?

Okay, so I went to open the door, but the door knob was intensely cold, like it had just gotten pulled out of a freezer. After I opened the door, the purple fog immediately started pouring from the basement. So, I walked down the stairs and could hear the bubbling of a cauldron and Jhudora chanting. I dared not speak a word because who knows what would have happened had she seen me. I hid in the shadows for a solid ten minutes while she chanted away at her cauldron. Next thing I know, she was stepping back and laughing menacingly... as if she had accomplished something she knew she shouldn't have.

Did you see what she had in the cauldron?

No, not at first. All I heard were some noises that sounded like a bunch of small creatures giggling or something of that nature. It is very hard to explain. Then suddenly one poked its head out of the pot. It was pink and looked rather cute. It had big eyes and kind of looked like a weird pink mouse. I was starting to question what in the world this creature could be. Next thing I know it opens up its mouth and made this terrible *RAWWWR* sound.

No. Way. So what did you do?

Well, at the time I wasn't quite sure what I had seen but I knew in the pit of my soul that the creature I was looking at was capable of extreme evils. I was paralyzed with fear and had no idea how I was going to get out of this mess I had stumbled into. As I was trying to get away, I knocked over a broom and a dust pan which obviously, made a noise. Jhudora snapped her head around and our eyes met for a split second. I could see fury with a tinge of fear in her eyes. Fear of someone seeing what she was doing.

Oh my, it is a wonder you were able to get away!

Yes, it was quite terrifying, but I made it out. I flew directly to Queen Fyora and told her what I had seen. She was confused, as I was, at first and told me to run along back to my home and went to talk to Jhudora. After having talked to her, and learning just what these things were and what they were capable of, Fyora banished Jhudora from the Faerieland Kingdom, which is why she has her own little bluff just outside of Faerieland, never able to return. She of course refuses to stray far and is obeying her exile... just barely. Stubborn and defiant as can be.

So did you learn what these things were?

Yes. They are actually a popular cause for most of the terrible things that happen around Neopia today. Once I say what it was there is no going back. The origin of this creature is about to be brought to light for everyone to see.

Drop the bomb already! What was it?!



Yes, Jhudora created Meepits. That was the horrifying act that I witnessed that got her banished from Faerieland and started our whole huge feud. Meepits.

Wow. I would have never guessed. I am at a loss of words. I guess that's all we need to hear for today. Thanks, uh.. thanks so much again for coming in, Illusen. It means a lot to all of us here, and our readers, to hear this story straight from the source once and for all.

Thank you again for having me! It feels nice to finally get this out in the open. I would be happy to do any other interviews in the future if you would like to, but for now I say goodbye.

Well, there you have it, folks. Straight from the source. The reason Illusen and Jhudora don't get along. The reason that Jhudora was thrown out of Faerieland. The reason terrible things happen all around Neopia to this day. Jhudora created the Meepits. Enough said, really. Those creatures are pure evil. We would like to thank all of our loyal readers for being so amazing and stay tuned for the next interview we give!

Jhudora could not be reached for comment at this time.

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