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Five Easy to Feed Neopets

by doomdesire5


There are many ways to feed your Neopets, such as using the Soup Kitchen in the Marketplace, grabbing a slice of the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia, or leaving them in the Neolodge for a few days. However, there are some species of pets that are easier to feed than others due to being able to enjoy some items that others would find disgusting or unable to eat at all. This makes the pets listed below some of the best to have for someone who is just starting out on the site or for Neopians who are a bit on the stingy side when it comes to getting their pets the food that they need. Here are probably the five easiest Neopets to feed:


One of the oldest species in Neopia, Grarrls are one of the two species of Neopets that can be fed pretty much anything. This supposedly Tyrannian native can be a regular garbage disposal when it comes to getting rid of those items you can't find a use for in your inventory while keeping him or her full. Just make sure you don't overdo it if you want yours to stay healthy because they need a balance diet just as much as any other species of Neopet. One of my Grarrl's favorite non-food items to chow down is Rockfish since they are easy to come by thanks to the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex and a Grarrl's teeth tend to be one of the few things that can pierce through its rock-hard scales.


Well known for their voracious appetite, Skeiths are willing to eat everything and anything that they can fit inside of their mouths and even some things they can't or shouldn't! They may not be the most appealing pet when it comes to appearance but not really having to worry about what to feed them for every meal really helps. Yet, make sure to take caution when feeding a Skeith anything made of cheese as they will come down with a bad case of the Neezles, which is why he isn't number two on the list. Hopefully you won't feed him or her nothing but those old shoes you reel in from the Fishing Vortex!


Pteris are an interesting sort when it comes to what they eat because what makes them special compared to Grarrls and Skeiths is that eating anything with the word "worm" in its name will take their hunger up to bloated. Their love of worms also overrides their dislike of gross food so those Rotten Wormy Apples you may have bobbed up from Bart's tent while doing your dailies will automatically make them full and happy. Since a lot of foods that contain worms are classified as Gross Food, it makes it easier (and cheaper) to stock up because most food in this category is low in price and no other species of pet will eat them willingly. This is definitely helpful if you're going to be away from your Neopets for a day or two without the need of using the Neolodge or if you need to save up some Neopoints for some more food items or other things.


These friendly quadruped Neopets can also become bloated after eating specific food items like our Tyrannian bird friends but it's anything with the word "milk" in its name instead, including the Gross Food you might find underneath the Money Tree or receive while taking a chance at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. I've always found it a bit odd that milk items do this to Kaus since they are a main source for milk in Neopia and they are pretty much eating what they produce but it's an easy little detail to overlook as convenience is always a good thing.


Last but not least is the Jetsam. Similar to Grarrls and Skeiths, they can eat items that other pets cannot. However, Jetsams can only do this with Aquatic Petpets such as Ghoti and Walein, which are pretty easy to get a hold of if you play Key Quest or have a pet that's strong enough to defeat the Giant Mutant Spectral Walein in the Battledome. You also get an avatar out of it as well if you do this, which is always a great bonus! The only downside to trying to own a Jetsam compared to the Neopets above is that they are a Limited Edition pet and can only be created at various intervals during their pet day, October 16th, or by taking another pet and morphing them into one using the few types of Jetsam Morphing Potions that can be sold at either Kauvara's Magic Shop or by various Neopians. However, you may be lucky and find one in the Pound if you are diligent enough.

Other Information

Remember to keep in mind that if you feed a Grarrl or a Skeith a non-food item in the rarities 90-100, it will not count towards the Gourmet Club. Also, take care when using an item to make sure that you use it the way you want it. I can't tell you how many times I've heard tales of careless users who have accidentally fed Morphing Potions or expensive items to those two species of pets instead of using the item or putting it in their Safety Deposit Boxes. Same goes with accidentally feeding the wrong pet a certain piece of food that you know that it will dislike or could get them sick.

Final Thoughts

If you already own one of these pets, that's great! Hopefully you can use some of this information to take care of them a bit more easily. If not and you're looking for an easier Neopet to take care of, it would be a good idea to consider one of these species. I own a couple of these pets myself and I have found them great additions to my little family, hopefully you will too! Even with the unique eating habits of these Neopets, I still wonder why Quiggles don't enjoy food made of flies like a Pteri enjoys their worms...

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