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Brand Illusen

by marzipan


With Illusen Day upon us, there are plenty of people in Neopia who will say that Illusen is the most graceful and caring faerie in existence, and she is in no shortage of fans. However, I say that Illusen is the most business savvy of all the faeries, as she managed the extraordinary feat of promoting herself in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Have you seen how many faeries there are nowadays?! I can barely even recognise half the faeries that waltz up to me asking to bring them items, though I am fully capable of recognising an Orange Yurble in wings and a pink sparkly tutu pretending to be a faerie.

This article will celebrate the business of being Illusen; the business that is brand Illusen.

Illusen Day Elixir - Stay healthy like Illusen

Illusen is well known for her affinity with nature, and it comes as no surprise that she's very careful with her own health as well as nature's health. Kauvara made this elixir in honour of Illusen, and was sure to make it extra healthy for her good faerie friend. The elixir itself will not only boost your intelligence by two points upon being consumed, but it'll also leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised. It also leaves the breath minty fresh for days on end as an extra bonus!

Illusens Journey - Read about Illusen

Illusen has brought out a number of books over the years, some of which are autobiographies, some of which are biographies of her life endorsed by her. Illusen, unlike a lot of other faeries, is much more willing to divulge the secrets of her success, whether in her elegant nature or in her career as Meridell's official faerie. Reading about her is sure to give any Neopian a confidence boost after realising that she came from humble beginnings, faerie or not, just like you.

Illusens Twigs - Read like Illusen

Yes, it's a little known fact, but Illusen reads Twigs. Just like your crazy-haired aunt who reads your tea leaves and tells you that you'll fall over a Snorkle Snout while playing a banjo on a Tuesday as you're rollerblading past Castle Nox, Illusen can tell the future and the past through twig reading, and she brought out her own book to teach you to do the same. Only difference is that she's much more accurate than your aunt. I mean, she's a faerie after all, and faeries are born with it. *hair flip*

Leafy Illusen Hanky - Sneeze like Illusen

Is this even a category?! Yes, it is. What I mean here is following Illusen's etiquette examples. Faeries aren't called graceful without good reason; I mean, even Jhudora does evil with style (oh geez I mentioned her). The Leafy Illusen Hanky was produced after much experimenting in a laboratory accompanied by many (minor) magical explosions, and finally Illusen produced a self-cleansing hanky, so that you don't have to keep a grotty little cloth your pocket all the time, or keep using up precious tissues and harm the environment.

Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake & Iced Illusen Tea - Dine like Illusen

All of Illusen's food and drink products are of course, as you can imagine, not only exquisitely delicious but also incredibly healthy. She uses no meat products, all ingredients are ethically sourced, and she has an extensive repertoire of vegan foods and drinks as well, for anyone out there who has specific dietary preferences. It comes as no surprise that Illusen's oft quoted saying, "eat good, do good!"

Illusen Canopy Bed - Relax like Illusen

Illusen sure knows how to relax. The lining in this canopy bed is sewn with magic, so that when you sleep on it, it'll feel like you're on a bed of lush foliage, and an easy breeze will lull you to sleep. Not to mention some green decor in your bedroom will cause the room to become much more relaxed, and it'll also impress all your friends when you show them all of those magical spells sewn into the canopy bed to help you sleep easy!

Illusen Glider - Unwind like Illusen

Illusen brought out her own brand of toys, many of which are her favourite and most simple toys, manageable and safe for young Neopians to handle, allowing us older Neopians to look on with ease as our younger counterparts enjoy themselves. Illusen's toys also place emphasis on a closeness with nature, like most of her products do, encouraging all Neopians to go out and get some fresh air as we unwind after a long day's hard work.

Illusen Blue Waterproof Mascara - Make Up like Illusen's

Ah, waterproof mascara, the life saver of so many outfits. Now you can cry over split milk without spilling mascara goop down your lovely green and maroon dress. But that's not all! By looking good, you're also doing good, as none of Illusen's cosmetic products are tested on petpets, all of them use natural, sustainable ingredients, and every time you buy an Illusen brand cosmetic product, a portion of neopoints goes into helping charities like the Petpet Protection League!

Illusens Collectors Contacts - Get the Illusen look

Literally. Did you know that only 2% of Neopians have green eyes naturally? Yep. Nearly all those Earth Faeries you see use these contacts to get that lovely forest foliage look, and there's no shame in doing so. For the 98% of us that aren't lucky enough to have green eyes naturally, Illusen brought out these contacts after some painstaking colour research in a laboratory, so now that us ordinary Neopians can have her look. Again, literally.

Illusen's eyes are naturally green, of course.

Illusens Staff - Fight like Illusen

Using her staff is a sure way to fight like Illusen, considering that it's the rarest item she rewards you for doing her quests, not to mention one of the most powerful weapons in all of Neopia. The staff is a fail safe against those dark faeries, and will blast Hubrid Nox's ghost back beyond the grave with no problem. Sometimes the staff does grow extra twigs though, so you have to trim it. Otherwise it'll grow into a full blown tree and lose its magic. Remember to tend it for weeds as well. Ultimate power never comes without ultimate annoyances. :(


I hope this article made you realise that not all businesses are neopoint-grabbing squid-like entities, and that a business or a brand can, in fact, be doing good at the same time as making money. So to conclude this article, in celebration of Illusen as person, as a faerie and as a brand, break out the tea and cakes, and give a toast to Illusen!

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