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Thirteen Green Items You'll Want To Have

by happytimewithmilk


Hello again, friends! With a certain holiday coming up (Illusen Day), it's time to think about some green items. Illusen is all about the green and the earth, so a day just for her is just beautiful. Celebrate everything about green with these items! I guarantee you, to enjoy this wonderful green day, you'll want to have these items, whether it be food, toys, or furniture! Here are the top thirteen green items!

1. Grassy Green Cone - r82

The succulent blend of fresh grass clippings and ice cream make this a great vegetarian treat.

You like green, right? You like ice cream cones? Well, my friend, this item is for you! This magical blend of fresh glass clippings (FRESH, are you sold yet??) and ice cream make this the perfect vegetarian treat. Even if you aren't a vegertarian, you know you want to chomp down on some grass like the Chomby you are inside!

2. Green Flower Stained Glass Window Cookie - r77

So realistic, you might wonder why you cannot see through this cookie.

More food! This cookie was crafted by the finest hands (or paws) at the Bakery. Made with a very delightful green flower stained glass window pattern, this cookie is sure to make your whole Neofamily happy! Of course you may want to buy more than one, though... it's a small cookie!

3. Green Festival Negg - r101

A wonderfully delicious negg that can only be found once a year during the Festival of Neggs. *** WORTH 4 NEGG POINTS AT THE NEGGERY ***

If you aren't celebrating this Illusen's Day filled with shamrocks and this negg, you are doing things wrong! This negg can only be found ONCE a year friends, you need this in your life! Painted with a couple of fun stripes over a green base, this negg screams, "Hey, I'm green!"

4. Green Faerie Eraser - r86

This Green Faerie Eraser is flawed, it will only rub out green pencil...

Yay, an item that isn't food! You can't go wrong with this very starry, sparkly green faerie eraser. Oh, but it actually only erases marks from green pencils. That shouldn't be a problem for you, though, you're probably already writing with green pencil around this time of year! If not, well.... Sorry, pal! Also this item is NOT food; please don't let your little baby Neopets chew on it!

5. Green Gem Candy - r60

This sparkling candy is Grenelon flavoured.

Hey, sparkly! You've played the game Let It Slide, correct? Well, this little candy is based off that game! This sparkling candy is even Grenelon flavoured, and who doesn't love Grenelons? Feel like you're playing a Neopia game while you eat it!

6. Green Glittery Brush - r60

Untangle those pesky knots with this super soft, sparkly brush.

This one is NOT sparkly, alright, bud? This one is actually glittery. Don't you dare argue with me. There is a very big difference. Just ignore what ever they tell you and trust me on this matter! Do you or your Neopets have rather long hair? Why not celebrate this Illusen Day in style? Not only can it untangle any annoying knots you have, it is also super soft and best of all, green!

7. Green Grapes - r40

A delicious bunch of green grapes for your Neopet to munch on.

They are grapes, they are green. What else do you need? Yes, exactly, you don't need me to tell you otherwise. If you don't have any of these, run out and get some!

8. Green Kadoatie - r101

Kadoatie is what we like to call a pain in the neck. When it is bedtime and the lights go out, the Kadoatie cries continuously until you turn them back on. I hope you like to sleep with the lights on.

The petpet to petpet all petpets. If you have no idea what I just said, then you never will. Kadoaties are by far the best petpet in Neopia, don't argue with me on this one either! Enjoy Illusen Day with a brand new Kadoatie that you have to really work to take care of--I'm not kidding; they are very high-maintenance. You can barely leave them alone for a few hours before they start wailing! They are also very pricey. Only the best for your Neopet, though!

9. Green Kacheek Morphing Potion - r99

This multi coloured potion will transform your Neopet into a Green Kacheek!

You really need this one too! Can you just imagine it: you've just gone on a shopping spree at the NC mall; there are so many beautiful green-themed items and you've bought as many as possible. But what pet are you supposed to put them on?? What on Neopia do you do with all of these beautiful items? Oh, you only have JubJubs and Kikos? Obvious lack of judgement aside when you bought all of those NC items with no idea what to do with them, this morphing potion is a must have! In my own experience, I find Kacheeks to be one of the easiest Neopets to work with, as they are standing up AND they are just so adorable!

10. Green Kazoo - r78

Your bandmates will envy you this green kazoo.

A kazoo! I bet you didn't think I'd go there, did you? Well, pal, I did. You really need this to jam out some tunes about the earth and shamrocks and all the other things that everyone loves about this time of year! Plus, all your friends and future bandmates will be jealous. I mean come on, what are they doing with a guitar when you are ten times better with a little green kazoo?

11. Green Knight Sword - r101

Only those of supremely good faith can wield this magical sword.

Sometimes things get a little crazy during all the festive green parties. Sometimes it's dangerous to go unarmed. You should take this with you!

12. Green Leaf String Lights - r80

These leaves almost look magical with their gentle glow.

Decorate your Neohome with these magical green leaf string lights! Really get in the mood for green-ness with these twinkly lights. Keep them away from that random mutant Gnorbu that wants to yank them off the ceiling and drool on them, though.

13. Lucky Green Meepit Gnome - r80

We cant decide whether or not this is cute or creepy. It's cutreepy.

Last but not least! Talk about lucky number thirteen huh? Having this lucky green meepit garden gnome will bring you-you guessed it-a lot of luck! It may give off a slightly creepy feel (as most meepit related things do) but don't worry, this one isn't alive! Or at least I'm pretty sure it's not... but isn't the luck worth the risk of your Neohome getting taken over by crazed green meepit figures? Thought so!

Well, there we go, I hope you all have a happy and green Illusen Day! Thanks for reading!

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