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Celebrating Chomby Day Together

by stararan


For Chomby Day and/or Chomby fans! It's a continuation of Celebrating Gelert Day Together.

Enargee the Baby Gelert and Tienee the Baby Chomby had such a marvelous time on Gelert Day that every day since had seemed long, and slow, and uneventful. In the two weeks in-between Gelert Day and Chomby Day, Scorchios had had their day and Illusen celebrated her day as well, but they weren't nearly as fun because they couldn't celebrate together. Finally the day of the sleep-over arrived - they'd wake up to Chomby Day together just as they had two weeks before.

     "Hey! Wake up! It's your day today! Don't sleep in! Or we won't get everything done today!" Enargee excitedly exclaimed as he hopped onto his friend's bed, waking him up while he was at it - just like Tienee had done two weeks earlier to him. "Alright, I officially declare you to be an honorary Chomby today!"

     "So what do Chombies do first thing in the morning?" Enargee asked.

     "Why, we eat as much breakfast as we can get!" Tienee told him happily. He immediately started eating a generous portion of Chomby Leafy Crunch.

     Enargee sniffed the bowl of green leafy 'food' and looked up at his friend sadly and said, "I guess I'm a terrible Chomby ... I'm not sure I can eat this."

     "Don't worry - I didn't forget about you! I brought you a special Chomby day food you can eat!" Tienee replied. He disappeared for a few moments, he quickly returned with a warm (and meaty) Chomby Meatloaf. "I'll eat your bowl of Chomby Leaf Crunch for you!"

     Now that breakfast was settled, they both wore their Baby Holiday Scarfs and decided to write as many 'Happy Chomby Day' cards on their Starry Stationery as they could (complete with Chomby Stickers) to hand out to Chombies as they explored Neopia Central today.

     "Chomby history is well documented - thirteen years ago, a massive earthquake opened up the Ice Caves to a mysterious tunnel that opened up into Tyrannia's jungle - and to the first Chomby that they had ever seen - eating his lunch no less! Shortly thereafter, the Invasion of Tyrannia occurred - and with the help of the rest of Neopia, things returned normal and settled down soon enough. To honor that day, we celebrate with the Chomby Carnival - it's a day for every Neopian to celebrate our meeting and our victory. So I'd like it if we started off today by reading Chomby Carnival together," Tienee stated. They did just that and discovered that while the circumstances of Chomby Carnival, losing friends, petpets, being stuck with a rotten omelette, and having no neopoints sound down-right sad, there was a happy ending after all. (To find out what it is, you'll have to read Chomby Carnival for yourself!)

     It seemed like half of the morning had gone by when they finally had the chance to go to Neopia Central for the day's festivities. They were amazed at the over-night change - it looked as if Tyrannia had invaded and set up shop. "We couldn't celebrate properly last year - the War of the Obelisk had just ended and the lull in the fighting made it seem as if resting was more appropriate than setting up the carnival - so this year it's a big celebration to make up for the fun stuff we couldn't do last year," Tienee explained.

     "I don't know any famous Chombies, other than you - so be sure to point them out to me!" Enargee said.

     "There is a good reason for there being fewer famous Chombies than there are Gelerts - we're very shy by nature. We'll only be gregarious with our best friends. Only a few have managed to overcome that trait," Tienee answered.

     First they stopped by the Rainbow Pool to see the new Chomby colors, then they headed toward Uni's Clothing to see the new Chomby clothes. All along the way, they handed out their Happy Chomby Day Cards to every Chomby they met - they always acted surprised and smiled sweetly. This was, of course, helping them to build up quite an appetite, so they agreed to check into the Tyrannian Food Tents to see what they were serving for Chomby Day: they were giving out free Chomby Head Cupcakes and people had the option of choosing either Tekels Questionable Stew or Fern Salad. Enargee chose the former and Tienee the latter. Soon they were both stuffed with traditional Tyrannian fare and were ready for more adventure.

     "Oh, look! It's the best part of any carnival! Games!" Enargee pointed out.

     "Not just any games either! There's a demonstration of Tyrannian Mini-Golf given by one of its creators - Milo himself! If we study his technique, we might do well the next time we play!" Tienee mentioned.

     After the Tyrannian Mini-Golf demonstration, Enargee asked, "Milo kept on mentioning Gif'n, is that the other creator of the game?"

     "Yes, he most certainly is. The story goes that both friends were terribly bored one day and got the idea while watching a Symol dig a hole. They're a lot like us, I think. Two very different and great friends at the same time. Maybe one day we can invent a game and be famous like that!" Tienee answered.

     "Look there!" Tienee suddenly shouted. "Why it's none other than Loryche! She's the captain of Tyrannia's Altador Cup Team!"

     "I still think Tandrak Shaye is a cooler color ... *whispers* and a better player," Enargee said mischievously.

     "I'm sorry ... I didn't quite understand that last part ... did you say we had better go shopping?" Tienee asked, trying to change the subject.

     No sooner had they walked into the Book Store did they bump into Tippens who was trying to reassure others that what happened at this year's Spooky Food Eating Contest would not happen again next year. Enargee thought he could see Tippens carrying a book about avoiding monster attacks on his way out. To be honest, he was still somewhat upset that his favorite challenger, Moloch hadn't won. He had lost his favorite bone on account of that bet.

     "Look! I just bought this for you," Tienee shouted happily from across the store, he returned with a copy of The Chomby Champion, and he read its description aloud: "Berin dreamed of being a super hero and one day his dreams came true..."

     "Wow! That's amazing! Do you think it could really happen?" Enargee asked.

     "I don't see why not, it happens all the time here in Neopia. Whatever you set your mind to, you can accomplish," Tienee said.

     "Oh! That reminds me of your gift! I'd been saving up for weeks and carrying it around all day!" Enargee removed a carefully wrapped gift in blue and white paper and gave it to his friend. It contained a Cloud Gelert Notebook, a Cloud Gelert Pencil, and a Cloud Gelert Plushie. "I remembered how much fun we had on Gelert Day and I thought that if you were to really be a Gelert, you'd be an amazing Cloud Gelert. I know that you're always reading and writing down important facts so I thought you'd really enjoy having them. You can always practice talking to the Cloud Gelert Plushie so when we're in class you're not so afraid to show everyone how smart you really are."

     "Wow! Thanks! I'm sure I'll put it to good use! I think we're the luckiest Chomby and Gelert there are because we're such good friends!"

The End

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