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Awaking the Great Turmaculus: Part Three

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

I, Spans the Faerie Wocky, was still feeling tired, so I didn't even think that I was going to be the one carrying the water to throw at Turmaculus. When I realized that, I felt even more upset; those mornings were becoming a nightmare for me and for Bip! Oh, where's Bip? I was wondering myself. I was so stressed about visiting Turmaculus once again that I completely forgot about my little petpet and I couldn't find him anywhere... I went to look in every single corner of our neohome and still no sign of Bip.

     Maybe he had just run away, scared? (Well, that's what I would do in his place, honestly...) The thought of losing Bip was distressing me; it was not even a possibility for me to lose such a cute petpet! I was about to cry, when I heard a sigh coming from under my bed. There he was, little Bip, lying in a dark corner and shaking in fear... "I heard what he said and I don't want to go visit Turmaculus today. He was pretty intimidating when he woke up yesterday. I'm afraid that today he might not be that nice with me again. I don't want to get hurt by waking him up." Bip was feeling miserable and it made me feel even worse... I didn't want to force Bip to visit Turmaculus, but there was nothing I could do against my owner's will. And running away from home wasn't even a possibility – it was even more dangerous than a grumpy giant petpet... I guess.

     "I'm going to be by your side, so don't worry, Bip, nothing wrong will happen to you." I was so innocent saying this. I truly believed that nothing bad could happen to my petpet visiting the Giant Turmaculus...

     Bip helped me fill some buckets with water and ice because the water was supposed to be really cold; that should be enough to wake him! When I started grabbing those buckets it was when I realized that they were even heavier than the pots and pans of the other day that I had to carry along the Neopian world... I was feeling confident, though! Hopefully that would be the last day visiting Turmaculus and after that me and my petpet could have free time to play with each other and just have fun at our neohome, grooming and playing with our toys.

     "We are ready to go," I told Bip and our journey to the Turmaculus place started once again. Since we lived in Faerieland, it was actually a long way to walk. Thankfully I had wings for being Faerie-colored, so I could fly sometimes when my paws were hurting, but flying just made me feel more tired because I was flying and carrying heavy stuff and it was not an easy task for a weak female Wocky like me.

     It took us some time to get near Turmaculus. The journey took much more time than the day before, because we were getting pretty much tired as the day slipped by. Even though we were tired, we spent a nice time walking together and thinking about funny ways to wake Turmaculus: "Maybe if I blow my nose he will wake up!" Bip said, while he was already practicing the noisily blowing nose act. Bip could be a little clumsy sometimes; that was one of the things that made me like him so much. His kind of awkwardness was funny to see and in that moment I enjoyed it pretty much.

     "Oh, are you serious? Because I don't think any petpet wakes up by some petpet's blowing his nose..." I said, laughing. My petpet was really awesome; he always made me feel so happy and our moments together were so funny all the time. I was so glad that my owner had given me Bip! "Well, it doesn't sound so ridiculous if you compare it by tap dancing for Turmaculus! How could you think he was going to wake up if he wasn't even looking?!... Yes, he wasn't looking because he was SLEEPING!" Bip asked me, and he was laughing even harder than me!

     That was when we reached the Turmaculus place. It was lunch time and I was starving... maybe Turmaculus would feel the same way and wake up to eat something, and give the avatar to my owner; THAT would just be perfect!

     "I know you are tired, Bip, but let's just give him a bath, ok?" I was still making fun of Turmaculus, because that was good to relief the stress and the pressure of that strange moment.

     "I think I am, Spans..." Bip said as he was already trying to Dump Cold Water on the giant petpet; the recipients were too heavy for him, though... Bip was much smaller than me and if the recipients were pretty heavy for me, they were even more for my little petpet, I hadn't think about it...

     "Oh, I'm such an unlucky petpet! What now, Spans?" Bip was asking me and he was already getting his tail wet and trying to sprinkle Turmaculus. "This is so funny, Spans! Even if he doesn't wake up, he is going to be all soaked!" Bip was inside the buckets that were filled with water; he was already all wet and was going to bathe Turmaculus as well.

     It was really pleasant to see my petpet having fun next of that enormous petpet: his face showed no fear at all, he was just smiling at me and getting the ground all wet around him. Bip stopped; he was exhausted and felt on the floor and almost falling asleep, when suddenly his paw crushed what seemed to be a bug ... I went to look closer and, as Bip was raising his paw, it was possible to see a squished petpetpet, which seemed to be a Bumbluz. "OH NOOO!" Bip screamed, horrified. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST KILLED IT! IS IT DEAD, SPANS?" Bip couldn't stop screaming, he was just screaming and looking at the minuscule Bumbluz, that he didn't even realize that Turmaculus was awake.

     In a blink of an eye, my petpet, my sweet Bip, was gone. It was possible to hear... oh well, there was nothing to be heard, there was just an awkward silence in the air of Meridell. And the petpetpet was not dead at all, it was just stunned... The Bumbluz just shook its head and started walking again like nothing happened.

      You have awoken the great Turmaculus...

     AHHHHHH!!!! Turmaculus ate your petpet! BURP.

     Something Has Happened!

     You are now eligible to use 'Turmaculus' as an avatar on the Neoboards!


     Turmaculus will be waiting for you in the BATTLEDOME !!!

     Hide your petpets!!!!!

     The silence was broken from a scream of happiness: "YES! Finally I got this avatar, one less to go! And I also got another Battledome Opponent which is even more awesome!" It was my owner claiming triumphant. Oh, he was so happy... And there I was in front of the Giant Turmaculus waiting for my petpet to get back from his mouth or something like that. It was when the giant petpet went back to sleep and I started realizing that MAYBE my petpet wouldn't be back...

     "NOOO!" There it was my turn to scream franticly. "ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHERE IS BIP?!" I run around Turmaculus for some time, trying to see Bip. Well, maybe because he could be just hidden like he was on that morning, right? But the truth was in front of my eyes, I was just trying to avoid it: Bip was eaten by the Great Turmaculus, and he was not going to come back to me. Our funny days full of joy and laughs were over.

     "Don't worry, Spans, I'll get you another petpet to make you some company," my owner said. He couldn't take the smile of his face because of the avatar. He was being really kind to me, saying he'll give me another petpet, but he wasn't really feeling the loss of the petpet the same way I was...

     I went out of Meridell, heading straight to Faerieland and I couldn't say a word. I could only think about Bip. It was hard to not to think about him, since a few hours ago we had walked that path talking and laughing, and then it was just me... I had no one to share my sadness with because Bip was no longer with me and I was feeling lonely like I used to.

     And this is my story, a story of a Faerie Wocky that lost her petpet because of giant petpet called Turmaculus. After that, my owner gave me another petpet, Shiny, the Gold Mauket! He is cute and we have already spent a great time together playing around the Neopian world.

     But after all, the really good thing about the Turmaculus' experience is that my owner decided to stop collecting avatars and made me a stronger neopet: now he wants me to be a Battledomer. I actually like this idea! I'm not just the cute neopet anymore. Now I can be brave and powerful and I've beaten Turmaculus a lot of times. And every time I do it, I think of Bip, which makes me stronger... *sniff sniff*

     So... Please TNT! From now on, don't make avatars involving hungry petpets eating petpets, that makes neopets like me really sad. Thank you.

The End

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