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Awaking the Great Turmaculus: Part Two

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

And there I was, a beautiful Faerie Wocky carrying Pots and Pans because of a lazy petpet called Turmaculus. Some people called him the Great Turmaculus; well, he was HUGE, but I was the one carrying those heavy pots and no one seemed to be impressed with me!

     So, I was walking around Neopia heading to Meridell, and I had Bip flying by my side. It was hard to carry that heavy stuff, but it was always such a pleasure to walk around with Bip, oh how I loved my sweet petpet. He used to fly next to me, and when he got tired, he always lay on my back. Sometimes he even took a nap there, so cute! Erm... So, back to what really matters, we were going to visit Turmaculus again that morning, and that wasn't really a good morning, it was a little cold out there. As we reached Meridell, it was already possible to see Turmaculus: there was the giant petpet lying on the ground... Oh my Coltzan! The other day I didn't realize he was so fat, which make him look scarier than I remembered... *sigh*... "Are you ready to try to wake him again, Bip?"- I said. Bip was a lot more relaxed that morning than it was the day before, at least he looked more peaceful and he just shook his head, which means he was ready, or kind of ready. I was the only one who wasn't ready after all, though...

     We approached Turmaculus and incredibly he was EXACTLY in the same position as he was the day before; it really looked like he hadn't move a finger all night long! That was a pretty lazy petpet and maybe that was the reason he was so big. I walked around him for a while and decided to put down the pots next to his... erm... I was going to say ears but he had no ears... So, I just put the pots next to his head to make sure that the noise was going strictly to his brain (if he had one, of course, which I doubt).

     "Come here, Bip, everything is set up; you can start banging Pots and Pans!" I told Bip; I was strangely starting feeling motivated to wake Turmaculus. I step back to let Bip get closer to the pots, and he started beating on the pots first and then on the pans with his small paws. We hardly could hear a noise... Bip was too small to make enough noise to wake a normal petpet, and Turmaculus WAS NOT a normal petpet, it was a GIANT one. We needed more noise!

     "Maybe I could try with my tail... If I fly and bounce my tail at the same time, then maybe I'll be able to make a little more noise because my tail is much stronger than my paws. What do you think, Spans?" Bip asked, excited. I had no idea what to say, though... I wish I could help my petpet waking up Turmaculus, but it was a thing that only petpets were allowed to do. So, I just said "Keep trying, Bip!" and I went to look for something he could use to make more noise. As I was walking away, I could still hearing the sound of Bip trying harder and harder to make as much noise as possible, and it never seemed to be enough to wake Turmaculus...

     Next to Turmaculus, more precisely, next to the Mysterious Symol Hole (which wasn't much far from the Turmaculus place), there was a tree and I found some sticks that could be used to hit the pots and pans. I grabbed it with my mouth and run to Bip to give him the stick I found. It was not a really big stick; a bigger one would make much more noise, but Bip was also not big at all, so a small stick would be fine, I thought.

     When I approached Bip, he was exhausted and almost falling asleep near of Turmaculus. It was obvious that Bip tried to wake him up all the time I was away... Poor petpet, I was feeling so upset with my owner at that time! I was so angry that I only wanted to hit my owner with that stick. That's when I remembered something useful! "Hey, Bip! Maybe instead of making some noise for Turmaculus you could use this stick to hit him! What do you think? It sounds evil, but I'm sure you'll have some fun hitting him, at least you can put all your frustration on it." I couldn't believe I was telling my own petpet to do so! It was such a horrible thing to do, I was feeling really mean! Although I was feeling an awful neopet, Bip seemed to have enjoyed my idea. He was already grabbing the little stick and was flying around studying which part of the giant petpet he should hit.

     "Should I hit his face?" Bip asked me. Oh, he felt so tempting! I was so annoyed that I wish I could hit Turmaculus' face. To be honest, it would feel just great to hit Turmaculus somewhere, the part of his fat body wouldn't really matter. "Maybe hitting his face is a little too rude Bip!" I said. Well, my owner told us to be less pacific and to be a little more aggressive, but I wasn't feeling comfortable with the idea of hitting a giant petpet on its face...

     As I replied, Bip was already hitting Turmaculus, he started hitting him on his back while he also jumped on him – this part was hilarious and I was laughing so loud that I couldn't believe Turmaculus was still asleep! – and as time gone by, Bip was getting upset and started hitting Turmaculus on his head. That was so funny! I was really having a great time watching my small petpet flying around a GIANT petpet and hitting him. I'm sure Bip wasn't hurting Turmaculus, he is so tinny and small, it was impossible that Bip could really hurt Turmaculus.

     "What if I pull his tooth while I put the stick inside his nose?" Bip was really enjoying it as much as I was! We were both laughing so hard about that sleeping petpet. It seems like we could do anything to him and he was still sleeping! We were having so much fun that we didn't realize that Turmaculus had already moved his finger and then his paw. That was when he totally awoke.

     I grabbed Bip and it was possible to feel his heart beating incredibly fast and his breath and chest were moving uncontrollably. My poor petpet was so afraid! And so I was! My legs were shaking and so was my entire body. My lip was trembling and I didn't know if I should speak, scream or run away... It was funny when Turmaculus was sleeping but now that he was awake the environment was filled with fear. What should I do? Say hello and wish good morning with a pawshake? No, definitively, NO!

     "Oh dear...! I'm so sorry Mr. Turmaculus..." I started yelling, and then I was trying to speak with him rationally, it was all so confusing, when suddenly...

     You have awoken the great Turmaculus...

     and he has given you a Sword Bush!!!

     And just like that he woke up and went back to sleep. Me and my little petpet were pale, we were like White colored, not Faerie! My body was still crumbling and I was still holding Bip with all my strength. I was trying to think and to react, but all I could feel was a huge emptiness inside my head. And Bip, oh Bip... I think he just fainted on my arms.

     "Oh no! Didn't get the avatar! And instead of it Turmaculus just gave me more junk... *ahem* item for my Safety Deposit Box... We'll have to try it tomorrow once again, what a waste of time... And he just gave me junk!!" My owner was clearly mad. And that was when I got back to reality.

     "Bip just woke the Great Turmaculus." I was thinking... After all my tinny and little petpet was able to wake such a big petpet! I was so proud of my petpet's bravery that I gave him a really tight hug and that's when I realized that he was already awake and smiling; he was also happy for at least awaking Turmaculus. "Well done, Bip!" I said, and hugged him for a while.

     We had spent the whole morning trying to wake up Turmaculus, and now it was time to have lunch and then maybe take a nap. So, we walked, side by side, to our sweet neohome. That morning was full of emotions and feelings. First the joy, then the panic of being petrified in front of a giant petpet, which size was like three times bigger than mine and one hundred times bigger than Bip. We were pretty tired when we got home, but we still had time to play with each other before we felt asleep in the garden, next to our favorite tree; it was such a lovely neohome to live in. Being at my neohome with my petpet made me less mad with my owner, but that was before him waking me up about the Turmaculus... AGAIN...

     "Today we're about to get extreme! We're going to Dump Cold Water on Him! C'mon, let's go, guys. I have the feeling that TODAY IS the DAY," he said, highly excited. Why was my owner always so happy about visiting Turmaculus?? Obviously he wasn't the one who got in a panic staring in front of a giant petpet...

To be continued...

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