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Awaking the Great Turmaculus: Part One

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

Hello there, fellow Neopians! I'm Spans, a beautiful and pretty well customized Faerie Wocky. I really enjoy playing some games with my owner, but sometimes I get really bored, particularly when my owner doesn't have much free time to play with me. To make me happier, my owner gave me a really cute petpet so that I could spend my free time with a little friend. I absolutely love my petpet named Bip, the Faerie Gallion.

     Well, this story is based on the fact that one day my owner decided that he'd get the Turmaculus avatar. The plan sounded exciting because I really enjoy doing something different with my owner; I had no idea how to obtain the avatar, though...

     We went to visit the Great Turmaculus at an amazing and quiet afternoon. We were walking around Meridell and I and my little Bip were a little afraid of that Turmaculus thing; I heard from my friends that he wasn't a really nice petpet to meet, just don't know why and, in spite of being a little curious about him, the fear of the unknown sounded louder. So, I did my best to convince my owner to give up on that crazy idea and to let me try to kiss some Mortogs instead (maybe I was lucky enough to find my prince charming!)... The answer was always the same: "Don't be afraid, he's really cute, all yellow and purple spotted, there is nothing wrong about visiting him. Besides, he's always sleeping, so let's just hang around a little bit until you feel comfortable to try to speak with him. You and Bip don't have to wake him on the first try, it's perfectly fine if you can't, but let's just try, ok?" That was what I most like about my owner, he was so comprehensive with me all the time.

     As we were walking, we passed close to the Mysterious Symol Hole... That was always such a fun place to visit. I can clearly remember the happy face of Bip every time he jumped inside the hole: he always preferred to do the CANNONBALL!! jump, and he seemed so funny for it! I wish I could try the hole as well, but my size is just too big for it, so I guess I really have to keep playing Kacheek Seek instead. I was tempted to tell my owner that maybe we could try the Symol avatar instead of the Turmaculus one, but I was interrupted by a scream of happiness...

     "Here it is, the Great Turmaculus!" my owner claimed happily. Bip and I were just shaking in fear! He wasn't cute AT ALL! I was almost offended at my owner's thought of Turmaculus being cute... To be honest, he wasn't cute neither friendly; one of his tooth was almost bigger than my head! How could we be friends?? That's when I went to look for my sweet petpet - poor Bip, he was hidden behind me, shaking and closing his eyes in panic. And I was feeling terrible because there was nothing I could do to help my lovely petpet, all I could say was "Good luck, Bip!" and crossed my fingers, hopping for the best to happen...

     "Erm... Wa... wait a minute! How am I supposed to wake him up?" Bip asked me, and he was still shaking and obviously he was trying to get some time until he feel prepared. I had no clue about how to wake the giant petpet, though...

     "Calm down, Bip, try to sing for him and try to be as nice as possible; we don't want him to wake in a bad mood." That was what came up at my head in that terrify and awkward moment.

     "But, buuut Spans! You never taught me how to sing! And which song should I sing?" That was when Bip really started being in panic. He was screaming at me and I could see tears start flowing in his sweet round eyes... And he was right, I never taught him any song. In that moment I was feeling the worst neopet ever! Suddenly, I remembered a song that some of my friends taught me - it was a pirate song since my friends were Pirate Wockies, but oh well, at least it was a song! The problem was that Turmaculus didn't actually look like a pirate so the song was most likely to not be very welcomed for him, but we had to try something...

     "Try this one, Bip." In spite of thinking that song wasn't really appropriate, I tried to teach Bip how to sing it.

     "A pirate's life for me! Oh a pirate's life for meee!

     I'm happy the way I am and the way I wanna be,

     because I'm such an evil pirate and not a just bee!"

     Bip was staring at me with his eyes open, and besides being upset with me he seemed shocked with the song... "WHAT?! Are you kidding me? I'm not even a PIRATE! And this huge petpet doesn't seem to be a pirate, either!! Why do you want me to sing a pirates' song for him??"

     Oh poor Bip... He was so right about this one. But it was the only song I knew and my owner was already impatient waiting for us to get him the avatar. "C'mon, Bip! Our owner is waiting and that's the only song I know, if you don't like it then try to sing something else!" I was a little upset with my Bip, but he was right to be afraid, the song wasn't proper to sing to Turmaculus and if Turmaculus was GIANT comparing to me, he was even bigger comparing to the small and fragile Bip. That was when he started... erm... singing:

     "Oooh, Great and Giiiaaaant Turmaculuuuus,

     would you please wake up? Wake up. Wake uuuup! "

     "Oh My Coltzan, BIP!! That is NOT singing! You're just speaking and making some words sound like a song, but that's not singing at all!! Stop with that, you should have sung the pirates' song like I told you before." I was being a little rude with my petpet, to be honest... But he was embarrassing me! So, I decided that it was time to try another method. All we had to do was to wake up that giant petpet and then go back to our neohome and play with our toys, there was no time to lose. "Ok Bip, let's try another thing. I'll sing for you and you can Tap Dance for him. What do you think?"

     "I'm not good with dancing as well, Spans. Right now I feel good at nothing... But I can try, since you don't sing that pirates' song! All I want is to go home with you and have some fun and relax there." Bip couldn't wait to get out of that terrifying place - and he wasn't the only one, I must confess.

     We were both so sad and stressful because of Turmaculus, and my owner only seemed to care about the avatar... So, we put the most effort we had on that try. I started singing nothing special, just a "la laaa la, be ba daa de de dum" song while making some rhythm with my faerie wings, and the little Bip was shaking his wings, clapping his paws and trying to bounce his body as it bounced his tail. It was actually being a funny moment, and Bip and I started enjoying it! We had never done something like that. While he was dancing for Turmaculus, he was smiling at me; I was pretty sure that we were both having a great time after all that pressure.


     Bip just could not wake him.

     It was a shame that Bip wasn't able to wake Turmaculus. Our owner was sad, but we had a great time and we were ready to go home and live our lives playing games and having fun, when he said, "Tomorrow you and your petpet will try to wake Turmaculus again." Bip and I were petrified hearing that statement... Our owner wanted us to try it AGAIN?! All the joy and happiness we had just vanished away. I was looking at Bip, Bip was looking at me and we both started shaking and we both wanted to cry... That Turmaculus was creepy, and even though we had fun singing and dancing, we didn't want to visit him again. But my owner seemed so determinate about visiting him the next day that I didn't even try to persuade him to not do so.

     "Oh and by the way, maybe tomorrow you and Bip can try to be a little more aggressive, you know? You won't be able to wake a giant petpet by singing or dancing for him, that's just ridiculous... Tomorrow we will bring Pots and Pans or maybe a Bell! And we will make some noise, right, fellows?" I just couldn't say no! to my owner when he seemed too excited about something. I was scared, Bip was petrified, but we were kind of happy to see our owner happy. He was always so kind to me and, after all, nothing bad happened with Turmaculus, so maybe we could just try the next day and see what happens. I only heard rumors about him and maybe those rumors weren't that true... Maybe Turmaculus was actually a nice petpet, maybe I should meet him and make a new friend...

     We walked to our neohome and my owner hugged me, I hugged Bip and we went to play for a while. It was time to relax a little bit before the next day... I ate a piece of the delicious Deluxe Water Pizza, and then I ended up falling asleep hugging Bip; it was such an exhaustive day... I was dreaming about some Shell-Topped Cupcakes with lots of sugar (yummy!) when my clock ringed, it was time to wake up for another day full of events in the Neopian world. And my owner was already awake and he was really enthusiastic about visiting Turmaculus by the morning.

     "Let's go, Spans! We're heading to Meridell and we are going to visit Turmaculus once again. Are you ready? Bring the Pots and Pans!"

To be continued...

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