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Gadgadsbogen: Laying On THE Perfect Feast

by schoolwars


As the marvellous festival of fruit, also know as Gadgadsbogen, approaches, Neopians all over will be hitting the shops and market places in search of the very best fruit to show off during celebrations. And with the current mouth-watering selection of Tropical fruits available, it can be hard to come up with a uniquely fabulous spread, especially one that'll knock spots off of everyone else's!

Need some ideas? Well, look no further! Here I give a run down of the greatest festival fruits ever. Not only that, each fruit I have listed starts with a letter, that when combined spells out the wonderful word of Gadgadsbogen! So your tropical table will be tasty AND original. We begin with the letter...


Gelupepper: To start with, here is the Gelupepper. A teal hued treasure with a firm yet wrinkled skin, it is a close cousin of the famed Cornupepper. They DO share the same mottled patterning and spicy aftertaste, but that is where the similarities end. For where you'd be reaching for the nearest ice cold beverage (or 10) after consuming a Cornupepper, the lovely Gelupepper will have you doing the opposite and wishing you could tolerate glugging down a whole bowl of Boiling Hot Lava Soup in one. That's right, after eating one of these, your mouth will be fantastically cold!


Astranna: With this scrumptious morsel, try to imagine a grape; only this fruit is far larger and has a crispy shell. Not only that, but its outside is a pretty lilac colour, and it is decorated with up to four soft points. Flavour wise, you also can't go wrong - who doesn't like the taste of candyfloss? That's right, get through the shell of this berry (peel it if you must) and be confronted with a delicately sweet, juicy, candy tasting fruit. Delicious!


Duoroot: This extra special treat is not like any other you will have devoured before. For it is a member of both the fruit AND vegetable family. Double whammy! Sporting a great shade of bright purple, this double pronged root tastes like a sugary fruit (kinda like a raspberry so I am told), but has the vitamins and texture of a carrot. Try and get your brain around that for a second! Also healthy and low in calories - try drying it out or slicing it up for a sin free snack.


Goparokko Island Fruit: Venture north of Mystery Island, into the tiki torch lit areas of Geraptiku, you are sure to come across one of these. Originally grown in these parts, and taking inspiration for its name from the popular puzzle game (of course), it has a very crisp, sweet flavour. Some have reported the taste as being similar to a fresh Krawk Apple. I personally would liken it more to a Jipple Pear to be honest. This tasty berry grows in big bunches on trees and is only perfectly ripe once it has turned two shades below 'Virtublaster Mauve'.


Appriberry: Small but perfectly formed, the Appriberry is the right mix of sweet and delicious. It closely resembles a nice red apple, but look harder and you'll see a seed studded skin that is not unlike the outside of a strawberry. Actually, bite into this fruit and that's the kind of taste you will get on your tongue! According to famous Mystery Island resident Ryshu, the seeds of this appetizing fruit are claimed to have healing powers; however, in a recent poll of 100 Neopians, the results came back that they just seemed to stick in people's teeth. Hardly therapeutic!


Doughnutfruit: What is NOT to like about the truly scrumptious Doughnutfruit?! A just sweet enough fruit, which loosely resembles a doughnut; and usually tastes like one too! With over 15 different varieties to choose from, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. My personal favourites include the Chocolate Doughnutfruit (self explanatory, come on), the Blue Doughnutfruit (which tastes like blueberry muffins *drool*), the Icy Doughnutfruit (perfect eatings on a hot day), Sprinkled Doughnutfruit (icing AND sprinkles?!!), and though I admit I have yet to actually try it *sheepish face* the Fish Doughnutfruit. Well, I challenge you to find somebody who HAS chowed down on this rare treat!


Spironut: Ah the delectable Spironut. Spiky red leaves and stem, and a hard, ridged outside conceal two to three tiny bites of tastiness. With a flavour akin to... hmmm, perhaps a pecan crossed with a walnut, this (now retired) shelled fruit is rather expensive and hard to come by these days. Which is such a shame! For when taken in large quantities, this nut has the ability to cheer up even the most miserable of pets. Better stock up on plushies instead.


Blurf: A strange looking fruit that sort of looks like a peach... except it's blue... and a little too hairy. But it DOES taste like a peach! And in case you have forgotten, peaches are rather yummy - a firm favourite of Fyora don't you know! You are advised to watch out for the hard as rock inner core though; even Relic Grarrls can't get past it. Plus how you consume this delight is totally up to you. Blurfs taste tremendous - whether baked in a cake, frozen in a Brucicle, blended with coconut milk, or mixed as a refreshing shake; so versatile.


Ombus Fruit: A bright blue two chambered legume with subtle orange stripes, this will definitely add yet more brightness to your Gadgads-table. Although they are now retired and an uncommon sight on the markets, they aren't entirely unbuyable. I hear the Tiki Tack Man has a secret stash that he can be persuaded to dip into; for the right price! Back in the day (when the Ombus Fruit was still readily available), young Mystery Islanders had a game they loved to play: they would squeeze one end of this fruit really hard, and see how far the seeds would fly out. The record is down as 238 metres!


Golden Juppie: As mysterious as the island from which they come, the best way to try and describe a Juppie is to say that it is pumpkin in shape, but mango in flavour. Your mind blown yet? There is also a nice sweet aftertaste, that lingers long after consumption. Did I mention that you can also get chocolate flavoured varieties?! But perhaps the rarest member of the Juppie family tree, this golden snack has the ability to make anyone who eats it refreshed and happy. Surely you can't ask for more than that!


ErgyFruit: If you have the time to go hunting (and enough neopoints), the ErgyFruit comes highly recommended. Billed as a great source of energy for those horrendous hikes through the jungle, these luminous green beauties taste of kiwi fruit, but are packed with more than five times the amount of energy-giving nutrients. No wonder they glow! Usually found growing in little clumps of three, they have a bubble like appearance and even make a 'pop' sound as you munch them down. Stock up to add plenty of radiance to your party table.


Nolafruit: Finally, here is the lip-smacking Nolafruit! A ruby red and yellow striped berry with a bright green inedible leafy stem, it offers a wonderful flavour contrast. The fruit inside is tangy yet sweet, but the edible skin is extra sour! Having tried it, I can only describe it like this: the flesh inside tastes exactly like eating a passion fruit, whereas the skin (should you choose to devour it) is like having two Sourmelons in your mouth at the same time; try to imagine that if you will, and you'll understand why most people take the time to peel this fruit first! I heard they are pretty useful during the annual 'Squashed Face Contest' held in Meridell, though...

So there you go - so many fruity ideas that will ensure your Gadgadsbogen festival party goes with a bang. Arrange them in order on a huge table, and point out to dumbfounded guests how hard you have worked to come up with a unique food for each letter of the Gadgadsbogen name. I guarantee no one will have a spread like it, and you will be talked about (in a good way) for years to come. I hope you have a tasty feast, and an even better party! Of course, I expect an invite.....

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