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Brace yourselves... April Fools is Coming

by calliegraphy


As many of us veteran players know, there are a few things that we can all look forward to happening on a regularly, or sometimes annual basis. Old traditions, New Traditions... all of them something to get excited for. Or are they? The Advent Calendar in the month of Giving? Well, sure! That's always something we can get excited for. Or how about your favorite species' day? Maybe the Faerie Festival? Check and Check! We love those annual events... but something we all have come to expect looms over us. There's not much time... TNT's April fools prank is coming.

What prank you say? Well, my, sweet, naive, Neopian... there comes a time every year where we all fall victim to the tomfoolery of our beloved moderators. TNT has for the past thirteen years successfully caught every one of us off guard with the most outrageous and out of this world trick that anyone could imagine. Every year, all of Neopia goes into a frenzy over whatever TNT has chosen to target us with and by the end of that Fyora forsaken day, without fail, we shake our fists into the air and chant "You got us again, TNT!".

Think about that! Thirteen years! You would think they would run out of things to think of, right? WRONG! They are as wicked and cunning as they were in the early days and somehow they seem to get better each day. (My sources say they have secret meetings with Sloth to plan this evil day each year... ).

Throughout Neo History there have been some frightening pranks and some that got our hopes up so high that we could hardly handle the disappointment when we found it to be a prank. In this article, we are going to showcase the Five of TNT's Pranks that have nearly driven us Neopians insane. Here's to you, TNT, you pranksters!

5. Battledome is Closed!

Can you imagine if one day anything and everything battledome went down? Well, that was a reality about seven years ago. TNT decided to fool us all by closing the battledome and all things related. While this was quick to scare many players, it was short lived as there were many holes in their prank. Premium members could still battle, the Petpet Battle Arena was still active, and battledome challengers could still be collected. Needless to say, players caught on quickly. Hm, nice try, TNT! Maybe next year. ;)

4. Neopoint Tax

In Y8, TNT implemented the Neopoint Tax. This task would be a very costly fee that all users were required to pay in order to access the site. With a hefty price tag of 75 NP per pet page, it quickly drained users of their funds... a frightening idea! However, to offer some relief, TNT gave alternatives to paying the fees in NP. If you did not have sufficient funds to cover the fees you incurred, a few things could've happened; They would take your items to cover it, your pets would be put up for adoption, Painted pets would return to basic colors, or possibly twice as many ads. YIKES! This was a year for the record books.

3. Neopetz

While some of us remember very well the revamping of the site to the new layout, prior to many of the luxuries we enjoy now, it wasn't the first time that TNT proposed a drastic change. Three years prior to the Neopoint tax, TNT introduced "Neopetz". In theory this radical change would nullify the use of neopoints and make everything on the site free. I know what you're thinking: GREAT IDEA! Well, don't get too excited, it was only a trick by those silly members of TNT.

2. Quiguki Armageddon!

Now this was an impressive one in its own right. This would be the first year of the April Fools avatar and if you ever wondered, "Why is there a Quiguki on this avatar?" this is your answer. Sort of like the "theme days" we have now... this day was completely taken over by Quiguki. While it wasn't as scary as some years... it still got some good reactions!

1. Scourgies

Let's just say that in all Neopian History... this day will go down as one of the most well done pranks TNT has ever done. Imagine if every one of your pets, and your friends pets, and EVERY OTHER PET was infested with some disease that no body had any idea about. All of Neopia was in a frenzy over what was happening to their pets. Were their forever stuck with pink and grey growths? We sure hoped not! This was such a tragedy that it went further than Neopia! Even one of their own fell victim! Mr. Insane, one of our beloved leaders, was infected with what would later be named Scourgies. Thankfully, cures began to pop up, but much to our dismay they were short lived. Everyone was frantic to keep their pets well but to little avail. Finally, TNT released their prank at the end of the day. However, if you ask some Neopians, I'm sure they will say that this was one of the scariest pranks they were apart of!

So basically, TNT spends a whole year preparing ( and plotting with Sloth! ) to top the previous years prank. If there's anything you can count on... it's the evilness and cunning minds of TNT. When those wicked minds get together they certainly can come up with some frightening things. But no matter how tricky they get... we do know it's coming. While we can't know what exactly will happen on April 1st of this year... there are a few things you can do to survive it:

  1. Freak out, usually on the Neoboards.
  2. Flail.
  3. Whine, also an acceptable reaction for the Neoboards.
  4. Curl into a ball and rock back and forth.
  5. Hang your head in shame because TNT fooled you again.

So there you have it. You see how tricky TNT has been... and now you can properly prepare for April 1 of Y16. For now, all you can do is get your "I heart TNT" flag ready and hope their are merciful this year.

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