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Top 10 Retired Hidden Tower Items

by vitorplemes


Also by sakura_dreamer

We all know that there is a Hidden Tower in Faerieland where Queen Fyora sells some awesome items! And from time to time, TNT decides to retire a few items so Fyora can put new items for sale. So I decided to get the 10 best retired items from the Hidden Tower and share with you! I am not basing myself on their prices or rarity, but among all retired items these are either the most desirable, unique or popular items.

1 - Eraser of the Dark Faerie ()

Well, this item can remove one of your opponent's weapons forever (literally!). Now think about when this item came out, the battledomers were probably freaking out and fearing to have their expensive weapons erased forever! This is certainly the best item for revenge, but well, you don't want to see people crying around there, right? Fortunately, unless you have arch-enemies, you won't have to worry about being a victim of the Eraser, since it is only one use and very rare (and expensive). Nowadays it is just a collector's item.

2 - Fake Von Roo Fangs ()

Right, not the strongest weapon around there; it does 3 earth icons, 5 fire and 1-5 physical. But it is unique because it has a small chance of removing permanently some levels from your opponent! (Around 2%). Also I can't forget to mention that it has a little chance of breaking forever (0.5%). Gotta be careful! You could afford one in HT for: 2,300,000 NP. Release date: June 11, 2002.

3 - Jhudoras Wand ()

Okay, let me explain how this item works. That's a very powerful weapon. It attacks 3 earth and 5 dark icons and blocks all air. But when happens to the opponent attack with light and air icons, the light icons makes a copy itself into air icons and 75% of that air icons will be reflected, the other 25% will be received. Yeah, that's a weird weapon but it's very strong! Release date: February 4, 2004. Old price in HT: 8,000,000 NP.

4 - Hubrids Odial Sphere ()

It was released on April 5, 2002 and you could purchase one for "only" 26,000,000 neopoints. Back then it was considered to be A LOT of neopoints (okay, still a lot, but at that time not every battledomer could afford it!). That's why it's a very rare weapon and there are not many around! I actually only saw it once, when TNT decided to give one out after one trillion page views. What it does? It gives you one random item from HT, but will take away 50% of your current HP. No way!

5 - Monoceraptors Claw ()

That is a very strong weapon: 6 light, earth and fire icons plus 1-6 physical icons. Nowadays it's very hard to find one for sale and it is also very expensive. But every battledomer ever dreamed about equipping one of those on their pet! It was released in March 20, 2002 and retired together with another 4 items: Rod of Dark Nova, Chia Flour, Jade Scorchstone and Zaptwig. It was retired on 27 September, 2002.

6- Ghostkersword ()

A very strong sword that is still very popular in battles. But to have 8-23 air icons plus 5 physical and 3 dark icons you'll have to pull off lots of neopoints from your bank. I tried to find when it was both released and retired but it looks that ghostkersword is so old that I could not find a exactly date! But for sure it was more than ten years ago. It seems it was available in HT for 13,000,000 neopoints.

7 - Faerie Paint Brush ()

That paint brush is not expensive like the other retired items from Hidden Tower, also because it was a prize in older events in the site and if you are lucky you can also win one of them on the Vending Machine. But it's so popular that I had to classify it as top 10. Who doesn't like a cute faerie pet? Well, they are not hard to find for sale, but the price is only increasing (slowly, but it is!). Released in 26 May, 2003 for 200,000 neopoints and retired in September 13, 2003.

8 - Jade Scorchstone ()

A very good healer to be used during the battle, similar to Leaded Elemental Vial (but more expensive), it heals 100% of your health's pet. Beyond it's a good weapon, it's also retired, and the price is always so high that most of Neopians could only dream owning one! That's another item I could not find the release date for, so probably more than 10 years ago. It was retired (as mentioned before) together with another four items (check #5). Price in HT: 10,000,000 neopoints. Oh, and don't forget that it's only one use per battle!

9 and 10 – Faerie Acorns + Little Timmys Slingshot ( + )

I had to put those items together because when you mix them at the Cooking Pot, you will have a brand new item: Faerie Slingshot. That is one of the strongest items all over Neopia, when it comes to amount of icons: there is a 33% of chance of a strong hit, 17 earth, 12 light, 6-25 physical icons, so yes, there is a chance of attacking a total of 60 icons! No way! But you can't forget that the other 67% is a weak hit: 2 earth, 2 light 1-3 physical items. Well, still a very good and powerful weapon. Above it is probably only the legendary Darigan Sword of Death, but we still don't know exactly how many icons it does, since only one was released and the original owner have never told anyone! Release date for Little Timmys Slingshot: October 2, 2001. In HT for 2,970,000 neopoints. Faerie Acorns: release date march 19, 2002 and in HT for 7,500,000 neopoints (unfortunately I was not able to find the date of retirement).

And that's it. All top 10 retired Hidden Tower items. Almost all of them are very expensive and not affordable for most of Neopians. In addition to be weapons (except for the Faerie Paint Brush), they are retired, so they're also a very good investment!

I hope I helped you bringing a little information about those unique items.

And don't forget to make a visit at the Hidden Tower to appreciate the current items for sale (and buy some, if you can). After all, you never know when they are going to retire and possibly be part of this list someday. ;)

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