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Illusen: A Makeup and Hair Special

by trubiekatie


Many flock to Meridell to visit the charming Illusen, tucked away in her glade. It smells wonderful, with the trees and the flowers blooming. Most Neopians run frantically, trying to get her quest items within the time limit. A small group of elite requesters even manage to snag her rare items for their efforts.

I like Illusen for more than her quests. She has great style and grace. Her beauty products are just what I need for my pets, so I've highlighted the best products available for you to pamper your pets. They say this is the best way to tame that Illusen hair – better hop to it!

1. Illusen Organic Replenishing Shampoo

Description: Leaves your hair or fur smelling like a fresh forest glade.

Cost: 7,000 NP

There's nothing I like more than to really wash my hair (or perhaps even my Illusen Wig!) with this shampoo. It not only smells like Illusen's heavenly glade, it's organic! That must mean it's good for my hair, right? The bottle design is perfectly suited to Illusen herself, with a very earthy feel.

2. Illusen Organic Moisturizing Conditioner

Description: Have hair or fur that feels like tree bark? Then try this moisturizing conditioner.

Cost: 8,000 NP

Can it be?! There's a sister to the shampoo! This is inverted bottle is the perfect solution to your dry hair. Crafted by Illusen herself, the two products work in conjunction to tame any hair. You can't mistake this from the shampoo since the two bottles are compliments. Illusen, you are just so smart!

3. Illusens Sunscreen

Description: Protect your skin like Illusen with this sunscreen.

Cost: 45,000 NP

Despite the foliage surrounding her glade, Illusen still needs to wear sunscreen! This bottle is adorable and the stuff really does work. When you're out in the desert or walking around Tyrannia, lather this sunscreen on. I think it works better than the rest, and besides, Illusen herself uses this! Despite the price tag, it's definitely the best out there.

4. Illusen Blue Waterproof Mascara

Description: Perfect for swimming!

Cost: 30,000 NP

Compared to other mascaras, this one is far superior. Being able to swim and not have to worry about looking like the Awakened is a blessing! I love the adorable bottle and how it reminds me of Illusens Glade. This is great for those outings to Kiko Lake or Roo Island.

5. Illusens Comb

Description: Keep your pets hair silky and smooth with the help of this comb. No more leaves and twigs in your pets hair.

Cost: 1 NP

This is the classic item I think everyone owns. Illusen gives these out like its candy on Halloween. Nothing detangles better than this trusty comb. Used with the shampoo and conditioner, your hair will be shiny and dandruff free. This comb works so well it can remove leaves from your hair! What were they doing in it anyway...

6. Illusens Collectors Contacts

Description: Now you can have eyes just like Illusen! This is the 4th NC Collectible item from the Questing Faeries Finest Collection - Y14.

Cost: 2 caps

Illusen does have lovely earth green eyes, so why not get them yourself? These contacts are great for spring customizations. Nothing is more flattering than trying to copy the lovely Illusen. You could even be so bold as to do a quest for her while wearing them!

7. Illusen Wig

Description: If you ever wanted to have hair like the famous Earth faerie, now is your chance!

Cost: 50,000 NP

Nothing is more classic than Illusens hair. With that tinge of green, it is a very unique look. And now you can have it for your own pet! I don't know if Illusen will like you copying her, but sometimes, you have to pay to have really nice hair. Maybe she can understand that. I wouldn't recommend wearing this around Jhudora though!

8. Illusen Strawberry Perfume

Description: Smell as juicy as a strawberry while wearing this perfume.

Cost: N/A – but expensive!

This perfume smells wonderful – like Illusen's Glade with all the trees and flowers. The strawberry scent just adds that fruit kick and completes the fragrance. I think the bottle is the best part! Look at that little strawberry and how elegant the glass looks. Nicely done Illusen!

9. Illusens Laced Slippers

Description: These slippers are just like the ones that Illusen likes to wear!

Cost: 3,500 NP

Are your shoes hurting your feet or flat out ugly? Try these delicate slippers! The lace wraps up so they stay firmly on your feet and are very light. No more carrying extra weight with these cute shoes. Perfect for dancing, prancing or any sort of skipping. Be light on your feet when you need to be within Illusen's time limit!

10. Illusen Beauty Bust

Description: If you ever wanted to see what Illusen would look like with bright pink eyeshadow, here is your chance!

Cost: 25,000 NP

Despite the fact this is a toy, it can actually be very valuable! Practice your make-up application skills using this, with Illusen as your doll. She won't be offended if you don't get it right the first time, just keep practicing! This is great to test the mascara, but also comes with other beauty essentials, such as earrings, eye shadow and blush.

11. Illusen Heart Charm

Description: This charm is one of Illusens favourites!

Cost: 245,000 NP

Not only is this a favourite of Illusen, but mine too! Now you can take a little piece of Illusen wherever you travel. Its cute and fun design can work with any look. It bangles around as you walk, so make sure it is firmly secured to your wrist. With this charm, you can have a simple piece of jewellery that completes your beauty regimen.

That covers all of the Illusen beauty related items! Having designed by the faerie herself, they are perfect and very useful. Extend your appreciation for this earth faerie beyond her avatars, and quests. Getting into a good beauty regime with Illusen by your side will bring you nothing short of good fortune! I won't be able to say the same if you fail to complete one of her quests though.

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