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Nine Most Creative Uses of Gadgadsbogen Fruits

by blessed_faerie


Every year in the month of Running, Mystery Islanders (and Neopian tourists, too) gather to celebrate the festival of Gadgadsbogen, which means good good day . Every year during Gadgadsbogen, some special new fruits are discovered and some old fruits are retired and no longer grown. Many Neopians are inspired by the new fruits and go on to create interesting dishes with them. Below are some of the most creative and most delicious dishes created using fruits introduced during the Gadgadsbogen festivals of years past.

Kougra Owabit Shake

We're starting the list off with my favorite Gadgadsbogen fruit of all time: the Owabit. An Owabit tastes like a mixtures of grapes and oranges. It was released in Y10 and was an immediate hit, especially in Kreludor, which shares the Owabit's orange and purple color scheme. The Kougra Owabit Shake, shown above, manages to separate the colors of the Owabit, orange and purple, into different sections that look like the stripes of a Kougra. This shake even uses the thorny, hard outer portion of the Owabit as a little decoration on the side.

Dried Lemoran

Gadgadsbogen is known for some really interesting combination fruits, like the Owabit above. Another fun one is the Lemoran, which is like a lemon and an orange combined. Unfortunately, the Lemoran turned out to be a little too sour for most Neopians. People tried so many variations to make it more delicious including Fresh Lemoranade, Lemoran Fruit Leather Socks, and even Sliced and Picked Lemoran (which was a terrible idea.) The best Lemoran product in Neopia is definitely Dried Lemoran. The method of drying leaves it more bittersweet and less sour. It's also extremely healthy!

Pluburb Pie

Taking a big bite of a Pluburb feels like a fruity explosion in your mouth. The Pluburb contains many large pockets filled with a fruity filling the consistency of a thick juice. Released on an early Gadgadsbogen Day in Y10, the Pluburb was an instant crowd favorite. Pluburb Pie is a really fun use for this juicy fruit. Eating Pluburb Pie is almost like having a slice of pie and a glass of Pluburb juice at the same time! This pie even has some especially runny Pluburb whipped cream on top, garnished with a Pluburb leaf.

Blurf Coconut Milk

The Blurf made its debut during Gadgadsbogen Y6. It's a fairly furry fruit that feels and tastes like a peach, but looks totally different. Combining Blurfs and coconut milk was a brilliant idea. Grab your umbrella straw and head to the beaches of Mystery Island with this sweet beverage!

Magical Agueena Chia Pop

Y11 brought us a very rare and expensive fruit, the Agueena. Agueenas are the perfect fruit for Mystery Island because they can cool you down in hot temperatures. Most native Mystery Islanders eat their Agueena with a pinch of salt sprinkled over the top. Some brilliant Neopian scientist managed to do the almost unimaginable and create a cold treat that can morph your Neopet into a life-sized Agueena. This Magical Agueena Chia Pop will only affect Chias, though. Other species of Neopets just find it to be delicious and refreshing. The Agueena is the only Gadgadsbogen fruit that has been turned into a Chia Pop with magical morphing qualities. Chias beware!

Roseatte Latte

A latte is an already close-to-perfect beverage, but a little Roseatte juice kicks it up a notch! The Roseatte Latte includes the perfect balance of coffee, fluffy milk, and Roseatte. You might think adding fruit to coffee is a bad idea, but the small amount of Roseatte juice in this latte is just enough to add a light rosy scent. You can even use the top half of the Roseatte to cover your coffee mug and keep your latte warm! The Roseatte was introduced during Y8's Gadgadsbogen and has been a popular additive to fruits and deserts ever since.

Flotato-Stuffed Turkey

Looking for a way to spice up your next family holiday? Try a Flotato-Stuffed Turkey. The Flotato is a very perplexing fruit that was introduced in Y5. It's totally indescribable, except for the qualities in its name: a Flotato looks like a potato and it floats. Fun fact: if you put enough Flotato in a turkey, it will also float. I dare you to try it the next time you're cooking a whole turkey. The Flotato taste is not too strong, so it won't overwhelm the flavor of your turkey.

Harffel Fruit Oatmeal

Released in Y5 along with the Flotato, Harffel Fruit is a delicious and brightly colored fruit. It only has one quirky quality: only one half of the Harffel Fruit grows at any one time. Because of this, the inner part of the fruit is exposed and spoils very quickly. When you're eating Harffel Fruit, you know it's very fresh since they don't last for long. One of the best foods made with this fruit is Harffel Fruit Oatmeal. Fruit is great for breakfast and even better when mixed with your usually bland oatmeal. And doesn't the Harffel Fruit look beautiful on top?

Thornata Bean Bag

This one isn't edible, but it sure is neat! The Thornata is one of the sweetest fruits you'll find in Neopia. It has a strange milky, creamy texture that takes some time to get used to. The outside is covered in large thorns, hence the name of the fruit. The Thornata and this Thornata Bean Bag were both released in Y8. At first glance, this bean bag looks incredibly uncomfortable. Try it out, though, and you'll find that the thorns actually massage your back while you're sitting.

Now you can shop for and enjoy a whole meal of delicious foods and beverages made from fruits that were originally released during past Gadgadsbogen festivals. Take a seat in your Thornata Bean Bag and start eating—just be careful with that Magical Agueena Chia Pop! Let's see what the creative folks of Neopia can create out of the new fruits from this year's Gadgadsbogen.

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