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How To Stop Feeding Kadoaties

by happytimewithmilk


So you're an avid kad-feeder, correct? Do you wait at The Kadoatery for hours on end feeding kads? Are feeding kads the only thing you think about when you are on Neopets? Have you alienated your non-feeding friends because you just don't understand them? Do you feel trapped in the never ending stream of having to feed? Have you lost a lot of Neopoints feeding UBs, or just overtime with buying food? Do you time your day around mains? Have you kept on feeding long after you earned the avatar? Well then, I am here to help.

I'm sure you know what a kadoatie is. I'm sure you know all about the Kadoatery and it's history. No? Well, why are you still here? Oh, you thought I was going to teach you HOW to kad feed? Sorry, pal, I'm only here to help you stop the addiction.

Step one: Admit you have the problem.

"No, I only like to feed one or two a day... and then sometimes ten if I have extra time."

"I can stop anytime I want, really."

"But the little kads need me! They need their food!"

Do any of the above sound like you? Well? I know it's hard to admit but kad-feeding can be REALLY addictive. Just ask any overfeeder! Everyone starts the same way: they want the avatar. To get the avatar you have to feed a certain amount of kadoaties. Now I won't tell you how many, you'll have to figure that out for yourself. :P No one starts feeding only for just a hobby on Neopets. The bad thing is, though, once some people get into feeding and get very good at it, they can't find the nerve to stop. When you are good at something, do you keep doing it and not want to stop? Exactly. That is why the first step to stopping your kad-feeding addiction is to admit to it. Don't deny it, saying you only feed one or two every now and then (when you are really feeding ten+ a day.) Accept it.

Step two: Slow down your kad-feeding.

So you feed ten, fifteen a day currently? Slow that number down. Instead of ten, feed five. Don't let the kads control your day. You know what I'm talking about: doing things between 28 to 7 minute intervals, because you never want to miss a main. But guess what? You can miss the main and be okay. You don't have to feed every single one, every single time. You don't have to get angry if someone outfeeds you. The one thing you already know is that there will always be more chances to feed!

Step three: Close your kad tabs/windows.

Now that you have slowed down your kad feeding, it's time to take it to the next step and actually stop feeding. I don't know about you but I always have a few kad related browser tabs open. Like the Kadoatery, the times and list board, and my SDB. Or a SW tab if that is how you feed. Basically you always keep track of the kad times. So close those tabs. Come on, do it. You have to remove the Kadoatery from right in front of your face. How can you ever quit when you are always checking the times? I know it's hard but you can do it.

Step four: Sell your kad food.

Okay, this step is probably only for those who invent or SDB feed. Or even if you SW feed. I know back when I used to SW feed, I always had some failed foods that I just shoved right into my SDB. I'm going to assume that you have a lot of food in your SDB, if you are an SDB feeder. So it'll probably take a while. But just imagine how much Neopoints you'll have when you're done!

Step five: Talk to your Neofriends about what you are going through.

This is probably the easiest step, as all you have to do is talk about it. Why exactly are you so addicted to kad-feeding? Is it because you don't have any other Neohobby? Do you just like your kads fed number to go up? Do you think it makes your account better? Are you just not sure why you even like kad-feeding? Do you even really WANT to quit or do you just feel like it's time? Talk about it. You can't make it through leaving kad-feeding behind you if you aren't sure.

Step six: Get a new Neohobby.

Onto the next step: get a new Neopets hobby. (Hopefully one that is less extreme than kad-feeding all day, though; otherwise, what was the point?) So you like to draw? How about drawing for the Art Gallery or Beauty Contest? You like to play games? Become a high score game master! You like avatars but you never really got around to collecting every single one? Go and do it! You think the battledome is a neat place? Train a pet up and go crazy! Have you always loved mutant Gnorbus but never had the Neopoints to build up a gallery in honour of them? Well now you have the extra time, and extra Neopoints! How fun!

Step seven: Accept that all you needed was a break and that you still love to feed.

Maybe it was only a break from obsessing over kads is all you needed. Maybe you don't feel ready to quit yet. Maybe all you need is to just feed LESS, without caring if you miss a feed or two. Accept it. Kad-feeding can be very fun if you don't let it control you. Those adorable little kads must be fed. And who better than someone who truly enjoys it? Some addictions aren't always a bad thing, and some you don't have to worry about breaking because honestly: kad-feeding is a game. For some people like me, it isn't something that you can just completely quit. So feed a kad every now and then, or feed ten. Just enjoy yourself and don't get too stressed!

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