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A Feathery Tale

by _torchic__


The sun's golden splendor stretched through the rosy pink sky, and fluffy blue clouds slowly drifted across the sky as the day began to dawn.

      SugarChick grumbled as she lifted her eyelids. How annoying it was to wake up before everyone else.

      "Ugh! I'm hungry! I want breakfast..." she grumbled to herself.

     She started to drift off into a daydream, thinking about warm, creamy hotcakes with hot syrup dripping off the edges of the hotcakes...

      Realization hit her like a hammer and she shot out of bed. If no one was awake, who could stop her from wandering around Neopia Central? She was free to do what ever she wanted to! She ran through the hallway and nearly tripped when an idea popped in her head.

      "Oo! It would be even better if Climene came with me!"

      SugarChick turned around and walked to her favorite sister's bedroom.

      As Sugarchick was walking she passed by the room of her oldest sister, Penslley.

      "If Climene wakes up Penslley everything will be ruined!" she thought.

      When she came to the door of her older sister's room, SugarChick peaked through the half-open door to see the yellow Wocky, snuggled up in her blanket, peacefully sleeping. SugarChick jumped on Climene, rudely interrupting her dream.

      "What do you want? You just interrupted my lovely dream about faeries..." Climene mumbled, and dug her face back into her pillow.

      "Wake up, sleepy head! And try not to be so loud or you will wake everyone else up!" SugarChick whispered loudly. "Anyways, I was going to wander around Neopia Central. Want to come with me?"

      "Oh yes!" Climene answered, now wide awake, and hopped out off her bed.

      SugarChick grabbed Climene's paw and raced down the stairs with Climene stumbling behind her. She burst through the front door, and ran down the path of her home, still gripping Climene's paw.

      "I wonder if we'll get into any trouble like we did when you brought me to the bakery!" Climene said.

      SugarChick giggled at the memory. She had taken Climene to the bakery to teach her how to make Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies when she had no idea how to make them herself. The Baker fainted when he came to his shop only to see it covered from floor to ceiling with flour and jam blobs! When he woke up, he ran to SugarChick and Climene's owner, Éclair, wailing and shouting "Zee young'a ruffians have'a ruined me'a lovely kitchen! SugarChick and Climene were grounded for a month, though they didn't regret what they did.

      "We should visit Kauvara's Magic Shop!" SugarChick decided.

      Climene grinned mischievously. "Heeheehee! I wonder if she will get mad since it hasn't opened yet!"

      SugarChick frowned. "I don't think she should get mad! After all, we're just visiting!" Sugarchick rubbed her stomach. "Afterwards, we should get something to eat!"

      As the two young neopets were walking to Kauvara's Magic Shop, they stopped by the rainbow pool and gazed into its glistening waters.

      "I wonder if Kauvara will have any of those species-changing things!" said Climene.

      "I hope she has one that would change me into a pretty royal Bruce!" SugarChick said. "And since I'd be a queen no one could boss me around!" Sugarchick grinned evilly. "Maybe I could trick Fyora into allowing me to fix up Faerieland to resemble me!"

      "I'd rather be a faerie Pteri!" said Climene. "I don't think Fyora would ever let anyone like you do that!"

      SugarChick rolled her eyes. "Huh! Bruces are better! We should stop sitting around and get going before Éclair or Penslley finds us!"

      Climene and SugarChick continued on wordlessly along the path to Kauvara's Magic Shop, each wondering what Kauvara would have in stock. Climene shook her head and broke the silence.

      "Pffft! Pteris are much better than Bruces! Bruces can't fly, Bruces can't sing, Bruces ca-"


      Climene rubbed her head and looked up to see a big sign that read: KAUVARA'S MAGIC SHOP.

      "Hee hee hee! You ran into a sign!" SugarChick giggled. "Hah, Bruces may not be able to fly, but at least they don't run into signs!"

      When SugarChick and Climene entered the tent, they both gasped with delight and wonder! All the shelves were filled with strange colorful potions, weapons, and other magic items. SugarChick grabbed a blue potion that had hair flowing from the top of it.

      "Oooooo! I wonder what this does!"

      "What does it say?" Climene asked.

      "Blue Kii Mopping People." SugarChick read out loud. "I never heard of one on those before!" Sugarchick quickly got bored of the potion and started to hunt for something more valuable.

      Climene was looking at the glowing potions when something caught her eye. A medium sized potion had a green liquid inside, but what made her interested is that it had wings coming from it!

      Climene gasped. "Could that be..."

      She quickly grabbed the potion and read the label.

      "Green Eerie Mofing Potting," she read. She looked at SugarChick for help.

      "Um, Eerie kinda sounds like Pteri," SugarChick said encouragingly. "You should take a sip. A sip shouldn't be enough to poison you or anything like that!"

      Climene swallowed. "I hope that is right!"

      Climene stared at the potion for a couple seconds, than took a sip.

      "Mmm! This is good!" Climene smacked her lips.

      "How do you feel?" SugarChick asked.

      "Weird, kinda like my insides are jumping!"

      Climene dropped the potion in fright when SugarChick screamed! The potion splattered all over the floor. Climene turned and looked at herself in the mirror, and to her horror, her soft yellow fur was disappearing and she was growing green feathers!

      "SAVE ME!!! I'M DYING!" Climene screamed.

      SugarChick acted quickly and grabbed Climene's once-yellow paw and ran out the door of the tent, all the way to 100324 Bread Street, Neopia Central. SugarChick burst through the door of their neohome and started screaming and yelling.

      "HELP! Climene is turning GREEN!"

      Éclair ran into the room with Penslley following behind her.

      "What? Climene broke her spleen?!?" Éclair asked.

      "No! Climene is turning green and is growing feathers!" Sugarchick cried.

      Éclair gasped when she saw poor Climene, half green half yellow, dotted with green feathers and tears pouring out of her eyes.

      "What did you DO?" she exclaimed.

      Climene tried to answer but her mouth started to grow into a beak, interrupting her.

      "She drank a Green Eerie Mofing Potting!" SugarChick answered.

      "I think she means a Green Eyrie Morphing Potion!" Penslley moaned.

      Éclair flopped down on a pearl white sofa and held her head with her hands.

      "Great! What should we do? There are no cures for morphing potions; the cheapest Wocky morphing potion is worth more then hundred thousand neopoints. I don't even want to know where they got that morphing potion..."

      Penslley gasped. "Oh no... If they stole that morphing potion, we could be arrested!"

      Penslley turned to scold Climene when she saw that Climene had completely turned beautiful green Eyrie, and was crying on the carpet.


      Climene looked up at Penslley with watery red eyes and started to weep again. Penslley sighed. Poor Climene! Unknowingly morphing herself into a green Eyrie had really hit her hard.

      Éclair sighed and took Climene into her arms and began to stroke her soft feathers.

      "Don't worry, Climene! We'll fix this! Tomorrow you'll forget that you ever didn't want to be a pretty green Eyrie!"

      Climene looked up at Éclair and her watery dark orange eyes brightened.

      "I hope you're right!"

The End

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