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What To Do When You're Alone On Valentine's Day

by jo_eccentric


Valentine's Day is generally a celebratory day where happy couples spend the day together, engulfed in a sea of pink and red decorations, sickly sweet dairy milk desserts and thorn laden flowers. Fancy cafes and restaurants were booked months ago, if not a year in advance, and roses in the same shade of bright, bold red are being sent to every girl's door. Cards with cheesy love poems are being bought and given while chocolates in every sugary flavour are being gifted and devoured by the minute.

However, some of us don't have a special person to celebrate the cheesy, love filled day. Sometimes we stare in jealousy through cafe windows at the happy couples in the hope that one day you could be like them, or perhaps you stare in hatred, growling, sighing and thinking, "Why can they be happy and not me?". Never fear, lonely Neopians. I've compiled a list of ten fun things to do to occupy your time and forget about being alone this Valentine's Day.

1) Eat some grey desserts

Who needs to waste money on an expensive meal with someone else in a busy, cramped restaurant when you can indulge in desserts all day long in the comfort of your own home. When you want to forget about being lonely, why choose the traditional pink wrapped chocolate treats when you can opt for the toned down grey varieties? Why not try the grey ice cream, grey cupcake or even have grey waffles for breakfast?

These desserts are also super easy to make (ice cream can be bought at Neopian Fresh Foods if you don't want to make it). Creating and eating these tasty treats will definitely take your mind off your situation on Valentine's Day.

2) Help out Jhudora on one of her quests

Since Jhudora is practically the opposite of a happy, lovey-dovey faerie, why not help her out on one of her evil quests and negate the sickly happiness going on around you which you can't be involved in? Maybe you just need to vent out some anger, do something bad for once? Helping out Jhudora will occupy you on the day which is meant for caring and happy couples. Get ready and start hoarding your items in preparation!

3) Visit Kreludor

If you want to get far far away from the celebrations on Valentine's Day, why not visit Kreludor, Neopia's first and only moon? At 24% gravity, you can bounce away to your heart's content and dine at Cafe Kreludor with only orange Grundos by your side. Not a sight of those eye sore pink and red decorations anywhere. Just be aware that the sounds of Kreludor's mining operation might not be exactly pleasant. Or it might just be loud enough to drown out those happy sounds you don't want to hear...

3) Read some scary stories

Again, you want to avoid all the lovey-dovey books and stories when you are alone on Valentine's Day. It will only remind your more of your situation and make you even gloomier than you already were. If you can make it to the bookstore or local library without passing by those love-sick couples at the park, there are plenty of scary titles to indulge in. One Scary Night, Scary Neopian Stories and Scary Korbat Tales are some great reads for that day, provided you don't mind a bit of a scare!

4) Smash those keys!

If you want to vent it out, try playing TNT Staff Smasher to let out your frustrations. Imagine earning neopoints while you de-stress and smash away at your keys. Just try not to break anything while you're at it! You can also try out Ugga Smash and Typing Terror if you feel like a change in games during the day. Both these games involve destroying things of some sort and will help you let out some steam. Who says you need lovey-dovey things on Valentine's Day!

5) Draw to your heart's content

Maybe your idea of Valentine's Day is not exactly the same as others. Why would it be though? You're not spending your hard earned monthly salary on useless things like chocolates and cheesy cards anyway! Why not spend the day drawing out what you think Valentine's should be all about? You can draw your own version of the day, enter it into the art gallery and perhaps earn yourself a spiffy looking trophy at the end of it. How's that for spending time!

6) Visit the Deserted Fairgrounds in Haunted Woods

Surely no happy couple would want to visit a spooky fairgrounds would they? This is the perfect place to visit when you want to avoid all other the celebrations. Have a go at Test your Strength or even Bagatelle. I assure you, those games are not rigged at all... at least that's what I was told. If sketchy games aren't your thing, you can always purchase some delightful spooky furniture for your neohome or haunted weapons for your beloved battledome pet.

7) Write a poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, ice cream is cheaper than dinner for two. Writing a poem can both relax yourself and occupy your time while you wait for the celebrations to disappear. Take out your quill (or pen if you prefer) and paper and start jotting down those rhymes. Instead of thinking about how lonely you are, you can think up new limericks or haiku. Not only can you forget about the day, you can enter your verses into the poetry competition and hopefully earn a shiny new trophy for your cabinet!

8) Take a warm bubble bath by yourself

Relax, sit back and soak up the warmth. Dream away within the warmth of your tub and forget everything else. What can be more relaxing than having a bubble bath? How about reading some of those recommended scary stories while you sit within the lavender scented suds or calling your best friend who's also alone on this couple-oriented day? Your friend will appreciate he gesture and you guys can talk together about the woes of being alone on the 14th day of Awakening (That's February for those who don't know). If you need a new bathtub, Elegant Air Faerie Bathtub would the perfect luxury tub that will float you up onto cloud nine.

9) Get a new 'do

Perhaps you're one of those people who wouldn't mind having someone on Valentine's Day? Take inspiration from some of the new trendy wigs and give yourself a new hair do. Your new look may (or may not) charm the new girl or guy next door and next Valentine's Day, everything will be exactly the opposite to this year. If you like the idea of being showered with sweet chocolates and fragrant roses, this is the right way to go.

10) Cook a warm meal for yourself

Try out your new recipes and cook up a storm. Treat yourself to a good meal at home instead of an expensive mini mouthful at the local kelp restaurant. Instead of your ordinary chicken soup, why not try out some oriental hot and sour soup that will take your taste buds on a new adventure. A perfect blend of hot peppers and sour vinegar, loaded with bamboo shoots and tofu in a thick broth. Or if you're feeling like something from home, try spaghetti and Pteri shaped meatballs with lashings of rich flavoursome tomato sauce.

Whilst the celebrations have been going on outside at parks or in fancy restaurants, don't feel left out on Valentine's Day this year. Treat yourself and try out these ten fun ways to enjoy your day. You can always find ways to have fun without others. I hope this list has inspired you to make the most of this celebratory day.

Happy Valentine's Day and may you all enjoy yourself!

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