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Rapid Refreshers, Unite!

by indulgences


I was clicking through my dailies one day when I realized that there were a lot of areas of the site that I've bookmarked that I check neurotically every couple of minutes! I began to wonder about the other parts of the site where neurotic refreshing is a good thing!

For instance, I've bookmarked the Faerie Quests page at the top of my internet browser in case I get a quest from the Crafting Faerie. I click it roughly every half hour when I'm on the Neopets website. When you get a Crafting Faerie quest, you're still able to use the Shop Wizard and the Super Shop Wizard, but you can't receive other Faerie quests, so it's kind of tricky to know whether you have a Crafting Faerie quest or not. Especially if you miss her Random Event! Most people reject her quests, and opt to free themselves to receive other Faerie quests instead.

Many people are neurotic refreshers of the New Features page. I am too! When 2 pm NST rolls around, I start clicking "news" on the Neopets top bar like a maniac. I'm an active member of the site who has multiple hobbies, and I love checking the New Features page to see if I've won the Poetry Gallery, or the Gallery Spotlight, or been published in the Neopian Times!

Other people are rapid refreshers of their favorite contests, such as the Art Gallery and the Customisation Spotlight. I personally love checking the Neopian Times to see if my latest articles have been published! Many people are also eager to check the Editorial, to see if their questions have been answered by TNT.

The Lenny Conundrum contest is the most popular game where Neopians refresh like crazy. Having won the LC avatar and trophy a long time ago, I was eager to encourage my fellow Neopians to keep trying!

Similarly, another game where Neopians refresh the game page like crazy is the Better Than You competition. I won the BTY competition a long time ago, earning the avatar and the trophy, so I'm always glad to give gaming advice to people still struggling to beat BTY!

A popular place for people to refresh rapidly is the Neopian Pound. They click on the "Adopt" door and start clicking "View More Neopets" like madmen. I've seen people adopt some truly spectacular pets, like unconverted pets, Draiks, Krawks, and other expensive pets, just by scouring the Neopian Pound for a few hours. If I had the time, I would definitely join these people in stalking the Neopian Pound! How fun that would be!

I used to refresh at the Kadoatery, months ago, while trying to achieve the Kadoatery avatar. It took months and months, and I was so proud to finally get it! There are many Kadoatie overfeeders lurking the Kadoatery, and I was astonished by their stamina. They've fed tens of thousands of Kadoaties, and apparently their enthusiasm never fails! They must be truly neurotic to be refreshing the Kadoatery page so many, many times! For every successful feed, they must have had several losses as well. So if they've fed 20,000 Kadoaties, they might have visited the Kadoatery page 80,000 times or more! Insane!

I have to admit, I am a rapid refresher of the Neoboards! When I come home from work, there's nothing better than to chat with my humorous and witty fellow Neopians. I guffaw and clap my hands with hilarity when I read the ingenious posts of other users, and it's my favorite part of the evening! I love to lurk the Battledome Neoboards, which is, oddly enough, full of the wittiest users. I've yet to master the irony and quirkiness that the average BDer dispenses on a daily basis!

My second favorite Neoboard to refresh is the Avatar Neoboard! It moves comparatively quickly, and I love to witness people being lent expensive items and pets for the avatars they bring!

Currently, there is a brand new Neoboard called the Haunted Faire Neoboard. I love to check it first thing every morning, to check out what the latest steps of the plot/site event are. Thank you TNT for this new October event! I look forward to completing it! (As my rapid refreshing of the Haunted Faire Neoboard shows!)

I'm also a rapid refresher of my Shop Till! I battle the Koi Warrior in the Battledome every morning, and I love to put the resulting Codestones and Dubloons in my shop, price them low, and watch my Shop Till grow. Thanks, TNT, for the new Battledome! My bank account has grown, and my enjoyment of the site has grown along with it!

Some people, who take the time to make their pets perfect, rapidly refresh their inventories, trying to attach Petpetpets to their pets' Petpets. Sometimes it takes days and days! Now that's dedication!

The final places where rapid refreshing is the norm are places such as the Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe, the Money Tree, the Igloo Garage Sale, the Rubbish Dump, and the Almost Abandoned Attic. It's nice that the poorer Neopians amongst us have the opportunity to refresh like maniacs and grab some truly nice items, without being banned for refreshing too much!

Places where neurotic rapid refreshing is NOT allowed are: the Shop Wizard; the Smuggler's Cove; and the main Neopian Shops. I have to admit, if rapid refreshing was possible at these sites, I would totally dive in and abuse the privilege by restocking for hours and hours, so thanks, TNT, for putting a cap on refreshing these areas!

Thanks for reading this article, my dear Neopians! It was interesting to gather together the comments of my fellow users, and to create an article that brings to light a subject no one else has written about. Here I thought that I was the only neurotic refresher on Neopets. As it turns out, I'm not! Rapid refreshers, unite!

Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing month! I look forward to canvassing you all for your opinions in the future!

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