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More Of The Things We're Looking Forward To!

by indulgences


My previous article "All The Things We're Looking Forward To!" received a lot of fan mail from people who were inspired by its contents. It was full of the activities we want TNT to implement, such as letting us rename our pets, or fixing the Defenders of Neopia aspect of the Battledome. People even wanted a "Worst Dressed Neopet Competition," which made me giggle and laugh out loud!

So here is a continuation of my original article! It includes all of the ideas from people who weren't on the Neoboards at the time of my initial research, people who nonetheless have priceless and innovative ideas about the things we're looking forward to! While the original article was researched within an hour, THIS article canvassed users' opinions for hours and hours on the Neoboards!

So what are the biggest demands we're making of TNT? Well, one thing that a Neofriend of mine suggested was more male wigs! I slapped my forehead, incredulous that such a thing had escaped my notice! And yes, it would be nice for the Neopian population if they could dress up their male pets in more male wigs. I checked the NC Mall, and for every "masculine" wig there was, there was a ton of "feminine" wigs. And though I totally support the idea of male pets wearing pink wigs, still, there ought to be more options for male pets!

An idea that came up, which was by no means new, was the creation of a male Faerie. Many people are genuinely confused as to why there aren't any male Faeries. TNT has stated emphatically in the past that all Faeries are female, and that they have no plans to make a male Faerie. That makes me sad! Maybe TNT could reconsider their stance?

Another demand that seems to be popular is for the NC Mall to stock Gift Boxes, preferably for 100 NC or less. It's a little difficult to trade items right now, since you need to purchase Gift Box Capsules first, which come with multiple Gift Boxes.

Speaking of Neocash, there are many users who think that buying Neocash directly through the Neopets website (for instance, using PayPal rather than a store-bought Nick Card) should still entitle us to free gift boxes for every 500 NC, just like the Nick Card does. What do you say, TNT? Will you make our request come true?

Another idea that came up was to revive old avatars, such as the "Plushie Nova" avatar (awarded for visiting the McDonald's Daily Giveaway on May 31, 2004 or September 29, 2005), or the "Coco Roll" avatar (awarded for users who completed level 5 of the Neopets Mobile game Coco Roll). Since I live near a McDonald's, and have a brand new cell phone, I would love to have the opportunity to have those two avatars!

Another avatar that comes to mind is the "I survived the Neopocalypse!" avatar, which I missed because I didn't visit Neopets on March 1st of this year. Though I was irritated to miss out, I couldn't feel angry for long, since everyone else was so grateful and happy to have a brand new avatar for free. I'm hoping that another Neopocalypse happens again, so that I can earn the avatar!

A really cool proposal that someone came up with, and that TNT is currently creating, was a Neopets app for smartphones! Tons of people clamored for a Neopets app they can use to play on Neopets wherever they are. I think that would be great! My workplace monitors my web activity, but no one is monitoring my smartphone! I would LOVE to access my Neopets account while taking my lunch break!

Another thing people are hoping for are more disgusting items on the Neopets website! I have to admit, Neopian foods and other items can be truly disgusting and awful, yet they also have a fascinating allure as well. It must be their originality and uniqueness! Many of them have witty and entertaining descriptions, which is one reason why I love them!

Some people proposed new Neopian lands. My favorite proposal was an 8-Bit land! How cool would that be?

One proposal, which was met with sighs of covetousness, was to have a brand new Neopet species! Although TNT has often insisted that they'll never create a brand new species due to logistical nightmares, there exists a tiny population of users who are still crossing their fingers and hoping their hardest for a new pet species!

There were tons of people who suggested that TNT create a new plot for every year, not once every 3 years as seems to be their wont. I had to agree! I love the stories, animations, items, trophies and avatars that plots entail. If I could experience this much enjoyment every 3 years, imagine how blissful I'd be with a new plot every year? Wow!

One random idea caught fire when a user proposed a room where our Neopets could walk around and talk to other Neopets. I thought that was cute! A lot of people gasped and encouraged the idea. The Neoboards may be for us humans, but what if there was a virtual room where our pets could chat with other pets? That would rock! Maybe one month, the room could be Carnival themed, while for another month, the room could be Masquerade themed. For carefully customized pets, what better way to show off their fancy wearables? I, for one, would LOVE a Masquerade ball!

The last suggestion was a tongue-in-cheek one, submitted by an annoyed Neopian. He exclaimed that the one thing he's looking forward to is having the Help page work again! It's been over a year since some people had a functioning Help page (it seems that certain browsers support the Help page while others do not) and a lot of users are impatient for its return. Thanks anyway, TNT! We know you're trying your hardest to get it back up and working!

Thanks for reading my articles, my dear Neopians! Your suggestions were amazing and your imaginations are wonderful. I look forward to canvassing you again for my future articles and stories!

Enjoy your week, and may all of your Neopets proposals come to pass!

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