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Neopets: More than Trophies

by gyosco


Everyone has their favorite type of Neopet. TNT has been so kind as to provide an up-to-date list of the most popular Neopets, although it's not all that hard to figure out. Some clearly have much more of a fan base than others, while others (unfortunately) clog up the pound, left there in order to make room for a more "favorable" pet.

If any of you have posted on the Pound Chat (or you, like me, sit up in your special Lurking Tree to watch other people trade their pretty pets with each other), you know that there are certain species that are considered to be more popular – or even more valuable – than others. If you've ever seen the word DUCK thrown around, no, we're not talking about Mallards; it's an acronym for Draiks, Unconverted, and Krawks, which are some of the most sought-after pets in Neopia. Unconverted pets are a huge favorite amongst nostalgic owners, while Draiks and Krawks are a crowd favorite due to how hard it is to create one. Of course, there are whole Xweetok-themed threads, and Hissis are have quite a strong following. But there are a whole lot of pets that are considered "hard to trade," mostly because they are less popular than others.

Well, that is just not right! Of course, there are a lot people out there who would disagree, but I think that every pet has its strengths, and at least one "cute" color that it can be painted. So that's exactly what I'm here to prove: any pet can be perfect for you. If you've ever felt bad about which pet is your favorite, or if you've looked down your nose at certain types of pets, I have got quite the read for you! So sit back and try to see my point of view.

Now, the first species that I would really like to discuss is my absolute favorite: the Zafara. I've rarely ever seen them offered up on the Pound Chat, and when it does happen, they are almost immediately dismissed. This just about makes my heart stop every time, because in my opinion, they are some of the most adorable pets on this site! Have you even seen the Skunk, Baby, and Biscuit Zafara? Plus, in their official Neopets description, it says, "Treat them right and they will bring you lots of good luck." I don't know about the rest of you Zaffie owners, but I've never had a spot of bad luck with MY Zafara, that's for sure!

The next pet that I'm going to have to talk up is the ever-adorable Ruki. Don't you dare tell me that the Striped Ruki doesn't catch your eye! And when you paint them Faerie, they look like an absolute dream come true! Of course, it is a well known fact that Rukis can travel long distances without growing weary. For all of you adventurous types, this seems like the perfect Neopet to bring along on all of your travels through Neopia. From the long, dry treks across the Lost Desert, to hiking along Terror Mountain, these pets will be there through and through!

I would now like to take a moment to talk about the Blumaroo. Not an overly unpopular pet, although while lurking on the Pound Chat, I usually only see people looking for unconverted Faerie Blumaroos, Stealthy Blumaroos (due to their new release and their ridiculously awesome ninja look), or Fire Blumaroos in order to get the avatar. But that's about it, really. These little bouncing Neopets are some of the most joyous around, hopping through the tropics whistling happy tunes. For those who are cheerful and full of life, the Brilliant Bouncy Blumaroo could be the best friend you will ever have!

Another Neopet that I would like to discuss is the Bruce. A friend of mine very recently decided to pound their Chocolate Bruce, and it was a very hard task to get him adopted. I'm not sure why these cute little guys aren't very popular, but I do know that they should get more credit than they do now! If you consider yourself a dancer, or just like to get down with some groovy beats, you should absolutely think about bringing a Bruce into your life. They are very well known for their dance skills, and they love competition! They often have dance-offs in Happy Valley, and the last Bruce standing wins. Not too shabby for these squat little guys, don't you think?

I could continue this list for quite some time, but I feel like I would lose most of you, so the last pets that I am going to talk about are Skeiths and Grarrls. I have seen a small amount of people covet their unconverted Faerie Grarrls, and I honestly don't think I've seen anyone talk about their love of any Skeith. That's just sad, you guys. I know, I know, Skeiths are considered to be very lazy, and Grarrls are thought of as mean and ferocious, but with the right love and care, these pets could be just as kind and loving as the cuddliest JubJub. And have you seen these pets in the Battledome? They're so gigantic, all of their attacks look like doubly fantastic!

In conclusion, I feel like the whole of Neopia should take a step back and think about the pets of this world. Are you picking a favorite because it's rare? Because you feel as if you can "trade up" with it? Or, do you love a certain species just because of what it is, and what it means to you? If you have a species that you love with all of your might, than that pet is worth a million times more than any unconverted or expensively-painted pet.

Your pets aren't just trading fodder or trophies; they should be more than that to you. By all means, if your honest to Fyora favorite pet is a Draik, own as many as you'd like. But if you secretly love Techos more, and are just hoarding Draiks in order to gain some kind of respect from the Neopian community, just give in and embrace your Techo love. Because if you think that Techos are cool, that's all that should matter.

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