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Terror Mountain Travel Brochure

by annrawr


Also by dragonsfriend1021

Are you looking for a fun and exciting new vacation spot? Are you tired of the same old dull beach resorts, hot weather and those nasty sunburns? Then we've got the perfect place for you! Pack your snow boots and put on a warm coat because you're going to the wintery wonderland known as Terror Mountain! Don't let the name fool you - this mountain is anything but terrifying! With dazzling attractions, a buzzing market with lots of souvenir-filled shops, fun games, and even a famous Neopian or two, a trip to Terror Mountain is guaranteed to a vacation the whole family can enjoy!

Main Attractions

Looking for something to do during your trip to Terror Mountain? Look no further! Terror Mountain is home to many exciting winter-themed attractions. From the Scratchcard Kiosk in Happy Valley, to the Toy Repair Shop at the Top of the Mountain, there is something for everyone. Consider an excursion to one of these famous places on the snowy peak:

Advent Calendar. If your trip to Terror Mountain is during the Month of Celebrating, you're in luck! The Advent Calendar gives out free gifts of items and Neopoints to visitors each day during the Month of Celebrating. This isn't to say that you have only one month to enjoy the Advent Calendar, though! During the rest of the year, you can still view the Advent Calendar Archives. Since Year 2, the Advent Calendar has been bestowing smile-inducing animations on its visitors during the Month of Celebrating, and you can watch each one anytime of the year!

Scratchcard Kiosk. Fancy a gamble? Visit the Wocky shopkeeper at the Scratchcard Kiosk, located in Happy Valley at the bottom of Terror Mountain. For the low price of 600 NP, you can purchase a scratchcard and try your luck at winning anything from a snowball to a level up to 50,000 NP or even the jackpot! The Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky will give you a random scratchcard for your Neopoints, and then you scratch off 6 of the 9 squares on the card. If you uncover 3 of the same picture, you win! Good luck!

Shop of Mystery. The Shop of Mystery at the Top of the Mountain is another way to take an exciting gamble. Tarla, the Ixi shopkeeper, sells mystery items for several hundred or several thousand Neopoints. You never know what the Mystery Item is until you buy, so take a chance and purchase one! Plus, the first time you buy an item from the Shop of Mystery, you are awarded an avatar featuring Tarla. If you're interested, give it a try!

Igloo Garage Sale. Terror Mountain is home to Mika and Carassa, two Chias with a hoarding problem. Mika and Carassa have been collecting items for a long time, and have decided to get rid of some of their stuff in a garage sale. If you're lucky, you can pick up a Snorkle Snout or a toy piñata, or even some expensive books and stamps. At this special shop, there is no need to haggle. Mika and Carassa have their prices set, and they are awfully good ones! If you want to make some NP while you're on vacation or just pick up a well-priced souvenir for your trip, the Igloo Garage Sale is a must-see.

Toy Repair Shop. Donny the Bori owns a small workshop on the Top of the Mountain where he repairs toys for Neopians. Occasionally, Neopets break their toys, and Donny fixes them for a small fee. Bring some of your old broken toys along with you on your trip to be fixed, or just stop in to see Donny at work. It's pretty remarkable how he manages to fix any toy that comes through his doors! The Toy Repair Shop is a great stop for any Terror Mountain vacationer.

Shops of Interest

Beyond exciting attractions, there are plenty of places to shop on Terror Mountain. Want to try a new food, use some new Battledome weapons, or just take home a souvenir to remember your trip? Spend some time in these shops and spend some of your Neopoints to make your Terror Mountain vacation your best one yet! Remember to bring a cooler though! Some of your purchases might not last long in warmer Neopian regions!

Slushie Shop. Visit the Slushie Shop in Happy Valley to try a refreshing cold drink during your trip! The Slushie Shop has fruity slushies in a variety of flavors, including Lemon, Pineapple, Asparagus, Sniddberry, Kelp, and even Mystery Berry! If you prefer a sweeter treat, try a Marshmallow Slushie. If you're a big fan of slushies, you can even get a Collectors Cup Slushie. The Eyrie shopkeeper is remarkably knowledgeable and can help you find the right slushie for you. Watch out for brain freezes!

Ice Cream Cart. Enjoy a delicious ice cream cone from the Ice Cream Cart in Happy Valley! The Lutari shopkeeper will be happy to give you an ice cream cone – provided you have an ice cream coupon to present to him. You can earn an ice cream coupon by completing a quest for Taelia the Snow Faerie, or you can buy one from other Neopians. Enjoy your ice cream!

Super Happy Fun Snow Shop. No trip to Terror Mountain is complete without a taste of the local cuisine! The Lenny shopkeeper at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop can show you the way to find a perfect cold treat for your visit. Items such as Brucicles, Chia Pops, Snow foods like Snow Toast or Snow Bananas, and even Snowghetti and Meatballs can give you a new experience. The local favorite foods include a hearty meal of a Crystal Burger followed by a generous slice of Snow Cake.

Ice Crystals Shop. If you're searching for new weapons on your trip to Terror Mountain, be sure to visit the Ice Crystals Shop! This little shop, nestled in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, is the place to find Snowflakes, Snowballs, and other Ice weapons. If you're lucky, you might even be able to snag a Freezing Potion to stop your enemies cold, or an Icy Snowflake to earn yourself an avatar! Talk to the Shoyru shopkeeper to find the perfect new weapon to bring home with you from your trip.

Wintry Petpets. To never forget your visit to Terror Mountain, come home with a new petpet friend! The Bruce shopkeeper at the Wintry Petpets Shop in Happy Valley can help you find the right petpet for you. Do you like a petpet with antlers? Purchase a Raindorf or a Dofrey. Prefer a petpet who will keep you active? Get a Jinjah to keep you on your toes! If you've had enough activity and would rather have a relatively stationary petpet, a Fir or a Wreathy might be right for you. Already have some petpets that you left with a friend during your vacation? Just stop by the store and look at the adorable Tasus and Bikas as they wait for their new owners to find them. The Wintry Petpets shop is fun for window shoppers as well!


Once you've visited the sites and done a bit of shopping, why not spend an afternoon playing some snow games! There is never a shortage of fun at Terror Mountain with the multitude of games available, ranging from snowball fights, cliff climbing, ice sliding, and so much more. There are quite a few, though, that have always been the locals' favorites and are definitely worth giving a try.

Ice Cream Machine. If you love ice cream, this first game might be a bit difficult! The objective is to help Adee, an ice-cream loving Chia, escape the wrath of thousands of scoops of ice cream. At first, it seems easy enough... but those scoops of various flavors never stop coming! Prepare yourself for a quick-paced, adrenaline-pumping game that is certain to leave you with a sweet tooth!

Snowmuncher. If Ice Cream Machine leaves you hungry, why not try Snowmuncher? In this game, you guide a very hungry Polarchuck as he munches on as much snow as he can, without getting too bloated in the process. Help him succeed and you just might earn a shiny avatar!

Let It Slide. What would a trip to Terror Mountain be without a slide through the Ice Caves? Join the Snuffy as you collect precious gems while sliding through all the icy wonders - and dangers! - the Ice Caves have to offer. With falling stalactites, icy crevasses, bone-chilling water, and menacing Gabars, this game is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Snow Wars and Snow Wars 2. Get ready to play an old-fashioned game of snowball fight with a twist, because at Terror Mountain, they take their snowball fights very seriously! In Snow Wars, you operate catapults armed with destructive snowballs with the goal of laying waste to your enemy's fort... that is, before he destroys yours! If that's not your type of snowball fight however, you could always try Snow Wars 2.Help defend defenseless snowmen from the wrath of the Snow Beasts and Lupes on the loose! If you defend those snowmen long enough, they just might give you a snowy avatar!

Snow Roller: One sleepy snow beast in Terror Mountain is out for revenge! The people of Terror Mountain won't let him sleep and its up to you to silence those noise-makers - with a giant snowball! Get ready for a face-paced gamed with this new Terror Mountain favorite. In this game, you control a snowball, moving left and right as you roll down the mountain. The goal is to make your snowball as big as possible, picking up snow, items and even neopets as you roll along. Get your snowball big enough and you just might win an avatar! Watch out though! The bigger your snowball, the harder it is it control!

Famous Neopians

Despite the cold weather, many famous Neopians call Terror Mountain home and are rarely seen anywhere else! Make sure you visit these cool celebrities for a chance at some unique souvenirs and Terror Mountain delicacies. Be ready to work for them though!

Taelia, the Snow Faerie. At the very peak of Terror Mountain, there is a lonely igloo that is home to Taelia the Snow Faerie. Despite living in such a harsh and chilling place, she is by no means cold. This kind-hearted faerie is quite gifted at healing the sick and cursed, and she is always willing to help Neopets find their way off the dangerous mountain. Taelia is also an extraordinary enchantress, blessing items with her icy powers. However, she is always looking for help to complete her magic concoctions. Help Taelia out and she will reward you with snowy foods, magical snowballs, Neopoints, and even an avatar!

Kari, the Negg Faerie. Deep in the Ice Caves Terror Mountain, you can find another very unique faerie in a Negg-shaped dome called the Neggery. This faerie is named Kari and she has a special love for Neggs. She spends day and night collecting, growing, and harvesting magical Neggs of all varieties: ones that make you stronger, ones that make you happier, ones that make you smarter, and even ones that change your color! These powerful magical Neggs can be yours - as long as you bring plenty of ordinary Neggs to trade in!

Snowager. Best be on your toes for this last stop, for deep in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, there is an icy cavern filled with a massive pile of treasure... and a deadly massive worm made out of ice called the Snowager! As many Neopians know, the Snowager isn't the sharing type. He will try to take a bite out of you if you stare too long at his treasure, but local residents say that while he takes his daily naps, if you sneak in quietly enough, you might be able to get a toy, scratchcard, or even a rare item from his giant pile. But careful not to wake him up or you just might get BLASTED with ice!

What to bring

Before you start booking your trip to Terror Mountain, make sure you pack all the essentials for this icy adventure. With year-round snowfall and a constant subzero temperature, it's important to dress warmly. You don't want to show up in a T-shirt and sandals! Make sure you pack gloves, boots, and a warm heavy coat so you can stay warm in this icy wonderland. And don't forget about your accessories! Items like the Woollen Cap, Bundled Up Winter Scarf, Midnight Blue Infinity Scarf and Brown Winter Scarf help you stay warm and fashionable while on your vacation!

With so many things to do and so many different sites to see, a vacation to Terror Mountain is sure to be a good time. Whether you come for the sites, the shopping, the games or just to make a snowman, you won't be disappointed! So pack up your cold weather gear and book your trip to Terror Mountain today!

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